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All EHR's Are Not Created Equal


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All EHR's Are Not Created Equal

  1. 1. CareLogic Enterprise and Meaningful Use 2014 for Eligible Professionals Why all certified EHRs are not created equal.
  2. 2. CareLogic “User Centered Design” process Eligible Professional Measure specifications User Input Technical requirements Final Rules PRODUCT
  3. 3. Stage 2 Core Measure 17: Use Secure Electronic Messaging (DIRECT)
  4. 4. Secure Electronic Messaging: other vendor Log into Direct Messaging Application, type message , send 4
  5. 5. Secure Messaging: CareLogic Send Direct Messages from CareLogic 5
  6. 6. Stage 2 Core Measure 15: Summary of Care Record for each transition of careHIE (C-CDA)
  7. 7. Exchanging and sharing secure clinical information -HIE (CCD)- other vendors transmit Generate a C-CDA in EHR Download C-CDA to desktop and save Upload C-CDA to DIRECT portal Log into the DIRECT Portal
  8. 8. Exchanging and sharing secure clinical information -HIE (CCD)- CareLogic Generate a C-CDA in CareLogic (DIRECT capability incorporated within CareLogic)
  9. 9. Stage 2 Core 6 Clinical Decision Support Rules (CDSR) and Clinical Quality Measures (CQMS)
  10. 10. Clinical Quality Measures EP Selects NQFs that are relevant to his practice and population he serves. Based on the NQFs selected, CareLogic tells you what you will need to gather data for that NQF. The Agency maps what they use for each of these assessments during set up.
  11. 11. Clinical Decision Support Rules (CDSR) and CQMs -other vendors Problem List Medication List Med Allergy List Demographics Clinical Decision Support Rules Vital Signs CDSR Laboratory tests & values/results
  12. 12. Clinical Decision Support Rules (CDSR) and CQMS-Carelogic Medication List Suicide Risk Assessment Med Allergy List Smoking status Demographics CDSR CQMS PHQ-9 Vital Signs Depression Screen Laboratory tests & values/results Problem List Appraisal for alcohol or chemical use
  13. 13. Managing Demographics for compliance
  14. 14. Managing Demographics for Compliance-other vendors Fed values Federal state values State MU values Meaningful use
  15. 15. Managing Demographics for Compliance-CareLogic Values mapped in background CareLogic Federal State Meaningful use
  16. 16. Questions? Need More Information?
  17. 17. Disclaimer It is important that each individual take responsibility for understanding of the final rules and regulations of the Medicaid and Medicare EHR Incentive Programs. Qualifacts Systems, Inc. offers these presentations as a service and makes every effort to provide accurate information. We make no claim that our information is complete or contains no inaccuracies. Under no circumstances shall anyone associated with Qualifacts Systems, Inc. be liable for any incidental, indirect, consequential or special damages or loss of any kind including those resulting from the expected incentives themselves. Qualifacts Systems, Inc. in no way considers itself the ultimate authority or expert on the final rules and regulations of the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs and expects that each individual will consult the state-specific Medicaid EHR Incentive Program website for their specific states rules and/or the CMS website for the EHR Incentive Program Rules. It is important that each Eligible Professional note that CMS views the EP as ultimately responsible for the numerator and denominator and their Medicaid Encounter volume as well as the data used for attestation on the measures of Meaningful Use. CMS has announced there will be audits. “There are numerous pre-payment edit checks built into the EHR Incentive Programs’ systems to detect inaccuracies in eligibility, reporting and payment. Post-payment audits will also be completed during the course of the EHR Incentive Programs.”