5. The Cenacle (B)


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5. The Cenacle (B)

  1. 1. The Cenacle(Part B)
  2. 2. The Cenacle is an invitation to join in1. A Crusade of prayer,2. A Marian Movement of priests and laity to multiply Cenacles of prayer everywhere.
  3. 3.  “I ask that cenacles be multiplied, in every part of the world, because I am calling you to a crusade of prayer, for the salvation of the world.” “I implore you to return to God, who awaits you with that love with which the father, each day, awaited the return of the prodigal son.” “I invite you to a loving crusade of reparative prayer and to works of penance. Together with me implore of God the grace of return for so many of my estranged children. Multiply everywhere cenacles of prayer to compel the mercy of God to descend, as a dew on the immense desert of the world.” “Open to me the door of your hearts and let me work in you. Open to me the doors of your families. Spread everywhere Family Cenacles, as a great network of salvation. Form everywhere Children’s Cenacles, as a crusade of innocent prayer.” “I am always with you. I unite myself to your prayer.”
  4. 4.  “I invite you to multiply the cenacles of prayer and of life with me. Hold them everywhere, gather the faithful about you to recite the Holy Rosary, to meditate on my word, and to lead the greatest number possible of my children to the consecration to my Immaculate Heart.” “My Immaculate Heart is glorified by you when you multiply everywhere cenacles of prayer made with me, among the faithful, youth, children and in families. In this way you are preparing the time of the Second Pentecost for the Church and for all the world.” “I have called you from all sides to multiply the cenacles of prayer as lightning rods which protect you from the fire of the chastisement.”
  5. 5.  “My time has come. I am asking that the whole Church gather together in prayer with me, Mother of intercession and of reparation. I want all who belong to my Movement increase in the personal commitment of their consecration. I am asking you to multiply everywhere your cenacles of prayer and of brotherly sharing, and to lead the greatest number possible of my children to the consecration to my Immaculate Heart. Open the doors of your hearts to receive the great Gift.
  6. 6. The Cenacle is also for the laity and clergy,3. A life of prayer with Mary4. A life of brotherhood and love.
  7. 7.  “I gather you into the cenacle of my Heart, to form you to a life of prayer with me, to a life of love, giving and holiness. “I am building up among you a more perfect brotherhood. I help you to know one another, to understand one another, to love one another, and to go forward together on the painful road of these last times. ‘Love one another as I have loved you.’ “Pray more, pray with the Rosary, pray among yourselves in cenacles, above all pray in the family. I want Christian families to return to the practice of praying with me. The cenacles which I ask of families are a precious gift to them, so that they may experience the joy of my maternal presence, and of my assistance.”
  8. 8.  In the cenacles, you will be aware of my extraordinary presence. You will experience the security and peace which your heavenly Mother gives to you. You will be preserved from evil and defended from the great dangers which threaten you.”
  9. 9. The Cenacle is5. A cosmic battle waged at the level of the spirits.6. To invoke the descent of the Holy spirit, (a second Pentecost), for the Evangelization of Nations
  10. 10. Cenacle with Mary To invoke the descent of the Holy Spirit for evangelization of the WORLD
  11. 11.  “I formed you to prayer, which now becomes necessary to employ increasingly as the weapon with which you must fight and conquer in the battle against Satan and all the spirits of evil. It is above all a battle which is waged at the level of spirits so you must fight with the spiritual weapon of prayer. How much power you bring to my motherly work of intercession and reparation.” “The whole Church must enter into the spiritual cenacle of my Immaculate Heart, and recollect itself in incessant prayer with your heavenly Mother, because my Immaculate Heart is the golden door through which the Holy Spirit passes to come to you and bring you to the Second Pentecost.
  12. 12.  “Enter into the cenacle of my Heart, and unite your prayer to that of your heavenly Mother, and be prepared to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” In this new cenacle, let us together invoke the gift of the Holy Spirit who will transform this desert of the world into a garden of life and beauty. Open the doors of your hearts to receive the great Gift. Give us, O Spirit of Love, new heavens and a new earth, where man can live together as in a single large family. The Holy Spirit has the task of transforming all humanity and of renewing the face of the earth. Give us, O Spirit of Love, a Church renewed, a humble Church, evangelical, poor and merciful.” “The Holy Spirit has the task of bringing the Church to its greatest splendour.” Surround the world with the chain of the Rosary in order to obtain grace and mercy for all.”
  13. 13.  “In the Spiritual cenacle of my Immaculate Heart, the miraculous event of the Second Pentecost must now be accomplished, implored and expected by you. “Tongues of fire of the Spirit will renew the whole world, which will become completely transformed by the greatest manifestation of Divine Mercy. The Holy Spirit will work the new miracle of universal transformation in the heart and the life of all.” “Tongues of fire will bring heat and life to a humanity which has become cold from egotism and hatred, from violence and wars.” “The Spirit of the Lord will transform the hearts and the souls of men and make of them courageous witness of his divine love. The Spirit of the Lord will fill the earth and change the world.
  14. 14.  Tongues of fire will come down to enlighten and sanctify the Church. The divine fire of the Holy Spirit will heal Her of every malady, purify Her of every stain. The Spirit of the Lord will renew, with his divine fire, all the Church.
  15. 15.  “You are being called to be apostles of these last times. To you therefore falls the duty of proclaiming, in every part of the earth, the love and the glory of your heavenly Mother. My Immaculate Heart is being glorified in you, when you give to all a daily witness of heroic fidelity to Christ and to his Gospel; when you put yourselves at the total disposal of the spiritual needs of souls; when you become burning flames of love and of zeal for Jesus present in the Eucharist. “Make use of the holy Rosary as a most efficacious weapon for fighting the great spiritual battle. You defend yourselves against many dangers.”
  16. 16.  I will obtain for you the gift of the Holy Spirit. I will lead you along the road of piety and of love. My action will be form now on, stronger, more extraordinary and more noticed by all. I am the dawn which is arising to announce the arrival of the brilliant sun of Christ. The Holy Spirit has the task of making you today courageous witnesses of the Truth and of bringing you to the heroic witness of faith in Jesus. The Holy Spirit has the task of enlightening your souls with the light of divine grace. He is pouring out upon you his seven holy gifts. The Holy Spirit has the task of forming your hearts to the perfection of love, and purifies you in the crucible of innumerable sufferings.
  17. 17.  “Pray in order to give thanks to the heavenly Father. “Pray in order to console the divine Heart of the Son. Jesus loves you. His Heart is a furnace of the most ardent love for you. But this Heart is being continually pierced by offenses and sins. It is you who must be the consolers of the Heart of Jesus. I am asking you to fill up, with your love, all the emptiness, the negligence and the indifference with which He is surrounded.” “Pray in order to invoke the Holy Spirit, that He may be able to accomplish as quickly as possible the prodigy of a second Pentecost.” “Recite the holy rosary. With this prayer, made by you together with me, you are able to influence all human events, and even the future events. With this prayer, you can possess the grace of a change of hearts and obtain the gift of peace.”
  18. 18. Cenacle of children, youth & families “I am glorified by the powerful intensity of prayer which is offered to me by children and youth, and families, in these times of aridity and great dissipation. How many families are being saved from division or have become reunited after years of separation, as a result of the great spread of family cenacles. These are the powerful means which my Immaculate Heart gives you, to defend the Christian family from the dangers which threaten it, such as infidelity, divisions, separations, recourse to the means of preventing life and abortions. Multiply everywhere the cenacles of prayer which I have asked of you. Above all, spread the family cenacles which I am requesting as a means of saving the Christian family from the great dangers which threaten it. I am the Mother of Life. I am the Queen of the Family.
  19. 19. How to conduct a Cenacle “When two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in the midst of them”, thus spoke my son Jesus. When two or more priests (or laity) of my Movement are gather together on my account, I am also in the midst of them. I manifest myself to them. There is no need of organization. Everything should be simple, spontaneous, quiet and fraternal. Where two or more priests of my Movement come together because of me, there is the cenacle. Let your gatherings be true cenacles of life with me, of prayer with me, of brotherhood, and of waiting.
  20. 20. Consecration to the Immaculate Heart (Short version) “Virgin of Fatima, Mother of Mercy, we who belong to the MarianMovement, consecrate ourselves in a special way to your ImmaculateHeart. We also consecrate our motherland (China) to your ImmaculateHeart. We intend to live with you, through you and for you, all theobligations assumed by our Baptismal consecration, to bring about inourselves that interior conversion so urgently demanded by the Gospel,that we may be available only to do always the will of the Father. Allow us to dwell in the garden of your Immaculate Heart . Lead usto a spiritual renewal with prayer and penance, with the dailyrecitation of the Holy Rosary, the fervent celebration and adoration ofthe Holy Eucharist, the practice of Christian virtues, and in the worksof the apostolate. Help us to be the apostles of the Marian Movement to multiplyeverywhere cenacles of prayer made with you for the evangelization ofThe world, and the Divine Mercy prayer, for the salvation of the world.Help us to do everything with you in a spirit of humility, prayer andpenance.”
  21. 21. Consecration to the Immaculate Heart (Personal------Short version)“Holy Mary, Mother of God, I consecrate andentrust myself to your Immaculate Heart totallyand forever. I dedicate my life to your service.Allow me dwell in the garden of your ImmaculateHeart. Let me live in you, with you, and for you,every moment of my life. Take me by the hand,lead me wherever you will, and help me to doeverything with you in a spirit of humility, prayerand penance.”
  22. 22. The Cenacle:7. Consecration to the Immaculate Heart. “I invite all to consecrate themselves to myImmaculate Heart. I am extending this myrequest, to the most extreme limits of theearth. In this way, I am offering you a saferefuge which the Most Holy Trinity hasprepared for you, for these stormy times ofthe great tribulation.”
  23. 23. Consecration to the Immaculate Heart (Short version)“ Virgin of Fatima, Mother of Mercy, we who belong to the MarianMovement, consecrate ourselves in a special way to yourImmaculate Heart. We also consecrate our motherland (China) toyour Immaculate Heart. We intend to live with you, through you andfor you, all the obligations assumed by our Baptismal consecrationto bring about in ourselves that interior conversion so urgentlydemanded by the Gospel, that we may be available only to doalways the will of the Father.Allow us to dwell in the garden of your Immaculate Heart . Lead usto a spiritual renewal with prayer and penance, with the daily
  24. 24.  Saint Louis de Montforts highly influential True Devotion to Mary synthesized many of the earlier saints writings and teachings on Mary. De Montforts approach of "total consecration to Jesus Christ through Mary" had a strong impact on Marian devotion both in popular piety and in the spirituality of religious orders. One of his well-known followers was Pope John Pau II of the 20th century. According to his Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae, the pontiffs personal motto Totus Tuus (Totally yours) was inspired by St. Louis doctrine on the excellence of Marian devotion and total consecration. He quoted: "Since Mary is of all creatures the one most conformed to Jesus Christ, it follows that among all devotions that which most consecrates and conforms a soul to our Lord is devotion to Mary, his Holy Mother, and that the more a soul is consecrated to her the more will it be consecrated to Jesus Christ."
  25. 25.  “Renew each day your consecration to my Immaculate Heart. Through this act, you make it possible for me to enter, as a mother, into your life and to dispose it for the perfect fulfillment of the design which the Lord has on each one of you. Thus you become my very own presence in the world.” “From the time that they are consecrated to my Immaculate Heart they can no longer belong to themselves. Their life, their soul, their mind, their heart, the good they do, even the wrong they have done, and the defects they possess: all is mine, all belongs to me. My Immaculate Heart is a furnace of most pure fire, it burns all, it consumes all, it transform all.”
  26. 26.  Consecrate yourselves continually to my Immaculate Heart, and live in daily communion of life and of love with me.” If you live in my Immaculate Heart, nothing that can happen will be able to disturb you; within this motherly refuge of mine you are always safe, wrapped in the light and the presence of the Most Holy Trinity, who loves you and surrounds you with its divine protection.” “Offer me with the simplicity of little children, everything that happens to you: joys and sorrows, trials and sufferings, and wounds of the soul, everything which becomes a source of suffering to you.” My Immaculate Heart is the safe refuge which I have prepared for you, so that you may live in serenity through the painful moments of the great tribulation. My Immaculate Heart is the luminous path which leads you to the joyous meeting with Jesus, who is about to return to you in glory.
  27. 27.  “With the act of consecration you have put your life in my hands. Now it belongs to me, it is mine. I have taken possession of it and now, bit by bit, I am transforming it according to my will. Little by little I will transform you into a very faithful image of my son Jesus. I will give you a new way of seeing things, a new way of feeling, a new way of thinking.” “Let this be your resolution: Remain always, at every moment, in my Immaculate Heart in prayer, so as to be my joy, to console me for so many sorrows. Be afraid of nothing, do not be worried about anything: I will do everything for you and with you, because I love you with a greater love than you could ever imagine.”
  28. 28.  “I want all the priests ( and laity ) of my Movement to rely on me as little children. They must no longer think of themselves; I want to take care of them myself. I will grant all their requests and satisfy their deepest desires. They must live only for my son Jesus, carrying out the Gospel to the letter. They must live only for me, with me. They will then be still doing the same things, but in how different a manner! Because these same things will be done by them in union with me, I will manifest myself in them . I want to live again in them so as to be once again as a Mother in the midst of my children. I want to give them my Heart. For all the rest, I myself will provide so that my great and loving plan may be realized.” “My Immaculate Heart is the greatest gift which the heavenly Father offers you. My Immaculate Heart is your safest refuge and the means of salvation.”
  29. 29.  “When a thing is consecrated, it is removed from all uses other than the sacred one to which it has been assigned, and so it is with an object designated for the divine worship. This can also be the case with a person. Your true act of consecration is that of baptism. By this sacrament, grace is communicated to you placing you in an order of life higher than your own, namely the supernatural life. Your actions, accordingly, have a new value exceeding that of your nature. After baptism you are then destined for the perfect glorification of the Most Holy Trinity. The fact that characterizes the act of consecration is its totality: when you are consecrated you are then wholly so, and forever! When I ask you for the consecration to my Immaculate Heart, it is to make you understand that you must completely entrust yourselves to me, in a total and everlasting way, that I may dispose of you according to the will of God. You must entrust yourselves in a manner that is complete, giving me everything; you should be wholly mine, and forever.” I ask this consecration from all religious, and all the faithful.”
  30. 30.  I feel my heart filled with love for you who, through your consecration, have offered yourselves to me as little children. I see your littleness. I stoop over you with the renewed tenderness of a Mother. You are blessed in the midst of trials and sufferings of every kind, because you have the certitude that the time of the present tribulation is preparing the time of the glorious return of my Son Jesus. You are blessed in the midst of misunderstandings and persecutions, because you names are written in my Immaculate Heart. Bring the greater number of my children to the consecration to my Immaculate Heart, desired and requested by me. Become the apostles of the consecration to my Immaculate Heart. Multiply the cenacles of prayer especially family cenacles.
  31. 31.  “Just as I am the Mother of the Incarnation, so also I am the Mother of the Redemption. I collaborate with Him in his work of salvation. Imitate Him also in this, his complete reliance on the Heavenly Mother. I will be able to be an attentive Mother for you. I will bring you each day to an ever better imitation of Jesus, who must be your only model and your greatest love. You will be true instruments, faithful collaborators in his Redemption. You must be my powerful help, which I wish to offer today to all humanity. I am the doorway of divine mercy. I desire that, through you, all my lost children may be able to come back to the Lord. You become also instruments of divine mercy.
  32. 32.  “The triumph of the Heart of the Mother is won in the souls and lives of her faithful children.” “Souls are being lost in ever greater numbers. I want to save them through an extraordinary intervention of my maternal love. For this I need you; I need your love. Love with my own heart, these poor children whom Satan and sin have already led to their death. You are the ones who must love them, in me and for me. Even if it seems that they do not respond to you, such is really not the case. Your love is already a force which is drawing them. You must be mine and I shall use you to bring back home all those children. I want all these lost children of mine to come back, through you. My decisive move, which will bring about the victory, is you, beloved sons; I need all your love.”
  33. 33. The mystery of the Immaculate Heart “If you venerate my Heart, you give praise to the Most Holy Trinity. You also give praise to your heavenly Mother. If you love this Heart, you become clothed in my motherly love. There takes place the wonder which I accomplish everyday with you in order to make you ever more like myself and to transform your soul into the image of my own soul. I also communicate my spirit to you in order that you may truly grow in my life and become the expression of the presence of your heavenly Mother. You will spread about you the brightness of my immaculate light. You are the rays of light which come down from my Immaculate Heart. Open up the hearts of all to receive the gift of my maternal queenship. I am the Queen of Love.
  34. 34.  I give gentleness to your way of acting. I give comfort and balm to your actions, that you may heal the painful wounds of the sick and of all my poor sinful children. If you offer reparation to the sorrow of my Immaculate Heart, you become a source of great joy and consolation for me, because through you I am able to take action, in order to carry out my plan of salvation. “The Church today has a need to feel itself loved by me. Humanity has need to feel itself loved by me. My poor sinful and wandering children have need today of feeling themselves loved by me. I want to love through you. For this I am bringing about an ever deeper union between my mother’s heart and your heart. I want to suffer through you. The luminous ray which shines forth from my heart will spread to all part of the world. Share in my motherly sorrow! Judge no one; condemn no one.
  35. 35.  “I will give your hearts the capacity of love of my Immaculate Heart, and thus you will be formed in pure love for God and neighbour. I am nourishing you, my beloved children, with this most pure milk, and clothing you with all my virtues. I am forming you interiorly and transforming you, because I am sharing with you my beauty and reproducing in you my image. Thus your life is becoming daily more conformable to my motherly plan, and the Most Holy Trinity can reflect its light in you and receive greater glory.” “I am offering you, as a sign of salvation, the love of my Immaculate Heart, which has expanded to tremendous proportions to receive all my poor children, in need of my maternal intervention. My Heart is stretched out like a great tent of peace and salvation, to gather you in from the stormy waves which would submerge the world.”
  36. 36.  “In these times, you all need to hasten to take shelter in the refuge of my Immaculate Heart, because grave threats of evil are hanging over you. These are evils of a spiritual order. Sin is spreading as the worst and most pernicious of epidemics. There are evils of a physical order (infirmity, disasters, accidents, droughts, earthquakes, and incurable diseases). You should see a sign of divine justice. There are evils of a social order (divisions, hatred, famine, poverty, terror, violence, slavery and war). To be protected from all these evils, I invite you to place yourselves under shelter in the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart. You have need above all of being defended from the terrible snares of my Adversary. “My Immaculate Heart will be the refuge and sure way which will lead you to God.”
  37. 37.  “I am your Mother; I see the difficulties in which you are living; I also see the moments in which you are oppressed by distress and discouragement. Why do you doubt? Why are you sad? I am at you side at all times; I never leave you.” “Look at my Heart; enter into my Heart; live always in my Heart and a spirit of joy and of consolation will come upon you.” “Behold, formed in the infinite sea of divine Love, your new hearts and new spirits are born, that you may be witnesses of love, bringing love everywhere and thus become, you yourselves, spirits of joy and consolation for everyone.” “I have taken your heart in my hands; I have placed it into the burning furnace of my motherly heart and I have brought it into the depths of the divine Heart of Jesus. Enter into the wound of the Heart of Jesus and allow yourselves to be transformed each day by the burning fire of his divine love.
  38. 38.  “I entrust my motherly will to you, who are my docile and obedient children, because you listen to my voice. The heavenly Mother is bringing you to live within the heart of the life of God and is making you instruments of his peace. You are ready for the task which I am entrusting to you: go and shed light upon the earth in these days of dense darkness.” “I have taken your heart and have brought it deeper yet into my motherly garden and I have placed it in the burning furnace of the love of the divine Heart of my Son Jesus. This heart of yours now belongs entirely to us and we want to make of it a perfect instrument of our more pure love. “The times have arrived when my Immaculate Heart must be exulted by all the Church and all humanity.”
  39. 39.  “From my heart there comes a ray of light, which enlightens your mind.” “Love must be loved and every gift demands its own response.” “I turn again to you, my beloved ones. I invite you to climb above the world, above your daily preoccupations, above your inordinate attachments to creatures and to yourselves, above mediocrity and tepidity, above an ever widening aridity. Enter into the refuge which your heavenly Mother has prepared for you. This is the moment for all to take refuge in me, because I am the Ark of the New Covenant.” “You at least my beloved one, must listen to me and follow me.”
  40. 40.  “Love each day, and every moment of your life. Love the most holy and divine Trinity. Love, with the divine Heart of Jesus, all your brothers especially the smallest, the poorest, and least, the desperate, the marginalized , the sinners. You must be the luminous ray of my motherly and merciful love. Love always, without ever becoming weary. Everything must be done by you only out of love. Only then will you be the glory of Mary, and you will be able to carry out the mission which I have
  41. 41.  The journey you must undertake for me ---- out of love. The countries and the distant continents you journey through ----out of love. The cross which you must carry ----out of love. The heavy work which is your lot to accomplish -----out of love. The cenacles which you lead -----out of love. The intense prayer that I ask of you -----out of love. The sufferings I ask of you each day ------out of love. The weariness and exhaustion which takes hold of you -- ---out of love Your limitations and defects which mortify you ----out of love.
  42. 42.  “I invite you to spend the month of May with me, in a more intense communion of life with your heavenly Mother. My times have come and now I am about to leave the desert, to accomplish my greatest prodigies. For this I have need of you today, beloved sons. I want to let shine upon the whole world the light of my Immaculate Heart, through you. I want to act by means of you. I want to love and to save by means of you.
  43. 43.  Offer me the fragrant flowers of your prayer. Pray more; pray with love and with perseverance. Gather about you the faithful who are entrusted to you, to form with your heavenly Mother a true cenacle of unceasing prayer, which can draw down upon the Church and upon the world the gift of a second Pentecost. Offer me the fragrant flowers of you trust. Listen to me with the purity of little children. Believe me with the simplicity of the poor. Follow me with the abandonment of children. Offer me the fragrant flowers of your love. Love more, love with greater intensity. Do no judge; do not criticize; do not condemn. Be kind, gentle and merciful to everyone. Be the dew of my motherly tenderness which falls upon the desert of egoism, of hatred, and of aridity.”
  44. 44.  “My Immaculate Heart opens and causes rays of my motherly and merciful love to descend upon you. It is within your time that the fulfillment of the message is taking place, the message which I have given you at Fatima. It is an apocalyptic message about the end of the times. Upon this humanity which has again become pagan, I am causing the rays of love and of light from my Immaculate Heart to come down. They shed light for you upon the way along which you must travel, to return to God along the road of conversion, of prayer, and of penance. Only in my Immaculate Heart will you find refuge in the moment of chastisement, comfort in the hour of suffering, relief in the midst of unspeakable afflictions, light in the days of densest darkness. Upon this Church, darkened and wounded, stricken and betrayed, I am causing the rays of love and of light from my Immaculate Heart to come down.
  45. 45.  Tell everyone to enter into the ark of my Immaculate Heart in order to be protected and saved by me. Open your hearts to hope, and live in the greatest trust and in complete abandonment to my Immaculate Heart. “To everyone who consecrates himself to me I again promise salvation. You will be protected and defended by me personally; you will be consoled and strengthened by me.”