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New Insights for Creating High-Performance Sales Teams: Qstream and Nancy Nardin


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In 2015, it’s unlikely you’ll find a sales leader anywhere who isn’t talking about the need to improve the performance and productivity of their team. But given the blizzard of sales enablement tools on the market today, where should companies invest to generate real results and behavior change among reps?

In this ongoing series, we explore the latest thinking, technology, and best practices for managing, measuring and motivating high-performance sales teams.

This first installment features sales guru Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling In this dynamic, 30-minute roundtable, Nancy and Qstream CEO Duncan Lennox discuss:

• The success metrics sales leaders should be monitoring in 2015
• Why the buyer’s funnel now trumps the sales funnel
• The pros and cons of quota achievement as a performance indicator, and
• The impact of creating an “agile selling” environment, and why your team needs one to win more deals.

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New Insights for Creating High-Performance Sales Teams: Qstream and Nancy Nardin

  1. 1. Performance Perspectives Q&A Nancy Nardin, Smart Selling Tools Duncan Lennox, Co-Founder & CEO, Qstream February 24, 2015 New Insights for Creating High-Performance Sales Teams
  2. 2. Today’s Guests Nancy Nardin Founder & President Smart Selling Tools Duncan Lennox Co-Founder & CEO Qstream
  3. 3. Sharing Today’s Presentation •  @qstream •  @smartsellingtools •  @dlennox •  #SPARKSaleswebinar •  #salesperformance •  #salesignition
  4. 4. Q: What are the right sales enablement technology investments for my team? How do I measure success?
  5. 5. Q: How do we move beyond just training on process, and focus on people, equipping reps to ask questions, understand the customer’s buying process and have value-added conversations?
  6. 6. Q: How do companies create an environment of agile, “always on” learning?
  7. 7. Questions? Nancy Nardin @smartsellingtools Duncan Lennox @dlennox
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