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7A. Cenacle prayers for nations


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7A. Cenacle prayers for nations

  1. 1. III. Pray withthe entirecelestial courtand theRosaryconfraternityPray theCenacle withMary to invokethe descent ofthe Holy spirit.
  2. 2. Cenacle prayer of the Joyful Mysteries for the Evangelization of Continents 1. Annunciation Asian Rosary: for Asia and the Asian people 2. Visitation African Rosary: for Africa and the African people 3. Nativity European Rosary: for Europe and the European people 4. Presentation North American Rosary: for North America and the North American people 5. Finding of Jesus South American Rosary: for South America and the South American people
  3. 3. Cenacle prayer of the Sorrowful Mysteries for the Evangelization of Nations 1. Agony in the Garden Canadian Rosary: for Canada and the Canadian people 2. Scourging at the Pillar Chinese Rosary: for China and the Chinese people 3. Crowning with thorns Russian Rosary: for Russia and the Russian people 4. Carrying the Cross American Rosary: for America and the American people 5. Crucifixion English Rosary: for England and the English people
  4. 4. Cenacle prayer of the Glorious Mysteries for the Evangelization of Nations 1. Resurrection French Rosary: for France and the French people 2. Ascension Australian Rosary: for Australia and the Australian people 3. Descent of the Holy Spirit Indian Rosary: for India and the Indian people 4. AssumptionVietnamese Rosary: for Vietnam and the Vietnamese people 5. Coronation Mexican Rosary: for Mexico and the Mexican people (or Peruvian, Guatemalan, Cuban, Brazilian)
  5. 5. Cenacle prayer of the Luminous mysteries for the Evangelization of Nations 1. Baptism of Jesus Japanese Rosary: for Japan and the Japanese people 2. Wedding feast at Cana Malaysian Rosary: for Malaysia and the Malaysian people 3. Proclamation of the Kingdom of God Mauritian Rosary: for Mauritius and the Mauritian people 4. Transfiguration Portuguese(or Italian) Rosary: for Portugal and the Portuguese people 5. Institution of the Holy Eucharist Polish Rosary: for Poland and the Polish people