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Qualys Top 10 Tips for a Secure & Compliant 2017


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2017 brings InfoSec professionals the perfect opportunity to evaluate what’s working and what’s not in their organizations, and set out to do better.

In that spirit of improvement and renewal, Qualys brings you 10 helpful tips for ensuring data security and compliance throughout the year.

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Qualys Top 10 Tips for a Secure & Compliant 2017

  1. 1. 1. IT security starts with visibility. JJ ​Do you have a complete, up-to- date view of all IT assets within your environment? JJ Can you manage and secure all endpoints? 2. Get to your IT vulnerabilities before attackers do. JJ Do you have a map of every device and application on your network? JJ Are you able to scan and continuously monitor IT assets on premise, remote, mobile, and in the cloud? 3. Security requires continuous monitoring. JJ Do you immediately know when there are unexpected changes in your network? JJ Are the appropriate people alerted to critical security issues? 5. When regulators come calling, be in compliance. JJ Can you see all of your security configuration issues, accurately and all in one place? JJ Do you have the ability to find and prioritize configuration lapses to stay in continuous compliance? 7. Protect cardholder data — and your business. JJ Are you easily able to fulfill the quarterly network and application scanning requirements of PCI DSS? JJ Do you have a way of identifying and remediating critical vulnerabilities that would cause you to fail PCI DSS? JJ Can you auto-submit compliance status directly to your bank? 9. Block direct attacks on app servers. Deploy a web app firewall. JJ Do you have constant web app monitoring for accurate insight into risks? JJ Does your security team have a clear path to remediating vulnerabilities before a breach occurs? 4. Don’t be overwhelmed by vulnerabilities. Prioritize. JJ Do you know which vulnerabilities pose the greatest, most immediate risk to your business? JJ Are you able to measure progress on remediation efforts? JJ Can you provide scan & patch reports to stakeholders? 8. Secure your web apps. Don’t put your customers at risk. JJ Can you automatically find new & unknown applications in your network? JJ Do you have an automated way of crawling and testing custom apps to identify vulnerabilities? JJ Are you able to proactively scan websites for malware infections and alert website owners? 6. Excel at your security assessments. JJ Is your risk and compliance data gathering process automated? JJ Can you easily verify that third-party vendors are in compliance with emerging regulatory requirements? 10. Protect your customers — and your brand — from malware infections. JJ Do you have automated scanning to monitor your websites for vulnerabilities and remove malware infections? JJ Can your developers and QA teams assess potential vulnerabilities to malware during development and testing? Top 10 Tips for a Secure & Compliant 2017 Learn more at Qualys wishes you a happy, secure, and compliant new year.