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Cloud Sandboxing Solution for Cyber Ranges


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Quali’s Cloud Sandboxing solution for cyber ranges allows enterprises to rapidly provision full-stack, real-world cyber threat environments in seconds. Easily manage the entire lifecycle of modeling, deploying, monitoring, and reclaiming cyber sandboxes. Cyber range infrastructure blueprints can be published for as-a-service and on-demand consumption by multiple tenancies, groups, and users. Quali gives organizations a scalable and cost–effective solution for running effective cyber threat trainings like Red/Blue Team exercises, performing live response threat mitigation, managing cyber test and validation environments, and speeding cyber-range effectiveness in hardening IT defenses.

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Cloud Sandboxing Solution for Cyber Ranges

  1. 1. Self Service Catalog
  2. 2. Blueprint for CyberRange
  3. 3. Deploy Blueprint
  4. 4. SetUp Sandbox
  5. 5. Run orchestration commands
  6. 6. Start Attack: Ixia BP command
  7. 7. Start Detection: IDS command
  8. 8. Output window
  9. 9. Attack Detected!
  10. 10. Create Malware Analysis Report
  11. 11. Tear Down: Sandbox termination