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Social Media Communication Plan for Forever Fun Nail Strips


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This is a social media communication plan created for 2013 NYU social media class by Qinqian (Vera), Lakreesha, Yi and Shivani.

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Social Media Communication Plan for Forever Fun Nail Strips

  2. 2.
  3. 3. Overview Background Research Ansoff‟s Matrix SWOT Analysis Target Audience & Key Messages Communications Plan Goals & Strategies Tactics The Big Event Outcome, Measurement, & Recommendations
  4. 4. Background A start-up company of nail stickers: Forever Fun The big launch – Spring/Summer 2013 collection: Florals Product features: Forever Fun specializes in eco-friendly, non-toxic, and reusable nailsticks Mission Statement“Forever Fun is dedicated towards providing safe and eco-friendly products thatare fasionably trendy.”
  5. 5. Research
  6. 6. Research The market Where does the brand and it‟s products fit in? What is the environment of the industry? Target audience What are their likes and dislikes? What influences them? Channels of communication
  7. 7. Ansoffs Matrix
  8. 8. SWOT - Strengths Innovative technology - first ever reusable nail strips Strong R&D Good resources Product quality – eco-friendly & non-toxic Existing market Demand in the market Competitive pricing Low threat of substitutes
  9. 9. SWOT - Weakness Weak brand image – Forever Fun No market share No media presence Lack of strategic alliances
  10. 10. SWOT - Opportunities Product Development Increase market share by using existing resources Engage influencers of the brand Changing fashion trends Nail industry is one of the fastest growing beauty business Technology Niche market Environmentalist‟s support
  11. 11. SWOT - Threats Competition Established Brands: Sally Hansen, OPI, etc. Brands with similar feature: Piggy Pink Nail salons/Spas Lack of existing market research Barrier to entries
  12. 12. Target Audience & KeyMessages
  13. 13. Target Audience Working women; New moms; Students Retailers Beauty/Nail Bloggers ( Influencers) Sponsors Media: Magazines (seventeen; cosmopolitan)Newspaper (NYT beauty beet; T magazine)Internet (;
  14. 14. Key Messages Working women; New moms; Students; Retailers Professional quality nails without hassle and expense of nail salon Beauty/Nail Bloggers (Influencers) Express yourself with easy and fun opportunities to design your ownunique style Environmentalist Recyclable, non-toxic nail stripers Media First-ever reusable, long lasting, innovative nail stripers
  15. 15. Communications PlanGoals & Strategies
  16. 16. Communications PlanGoal Build new customer base for Forever Fun Nail Strips 6 months after launch, engage at least 15% of Revlon customersacross Forever Fun Nail Strips‟ social media channelsStrategies Launch an event for the media to generate buzz in order to create visibilityamong target audience. Engage customers in Forever Fun social community to encourage positivementions
  17. 17. Communications PlanGoal Expand market share for Forever Fun Nail Strips 6 months after launch, reach 10% market share in US in order tocompete with competitorsStrategy Educate new customers about Forever Fun Nail Strips - reusable, non-toxicmaterial
  18. 18. Communications PlanGoal Establish Forever Fun Nail Strips as the thought leader offashionable eco-friendly nail strips 6 months after launch, get at least 20 industry experts and socialmedia influencers to recommend Forever FunStrategies Engage experts and influencers with promotion materials Create conversations among Forever Fun, influencers and customers
  19. 19. Communications PlanTactics
  20. 20. Social Networks Create Forever Fun social networking sites
  21. 21. Social Networks• Inform• Communicate• Influence• SupportPinterest• Product cataloguesFacebook• Milestones• Events/NewsTwitter1. @beautylish2. @nailguruNYC3. @temptaliaYouTube• How to videos• D.I.Y
  22. 22. Support & Collaboration Collaborate with EnvironmentalWorking Group‟s (EWG‟s) SkinDeep PETA to endorse our brand ascruelty-free Blog: Beauty and Personal –“Cruelty Free Nails”
  23. 23. Support & Collaboration Get „She Speaks‟ to talk about Forever Fun and its uniquereusability Blog Twitter Influencer
  24. 24. Celebrity Endorsement Jessica Alba Her non-toxic, eco-friendly vision for the future“I knew I wanted not only safe and effective products, but also ones thathad stylish designs! Eco-friendly shouldn’t mean boring, so I wantedproducts that reflected a modern, colorful, and fashionable aesthetic. ” Forever Fun product qualities Non-toxic & eco-friendly Trendy
  25. 25. Celebrity Endorsement Jessica Alba Brand Ambassador Mobilize Fan Following
  26. 26. Media Events Launch Party Get audience aware of the brand and its products Guest of Honor: Jessica Alba Editors‟ Event Promotion materials and media kits for the press
  27. 27. Media Events Gifting Suite at New York Fashion Week Designers, models, stylists, and celebrities Nail art to match the model‟s outfits Invite media
  28. 28. The Big Event!
  29. 29. The Forever Fun SocialForever Fun Nail Strips Contest – Guest Blogger Designer Design 2014 Spring/Summer Collection Post designs on blogs Encourage followers to vote for their design Vote on Forever Fun‟s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or website &include hashtag, #stickyourstyle Forever fun will host Twitter party to announce the winner
  30. 30. Outcomes, Measurement, &Recommendations
  31. 31. Timeline
  32. 32. OutcomesDeliver Social Media content designed to interest, educate, and informyoung girls and women, in order to attract and influence them to makepurchases.Our overall business outcomes:1. Sell 100,000 nails stickers kits online through special couponsofferings on social media sites that lead them to website.,2. Audience Engagement: Exceed goal of 100,000 mentions on all foursocial media sites to develop 1,000,000 overall impressions.
  33. 33. MeasurementSocial Media Channel Monitor Monitor toolkits: Hootsuite (klout, Traackr) Create monthly report or after important eventsInformation Awareness Credibility#posts#response (time)#feedback solutiaon#likes #comments#questions #hashtagSentimentAnalysis#Tweets#Following#followers #Retweet #Share #Favourite#Reply #People are talking aboutEvents: #Foreverfunlaunchparty#Stickyourstyle #CTRSentimentAnalysis#Videos#Playlists#views #share#comments #thumbs up #subscribeSentimentAnalysis
  34. 34. Recommendations Annual communications audit Measuring communication effectiveness Regular social media participation Facebook posts YouTube „D.I.Y‟ videos Engage more number of Twitter influencers
  35. 35. Questions?
  36. 36. Thank you!