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  1. 1. CG_Qlik_View:7_8.qxd 7/17/2014 1:31 PM Page 7 Chief Guest Chief Guest contrary QlikView is a complete platform that enables enterprises to rapidly deploy robust dashboards and BI apps that can bring together data from multiple sources and enable business users to search, visual-ize and explore information QlikView is used by businesses of all sizes and from across all sectors for improving its decision-making with near real time access to data and insights. QlikView is already used by organizations worldwide and in India, including Canon, Mahindra and Mahindra, HDFC Life, SAB Miller India, Flipkart, Sathya Retail, Ramakrishna Forgings Ltd., ThangamayilJewellery Ltd., and hundreds others. Today, we’ve over 32,000 cus-tomers globally that cut across small, medium and large enterprises. Uniquely in the BI space, we pioneered the in-memory model to offer an ‘associa-tive’ search engine, giving customers access to explore data more intuitively to discover answers and ask questions they’ve never even thought of asking. QlikView is both powerful and yet easy and intuitive to use, so user adoption is widespread. FOR ORGANIZATIONS LOOKING FOR BIG DATA ANALYTICS, QLIKVIEW’S PATENTED IN-MEMORY DATA ENGINE COMPRESSES TYPICAL DATA BY A FACTOR OF 10, MEANING A SINGLE 256GB RAM SERVER CAN LOAD UPWARDS OF 2TB OF UNCOMPRESSED DATA. THIS REPRESENTS BILLIONS OF ROWS WHILE OFFERING RESPONSE RATES ONLY POSSIBLE WITH IN-MEMORY ARCHITECTURES. Do you think the market of big data analyt-ics is a challenging one? Do you think your application can easily handle big data faster, accurately and efficiently? Big Data is a hot topic, but it can get com-plex and difficult to leverage if companies do not have the right approach or tool. The ability to glean insights from data coming from various sources, make sense of it and understand its relevance, is key to getting value out of Big Data. In particu-lar, we believe in democratizing analytics of big data so lots of decision makers can get access to the data and cure the BI myopia. For example, our customer King analyses 100 million rows of Candy Crush player data a day using QlikView, but it’s not just data scientists that are doing so— it’s game designers, financial analysts, marketers, to help them make smarter decisions, faster. For organizations looking for big data analytics, QlikView’s patented in-memory data engine compresses typical data by a factor of 10, meaning a single 256GB RAM server can load upwards of 2TB of uncompressed data. This represents bil-lions of rows while offering response rates only possible with in-memory architec-tures. Other QlikView features such as ‘document chaining’ and ‘binary load’ fur-ther accelerate the exploration of very large data sets. This is the path chosen by many QlikView customers to analyze ter-abytes of data stored in data warehouses or Hadoop clusters and similar repositories. For companies that have invested in a large data warehouse or other Big Data infrastructure and don’t want to load all data into the QlikView in-memory engine, QlikView Direct Discovery is a hybrid approach that leverages both in-memory data and data that is dynamically queried from an external source. How big is the opportunity of mobile BI solutions? Do you think the growing adop-tion of tablets, and of course, smart phones, has fueled the growth of overall mobile BI market in India? Over the last couple of years, use of BI has seen a sea of change with the advent of sophisticated smartphones and mobile tools like tablets. This has led to a neces-sary shift in the way BI is being leveraged to gain business value. Mobility takes user-driven BI (or what we call Business Discovery) to the next level making it the new normal. As corporations focus on delivering real-time business data to the mobile workforce in a device independent environment, they will start embracing mobile BI. Qlik ensures decision making is not hampered by devices. Our solutions are available across devices and can be used on the go,whether on desktops, laptops, mobile phones or tablets. QlikView today is offered in the cloud. What customers are looking for and buy-ing are domain-and industry-specific apps that run in the cloud. QlikView is the leading platform for creating these analyt-ic apps that are so easy to use and deploy that our partner community is creating hundreds of them to solve specific cus-tomer challenges. These range from spe-cialized areas of market research, to con-tact centers, sports statistics, workforce management solutions and a sales tracking app specific to mutual fund companies. These QlikView apps are deployed in the cloud, via a SaaS (software-as-a-service) model. When it comes to enterprise BI deployments, there’re still some challenges to solve regarding what data customers are willing to put in the cloud and how they access that data. From a pure deployment perspective, however, QlikView can easily run on cloud infrastructure. For example we run our demo site on Amazon AWS. WE MAKE THE BEST BI TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS FOR THE AGE OF BIG-DATA Jaydeep Deshpande Regional Marketing Manager Qlik India DATA CARRIES INFOR-MATION TROVES IF STORED, MINED AND ANALYZED INTELLI-GENTLY. YES, ONCE THE BURDEN TO CIOS AND IT ADMINISTRA-TORS, DATA HAS BECOME A GREAT SOURCE OF INFOR-MATION AND BUSI-NESS FORECASTING. AND THAT FIELD IS ANALYTICS, MORE PRECISELY BI (BUSI-NESS INTELLIGENCE). INDIA IS A FIT CASE FOR THE ADOPTION OF SUCH APPLICA-TIONS WHERE MOUNDS OF DATA GET GENERATED BY GOVERNMENTS AND ENTERPRISES ON A DAILY BASIS. IN AN INTERACTION WITH DIGITAL EDGE’S MD QAISAR ALAM, JAYDEEP DESHPANDE, REGIONAL MARKET-ING MANAGER, QLIK INDIA, A LEADING BI COMPANY, SPEAKS ABOUT THE GROW-ING MARKET OF BUSI-NESS ANALYTICS AND THE OPPORTUNITIES IT BRINGS TO HIS COMPANY. EXCERPTS! Do you think the market for BI (business intelligence) has seen rapid growth in India? What are the reasons for the rapid growth of this market segment? In India we’ve been witnessing a substan-tial increase in the demand for BI solutions from verticals such as manufacturing, BFSI, retail, telecom and FMCG. Customers are increasingly deploying BI to make their organizations more efficient and productive. As a user-driven BI leader, Qlik is seeing strong demand and opportu-nities in the Indian market as more compa-nies recognize the value of leveraging user-driven data analytics to make better and faster decisions. Around the world, we work with over 32,000 customers and in India, companies from across such as Mahindra & Mahindra and HDFC Life are using the QlikView Business Discovery platform to transform data into an asset. The reason for this rapid adoption is because Indian organizations are not bound by the traditions that hold back the established markets and are therefore more open to innovations. This is stemming from the organizational realization that information is changing the world and every business user is contributing to that transformation. So far in 2014, we’ve seen continuing momentum and are further expanding our customer base, helping organizations to empower users in easily discovering insights, collaborating and making better decisions, and doing what is necessary to propel their businesses forward. Where do you position Qlik vis-a-vis other BI players such as SAP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAS, Ramco, Microstrategy, and Tableau? Is Qlik more suitable for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)? Qlik has always been at the forefront of innovation. We continue to disrupt the market with the QlikView Business Discovery platform. Business Discovery, or what Gartner refers to as Data Discovery, has transformed the BI (business intelli-gence) industry, and is regarded as the mainstream architecture for BI today. That’s also the reason why Qlik has been ranked as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms for four consecutive years, ahead of the traditional BI players. QlikView Business Discovery is based on the philosophy that decision-making is col-laborative, associative, social and with today’s pace of business it also needs to be on the fly. QlikView Business Discovery is easy to deploy, extremely user friendly and simplified. This is the new normal that other traditional BI players large and small are trying to catch up with. There’re other visualization tools which may not be a strategic enterprise offering and have lim-ited scalability, data federation, collabora-tion and exploration capabilities. On the DIGITAL 8 JUNE 2014 DIGITAL EDGE EDGE JUNE 2014 9