Luminous Mysteries 2: Cana


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Luminous Mysteries 2: Cana

  1. 1. Meditations on the Marriage at Cana Recommendation: Please read the contents of one of the 20 mysteries meditations before you start your prayer. Some of these presentations (e.g. The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery: The Crucifixion) contains over 60 slides. With so much spiritual food that it is best to read and contemplate on a few of the slides each time. We welcome biblical scholars, theologians, lecturers and professors of theological institutions and seminaries and lay people around the world to contribute precious pictures and words to accompany specific scenes in the Rosary in Visual Art. You can contribute through the BLOG on our website.
  2. 2. Second Luminous Mystery The Marriage Feast at Cana. On the third day there was a wedding in Cana in Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there… When the wine ran short Mary said to Him, “They have no wine.” Jesus said to her, “Woman, how does your concern affect me? My hour has not yet come.” His mother told the servers, “Do whatever He tells you.” Spiritual fruit: Fidelity Devotion to Mary
  3. 3. 1. Wedding Feast at Cana.Paolo Veronese, The Marriage at Cana, 1562. Museum of Louvre. Paris
  4. 4. 2. Here the supply of wine failed. Gerard David, Marriage at Cana. Early 16th century.
  5. 5. 3.** The Mother of Jesus said to Him: They have no wine left. This scene is an example of “Mary’s solicitude for human beings, her coming to them in the wide variety of their wants and needs”, and her role in “bringing those needs to Christ.” (Pope John Paul II)
  6. 6. 3A. The Mother of Jesus said to Him: They have no wine left. “I want my children to live always in the greatest trust in me. They must expect everything from me. As little children, they should leave it up to their Mother to provide! I will do great and extraordinary things, even miracles, when it is necessary.” (Gobbi)
  7. 7. 3B. The Mother of Jesus said to Him: They have no wine left. “It is a quality of mercy to regard another’s distress as one’s own, because to be merciful is to have a heart distressed at the distress of another.” (St. Thomas Aquinas)
  8. 8. 4. Mary said to the waiters: “Do whatever He tells you.”“It is an exhortation totrust without hesitation,especially when one doesnot understand themeaning or benefit ofwhat Christ asks.”(Pope John Paul II.)Marten de Vos 1603, Vrouwe-kathedraal.Antwerp.
  9. 9. 4. Mary said to the waiters: “Do whatever He tells you.”“If you remain with me, I myselfwill tell you at every moment whatI would like you to do. I will takeyou by the hand and together weshall do everything. I am like amother who is teaching its child totake its first steps.”“My joy is that of leading them, asa mother, to the great goal ofsanctity. Through them I will savean immense number of souls.”(Gobbi) Marten de Vos 1603, Vrouwe-kathedraal. Antwerp.
  10. 10. “Rely only on me and nothuman means. There isone thing that you canalways do, which is theonly thing that I want youto do at each moment:your prayer, your sufferingyour trust in me.Let yourself instead bedivested of all otherpreoccupations. This is myMovement, my son. So thenlet me act! Accustom tosee me as the light of yourevery action.”(Gobbi)
  11. 11. 5. There were six stonewater jars, each holdingfifteen to twenty gallons
  12. 12. 6. Jesus bids the waiters to fill the jars with water, and then draw some out and take it to the master. Pure water was changed into excellent wine, to demonstrate that lukewarmness and negligence should give place to love and zeal. Am I aware that my life should be completely changed by the presence of Christ from water into wine?Byzantine icon. Fresco in St. Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral. Dallas. Texas
  13. 13. 7. Only the servants who had drawn the waterknew where the wine came from.Mattia Preti, The Marriage at Cana. 1613. National Gallery. London
  14. 14. 8. The master said to the groom: “Everyone serves the good wine first…but you have saved the good wine until now.” At the last supper, He would change bread and wine into His Flesh and Blood, and thus He would remain with them until the end, to strengthen and console them.Paolo Veronese, The Marriage at Cana, 1562. Louvre Museum. Paris.
  15. 15. 9. A wonderful mother "In dangers, in doubts, in difficulties, think of Mary, call upon Mary. Let not her name leave thy lips, never suffer it to leave your heart." This mystery shows us that Mary, our Mother is concerned with our daily needs, even material ones: “They have no wine left.” Her intercession is powerful. Jesus will never refuse her requests.The Children’s illustrated bible.Hermes House.
  16. 16. 10. Marriage Sacrament By His presence,Christian marriage was raised to the dignity of a sacrament. Help us to do whatever you tell us, through Mary’s intercession. May the grace of obedience to the teachings of the Church come down into our souls.Paolo Veronese, The Marriage at Cana, 1562. Louvre Museum. Paris.
  17. 17. The ( National ) Rosary For the Evangelization of (Nations)1. Fatima Prayer: To Eucharistic Jesus, source of all evangelization. “O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven, especially those who are in most need of thy mercy.”2. Invocation of the Holy Spirit: Principal agent of evangelization. “Come, Holy Spirit! Fill the hearts of the (National) people and enkindle in them the fire of your love! Come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your well-beloved Spouse.”3. Prayer to Our Lady of ( Nation ): Star of the new evangelization. “Hail Holy Queen, Mother of (Nation), come and present the (National) people to Jesus, the fruit of thy womb. Look upon them continually with mercy and through your