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04. mobile monday hanoi april 2013 soha game


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04. mobile monday hanoi april 2013 soha game

  1. 1.
  2. 2. About me• Bui Quang Minh• Director of Soha Game – VC Corp- Been in Internet industry for 6 years- Been in Gaming industry for 2 years 
  3. 3. Smartphone Era• Growth rate 1/2012 – 1/2103: 266%• Total: ~ 14M activated devices (Ministry of Information andCommunication – Consultant Report about Changing Mobile Network Service in Vietnam)
  4. 4. Shift to Smartphone• The World:– GREE, DeNA, Gameloft, Kingsoft, Shanda, Changyou, Tencent … even Zynga, EA.• Vietnam:• MECorp: iWin iOS/Android, TeaMobi: Avatar• Divmob, Colorbox, JOY, Pine, Glass Egg…• VNG: Xếp Hình, Appstore (• MC Corp: Tào Tháo truyện, VTC Mobile: Gà 3D• Soha Game: iOS only ? (iGa, Tinh Kiem and 10 more to comein 2013)
  5. 5. “Smart” games should• Premium (pay per download)  F2P (In-apppurchase)• Tablet first• iOS or Android first? My choice: iOS• The key is the game itself, chose your deviceto maximize user experience• Tips: idea + target audience  casual, hard-core, mid-core or “casual mid-core”
  6. 6. Success stories• Rovio, Supercell, GungHo, and hundredsChinese game companies• EA, Gameloft, Zynga, Capcom…?• Vietnam:TeaMobi, MECorp, Divmob, Colorbox, MCCorp, VTC Mobile, QPlay,…
  7. 7. Publishing 2.0• Self publish or co-op with a publisher?• Barriers:– Payment– Localization– Distribution– Customer Service– Marketing/User acquisition– Hosting• Publishing platform  publishing 2.0 approach:– Launch-and-iterate– Analytics-centric– More platform & distribution than publishing
  8. 8. Be Soha Game’s PartnerOur advantages: Professional Distribution & Marketing
  9. 9. Soha Game ProductsMobile Games:Tình Kiếm Online (RPG) Publish: Dec 2012 VERY FIRST online MMO smartphone games in Vietnam iOS and Android version Top 15 downloaded Apps on Apple StoreUser engagement rate is over 80%!Others:iGà (Casual) Publish: Feb 2013 Stayed #1 downloaded App on Apple Store in 2 weeks(4 days after OB)
  10. 10. Contact usContact us now to get your next BIG HIT!Mr. Bui Quang MinhDirectorMobile: (+84) 977479290biz@sohagame.vn