How to Leverage Mobile Research to Make Recommendations Based on the Facts


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The greater our ability to follow the natural inclinations and habits of the consumer, the better insights we gather. Innovative qualitative research trends and technology deliver better value only if they allow you to truly get into consumers’ lives and get to know them in their element.

In this session, we will discuss how you can leverage mobile video to witness every consumer “moment of truth” – when and where they are interacting with products, services, and reacting to messaging – so that you can make accurate recommendations based on the facts. Additionally, we will discuss current incidence, how to collect mobile video insights in developing economies, and smartphone adoption projections, as well as best practices for capturing mobile activities, including ideal duration of a mobile study and number of assignments.

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  • That’s the promise, but think about unrealized, only envisioned promises in the past:Fountain of YouthNew WorldIdealistic visions, but like Ponce de Leon and Columbus both found, in fact the treasures were extraordinary, and would change the course of history.Mobile holds the same promise for Market Research, a huge opportunity for improvement and value creation, but the great unknown in many respects. Treasure worth pursuing
  • “Inevitably, the truth comes through as you watch your customers’ responses and reactions to your products, marketing campaigns, innovative concepts, or even their environment. You realize you are watching the wisdom of the most valuable consultants in the world: Your customers.”“What people do is always more revealing than what they say. That’s the real strength of qualitative asynchronous video research, because seeing expressions, gestures, and other nonverbal communication gives insights that words alone can’t. We read facial expressions and body language in the context of listening to respondents’ words. Watching and listening gives us confidence in our interpretation.”-Charleen Tuchovsky, PhD, Senior Analyst, Qualvu
  • Follow classic moderator training when writing and recording your video assignments –from broad to specific.Ask consumers to do something rather than just answer questions; be specific about what you want to see without creating a self-fulfilling prophecy or letting them know what you are looking for.Ask reflection questions after they have performed the activity. Think of reflection questions as any question you would ask in a focus group. Reflection questions are a great way to gain insights into how consumers think about the experience versus what they actually do at the store. Here is an example: Now that you’ve bought your ideal printer, what did you think of the process, store, price, and why did you buy it?Allow consumers to see one question at a time and unveil assignments as they progress through the project. This helps avoid biases because, as you go from broad to specific assignments, you avoid providing any hints that would allow consumers to know where you are going with the questions and what you are looking to learn. Ask participants to buy something specific and follow their normal purchasing process but include a follow up question they view only at the store. When they are about to buy that product, ask if they would buy any other alternative on the shelf right now based on what they are seeing, and why.
  • How to Leverage Mobile Research to Make Recommendations Based on the Facts

    1. 1. Watch the recording on demand!
    2. 2. How To Leverage Mobile Research To Make Recommendations Based On The Facts Understanding Use Cases, Benefits, And Limitations Of Mobile Research Presented by Kathy Fitzpatrick Senior Director, Research & Design, QualvuWatch the recording on demand!
    3. 3. About Qualvu Advanced solution for qualitative research  proprietary platform – design. discover. decide. – greatly streamlines process via web-based software  video-based self-driven ethnographies (attitudinal & behavioral)  goal: better data, process, analysis, and decisions
    4. 4. Mobile Research: Everyone Is Talking About It! So, what’s all the buzz about?Watch the recording on demand!
    5. 5. Mobile Research:Mobile Devices Or Mobile Data?  beyond smartphones and tablets  it’s about capturing “in the moment,” relevant data wherever consumers  it shouldn’t limit your objectives, research data, or who you reach
    6. 6. The Promise  Faster and more accurate data  Instant access to billions of consumers  Higher consumer engagement  Least intrusive and most flexible way to capture the moment  Better business value Watch the recording on demand!
    7. 7. But with any treasure hunt… To those who conquer the obstacles come the spoilsWatch the recording on demand!
    8. 8. So How Do We Get There? Watch the recording on demand!
    9. 9. Our First Stop: The Technology Today….  Technology addresses the issue of connecting with consumers on the go  Innovation for innovation’s sake doesn’t create real The Obstacle research value clue: Innovation for innovation’s sake doesn’t create real research value What are the key elements in a mobile platform that createsThe Challenge real research value? answer:We need technology that engages consumers and delivers useful research  enable individualized or group follow-up and probing data!  create interaction and conversation among survey participants The Solution  allow participants to view and react to other  Mobile app, mobile cam, pocket cam, pen cam participants’ video responses  direct questions to the entire group or just selected  Free mobile app for any smartphone or tablet platform members  leverage social media dynamics through a mobilebuilt for research  Push-button video exchange blog platform that prolongs participant engagement in a study Full multi-media sharing – video, photos, texting and even integrated  surveys  Social media powered – participant collaboration Watch the recording on demand!
    10. 10. Does The Technology Meet Your Needs?  enables individualized or group follow-up and probing?  creates interaction and conversation among survey participants?  allows participants to view and react to other participants’ video responses?  directs questions to the entire group and/or just selected members?  leverages social media dynamics to encourage participant engagement throughout the study? Watch the recording on demand!
    11. 11. Next Obstacle: Recruiting for Mobile The Obstacle Incidence and engagement to ANY screening criteria The Challenge Integrating global panel networks and engaging relevant audiences The Solution  327.6 million active phones, tablets and laptops on cellular networks in the U.S.  750 million smartphone-enabled consumers globally… and counting!  Leveraging a blended methodology and providing technology when needed Watch the recording on demand!
    12. 12. Does It Work For Every Demographic? Is The Mobile App Feasible Today? Sweden Poland The Netherlands Germany UK France Canada Italy Spain South KoreaUnited States Greece Japan Hong Kong India UAE Saudi Arabia Argentina Australia Watch the recording on demand!
    13. 13. Internet Users 2010 Mobile Penetration (% of population) (% increase 2009-2010)Western EuropeBelgium 79.26% 113.46%France 80.10% 99.70%Germany 81.85% 127.04%Italy 53.68% 135.42%Netherlands 90.72% 116.23%Spain 66.53% 111.75%Sweden 90.00% 113.54%UK 85.00% 130.25%Central & Eastern EuropeGreece 44.40% 108.22%Poland 62.32% 120.18%Middle East & North AfricaSaudi Arabia 41.00% 187.86%United Arab Emirates 78.00% 200.00%Asia & PacificsAustralia 76.00% 101.04%Hong Kong 69.40% 190.21%Japan 80.00% 95.39%South Korea 83.70% 105.36%Latin AmericaArgentina 36.00% 141.79%North AmericaCanada 81.60% 70.66%U.S. 79.00% 89.86%SourcesInternational Telecommunications Union, UAE - Telecommunications Union -
    14. 14. Challenge: Tool or Methodology? The Obstacle Cool tech and promise, but how integrated and streamlined is actual execution? The Challenge Finding a turnkey advanced solution and implementing the right methodology The Solution  Technology fused with intense respect for Qualitative Research  End-to-end, streamlined technology that elevates researchers and their expertise Watch the recording on demand!
    15. 15. Does The Tool Match An EfficientMobile Qualitative Methodology? What you need:  the ability to see what the consumer sees  the opportunity to respond when it’s convenient  the flexibility to be natural and un-choreographed Your answer? Mobile. Asynchronous. Video. Watch the recording on demand!
    16. 16. Top Tips For Effectively Capturing InsightsThrough A Mobile Video Research Question Guide  follow classic moderator training when writing and recording your video assignments – from broad to specific  ask consumers to do something rather than just answer questions – or answer questions while being exposed to natural emotional triggers  ask reflection questions after they have performed the activity  allow consumers to see one question at a time, where and whenever relevant  unveil assignments as they progress through the project Watch the recording on demand!
    17. 17. Next Up: What To Do With All That Video? The Obstacle Organization of digital mobile data is done manually and time consuming The Challenge How to easily turn that data into meaningful intelligence and reporting? The Solution INTEGRATION!  Instantly organized via linear collection  All data types  Highlight reels with mouseclicks  Searchable video  Interactive Transcripts Watch the recording on demand!
    18. 18. Mobile Video Analytic Process  Video collected though mobile devices comes right into the research team’s desktop  The research team utilizes online video editing and qualitative analysis tools to analyze, notate, and download video responses  The video insights are organized by themes, surprises, validation, etc. and grouped into playlists  Playlists are embedded in a video report alongside actionable recommendations
    19. 19. How to make strategic decisions? The Obstacle Mobile video data is organized, but how to align it with strategic objectives? The Challenge Accurate and actionable reports The Solution  Advanced qualitative coding enables fast analysis  Coding qualitative data for rigor and accuracy  Mobile output turns into video reports Watch the recording on demand!
    20. 20. Do You Adapt The Research Process To TheMobile Solution Or The Mobile Solution To TheResearch Process? Design. Discover. Decide. Watch the recording on demand!
    21. 21. Will Anybody Notice? The Obstacle Stakeholders have yet to experience the return on mobile research The Challenge Empowering researchers to become thought leaders and enabling stakeholders to experience the power of the in-the-moment insights to make decisions based on the facts The Solution  Push-button digital sharing and social media-based invites  Quickly syndicated mobile video reports to smartphone and tablets  Building a data set and exponentially increasing research value Watch the recording on demand!
    22. 22. Watch the recording on demand!
    23. 23. No Longer Just A Treasure Hunt  Empower your consumers and business alike  Access a diverse mobile-enabled panel 24/7  Secure faster and more truthful insights through a turnkey solution  Gain whole new levels of accuracy in decision making Watch the recording on demand!
    24. 24. To get something you never had, you have todo something you’ve never done.“And most importantly, how can companies understand the analytics across theentire marketing mix and incorporate those results into improved marketingstrategies and tactics to drive higher revenue, profit and brand share?” - Stan Sthanunathan, Coca-ColaWatch the recording on demand!
    25. 25. Thank You!Questions?  Use the Q&A box to the right side of your screen  Email us to  Twitter @Qualvu or #IQualvu Watch the recording on demand!
    26. 26. Watch the recording on demand!