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5 Paywall Questions You've Been Scared to Ask


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Have some questions about paywalls? What is a Paywall? Who uses them? We’ve taken the pain out of the top five questions on everyone’s mind

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5 Paywall Questions You've Been Scared to Ask

  1. 1. Paywall Questions You've Been Scared to Ask
  2. 2. In today's publishing world, print revenue is declining due to the explosion of digital
  3. 3. Publishers are left asking one question...
  4. 4. How can we monetize our content to stay in business?
  5. 5. The answer? Paywalls!
  6. 6. Now let’s tackle those five scary questions!
  7. 7. What is a paywall? A paywall is a system requiring user registration and a paid subscription to access web content
  8. 8. Example
  9. 9. Paywalls are divided into two types Hard Soft
  10. 10. Hard Soft By quality By quantity
  11. 11. A HARD paywall requires paid subscription before any of the content can be accessed Pay now
  12. 12. A SOFT paywall allows users to view a specific number of articles before requiring paid subscription
  13. 13. Who uses paywalls?
  14. 14. 350+ Over 350 publications are using this strategy for their online content
  15. 15. In 2013, digital subscriptions added more than $100 million in operating income Gannett Company implemented metered (soft) paywalls at 78 of its newspapers
  16. 16. The New York Times
  17. 17. Over 1 million digital-only subscribers Offers bundled subscription offers
  18. 18. First, the NY Times gave a teaser to their content They then launched a soft paywall with metered access
  19. 19. The outcome...
  20. 20. 85% higher subscription rate January 14' January 15'VS.
  21. 21. The streaming video site allows channel holders to choose a paywall setting on their content Account Free Trial Partial View Enable DisableBlock Access Block access until payment is made
  22. 22. This puts control in the hands of the content creators
  23. 23. With paywalls, income can generate naturally instead of depending on traditional advertising systems
  24. 24. Their soft paywall allows readers to view up to 15 articles before being prompted to pay for further access
  25. 25. What Are the Business ?of Paywalls
  26. 26. Additional online revenue flow not tied to: *Advertising income *Print sales *Other income sources
  27. 27. Subscriptions provide a predictable income stream to help smooth out cash flow
  28. 28. The 1st party data collected from subscribers can be used to: Understand the audience Provide monetized content Gather metrics to drive ad sales
  29. 29. What are the Professional Benefits of Paywalls?
  30. 30. Content with paywalls represents: Professional journalists Fact-checked content
  31. 31. Subscribers associate brands using paywalls with high-quality and unique content High Quality
  32. 32. Paywall subscriptions provide consistent and predictable income Brands can forecast revenue and remove income uncertainty of unsteady sources Brands can focus on ways of optimizing paywall access and value
  33. 33. Visitors spend more time on a site with registration
  34. 34. Quaero found that the top 10% of registered users accounted for 87% of the time spent on a site
  35. 35. These users are more valuable when used to gather first-party data and website behavior data
  36. 36. What are the downsides of paywalls?
  37. 37. Visitors are asked to pay for content they may have already accessed for free on the web
  38. 38. The paywalled content must offer significant value to attract subscriber attention
  39. 39. Businesses receive less visitors with gated content X X X X X Resulting in a small registration percentage Registered users
  40. 40. Retention rates 58-90% Soft 15-20% Hard
  41. 41. Learn more about paywalls, increasing user registrations and how it can impact your bottom line Get the report on the next slide
  42. 42. Click to download the report!