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Why bid proposal software will significantly increase your win rate


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Find out how to improve your win rate out of the single digit bracket and into the wow-zone through bid proposal software, with this SlideShare.

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Why bid proposal software will significantly increase your win rate

  1. 1. Many organizations don’t have the proper resources or subject matter expertise to create a winning proposal. Proposals need to be customer focused, innovative, inspiring, unique and easy to evaluate. If you aren’t producing a high quality proposal every time your win-rate will remain low.
  2. 2. What if you could increase your win rate by adopting a strategy and strike the right balance between the bids you pursue and the bids you win? Bid proposal software can improve your win rates– by addressing consistency, efficiency, improved processes and collaboration. Consider that the right bid proposal software can:
  3. 3. Compiling proposals and RFPs takes time and resources and proposal teams are often working multiple proposals at the same time. Bid proposal software allows you to smoothly manage this process and cut out time-wasters like formatting and consistency issues. Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiencies
  4. 4. Proposal quality is vital – it speaks of professionalism and can be the differentiator when you’re evaluated against competitors. Every detail makes your proposal more compelling and ensures that you are complying with policies and regulations – and bid proposal software can help with that. Improve Proposal Quality
  5. 5. You want to make sure that the details in your RFP are unique and designed to compel your customers. Bid proposal software can ensure that the details such as region or pricing are correct and your terms and conditions are updated according to your prospect’s details. Customize Proposals
  6. 6. Bid Proposal Software is proven for improving your proposal win rate. Many lost bids are traced back to poor processes, badly managed content and internal resources. So before you shun the automation process, consider the benefits it can have for your win rate. Learn more by downloading our Guide to everything you need to know about pitch, proposal and RFP management software. C lick here to download The Guide