1. Mary, Mother of God


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1. Mary, Mother of God

  1. 1. The Central Role ofMary, Mother of God
  2. 2.  1. Pope John Paul II said in his enccyclical Redemptoris Mater: Thus there is a mediation: Mary places herself between her Son and mankind in the reality of their wants, needs and sufferings. She puts herself "in the middle", that is to say she acts as a mediatrix not as an outsider, but in her position as mother. She knows that as such she can point out to her Son the needs of mankind, and in fact, she "has the right" to do so. Her mediation is thus in the nature of intercession: Mary "intercedes" for mankind.[80]
  3. 3.  “She knows everything that happens in our lives and supports us with maternal love in our trials. Taken up to heavenly glory, Mary dedicates herself totally to the work of salvation. She wants every living person to know the happiness granted to her. She is a queen who give all that she possess , participating above all in the life and love of Christ.”
  4. 4. 2. Leo XIII, the Rosary Pope, explained theimportance of the Rosary as the one road to God,from the father to the Son, to his Mother, and fromher to the human race. He emphasized that nohuman creature can change this and therefore thereexists only one road for the faithful, to the Motherand from her to Christ and through Christ to theFather. The Rosary is a vital means to participate inthe life of Mary and to find the way to Christ. Thisemphasis on the path through Mary to Christ (whichwas also a basis for some of Louis de Montfortswritings) has since been a key direction in RomanCatholic Mariology, with Mariology being viewed asinherent in Christology, and the Rosary paving thatpath.
  5. 5.  3. Bernhard of Clairvaux, a Doctor of the Church, was a fervent supporter of the Mediatrix interpretation of Mary. God and the World meet in her. Divine life flows through her to the whole creation. She is one with Jesus, who wants to save all and who passes all graces through her. She is the Mediatrix to God, the ladder on which sinners may climb up to him, the royal road to him, because she is full of grace. "It is the will of God that we should have nothing, which has not passed through the hands of Mary. It is the will of God, Who would have us obtain everything through the hands of Mary."
  6. 6. 4. Our Lady of Fatima told Lucia:“Lucia, tell everybody that God givesgraces through the Immaculate Heartof Mary. Tell them to ask graces fromher.”
  7. 7. 5. Treasurer and Dispenser: Before speaking any of theseven last words, Jesus prayed to the Father and said: “ Firstshall be mentioned my most pure Mother, who gave Mehuman existence; Her I constitute my sole and universalHeiress of all the gifts of nature, of grace and of glory that aremine. She shall be Mistress and Possessor of them all . Thegifts of grace, of which as a mere creature She is capable,She shall actually receive now, while those of glory I promiseto confer upon Her in their time. I desire that She shall beMistress of angels and men, claim over them full possessionand dominion and command the service and obedience of all .The demons shall fear Her and be subject to Her. All theirrational creatures, the heavens, the stars, the planets, theelements with all the living beings, the birds, the fishes andthe animals contained in them, shall likewise be subject toHer and acknowledge Her as Mistress, exalting and glorifyingHer with Me. I wish also that She be the Treasurer andDispenser of all the goods in heaven and on earth . WhateverShe ordains and disposes in my Church for my children, thesons of men, shall be confirmed by the three divine Persons;and whatever She shall ask for mortals now, afterwards andforever, We shall concede according to her will and wishes.” (Mary of Agreda. The Mystical city of God. )
  8. 8.  As She was the Coadjutrix of salvation She was also to be the testamentary Executrix. For the Son placed all things in her hands, just as the Father had assigned the whole creation to Him. She was to execute his will and she was to distribute all the treasures acquired and due to her Son as God on account of his infinite merits. This understanding has been given me as part of this history for the exaltation of our Queen and in order that sinners might approach Her as Custodian of all the treasures gained by her Son our Redeemer in the sight of his eternal Father. All help and assistance is in the hands of most holy Mary and She is to distribute it according to her most sweet kindness and liberality. (Mystical City of God. Mary of Agreda.)
  9. 9. Intercede for us Not She has changed, nor is her love less ardent, nor would we experience less of her intercession and protection, if in troubled times we would hasten to her with the same sentiments of humility and fervor, asking for her prayers and trustfully relying upon Her for help, as was the case with those devoted Christians in the first beginning. Without a doubt the whole Catholic Church would then immediately experience the same assistance of the Queen throughout the whole world. (Mary of Agreda)Diego Rodriguez de Silva, The Coronation of the Virgin. 1641. Museo del Prado. Madrid.
  10. 10. 6. JESUS: “I leave with you in mystead my own Mother as yourProtectress, Consoler and Advocate,and as your Mother, whom you areto hear and obey in all things. Justas I have told you, that he who seesMe sees my Father, and he whoknows Me, knows also Him; so Inow tell you, that He who knows myMother, knows Me; he who hearsHer, hears Me; and who honors Her,honors Me. All of you shall have Heras your Mother, as your Superiorand Head, so shall also yoursuccessors. She shall answer doubts,solve your difficulties; in Her, thosewho seek Me shall always find Me;for I shall remain in Her until theend of the world.” (Mary of Agreda)
  11. 11. The PROTECTRESS“This is theProtectress of theChurch and theIntercessor of thefaithful. Whoevershall call upon herfrom his heart andobtain herintercession, shallsecure for himselfeternal life. Whatshe asks of Us shallbe granted.”(Mary of Agreda)
  12. 12.  7. WORDS OF THE QUEEN. (The Virgin Mary speaks to Sister Mary of Agreda, Spain.) My daughter, if anything could lessen the enjoyment of the highest felicity and glory which I possess, and if, in it, I could be capable of any sorrow, without a doubt I would be grieved to see the holy Church and the rest of the world in its present state of labor, notwithstanding that men know me to be their Mother, Advocate and Protectress in heaven, ready to guide and assist them to eternal life. In this state of affairs, when the Almighty has granted me so many privileges as his Mother and when there are so many sources of help placed in my hands solely for the benefit of mortals and belonging to me as the Mother of clemency, it is a great cause of sorrow to me to see mortals force me to remain idle, and that, for want of calling upon me, so many souls should be lost. But if I cannot experience grief now, I may justly complain of men, that they load themselves with eternal damnation and refuse me the glory of saving their souls.”
  13. 13.  “How much my intercession and the power I have in heaven are worth has never been hidden in the Church, for I have demonstrated my ability to save all by so many thousands of miracles, prodigies and favors operated in behalf of those devoted to me. With those who have called upon me in their needs I have always shown myself liberal, and the Lord has shown himself liberal to them on my account. The Most High still wishes to give liberally of his infinite treasures and resolves to favor those who know how to gain my intercession before God. This is the secure way and the powerful means of advancing the Church, of improving the Catholic reigns, of spreading the faith, of furthering the welfare of families and of states, of bringing the souls to grace and to the friendship of God.”