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China rfid industry indepth research and investment strategy report, 2011 2015


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China rfid industry

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China rfid industry indepth research and investment strategy report, 2011 2015

  1. 1. 2011-2015 年中国RFID 行业深度调研与 投资战略规划分析报告 China RFID Industry Indepth Research and Investment Strategy Report, 2011-2015 前言 2011 年底,工信部正式发布了业界期盼 已久的 《物联网“十二五”发展规划》规划的出 。 台,无疑给正在发展的中国物联网又吹来一 股强劲的东风。 RFID 作为物联网感知层的核 心重要环节,在物联网产业链中起着举足轻 重的作用。 2010 年,我国物联网发展被正式列入国 家发展战略后,中国RFID 及物联网产业迎 来了难得的发展机遇。 一年,中国RFID 产 这 业进入了成长期,市场规模高速增长,达到 121.5 亿元人民币,比2009 年增长了 42.8%,首次突破百亿规模。初步估算, 2011 年可达160 多亿元,预计2012 年则 将超过200 亿元。 物联网已被确定为中国战略性新兴产业 之一,而 RFID 技术作为物联网发展的最关 By the end of 2011 the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issues the “Twelfth Five Years” Development Plan for Internet of Things (short for Plan) which is long-expected by the industry. The issue of the Plan brings dramatic opportunities to the development of Internet of Things. As the core and important link to the perception of Internet of Things, the RFID plays a decisive role in the industrial chain of Internet of Things. The Internet of Things has been regarded as national development strategy in 2010. It provides a rare opportunity for RFID and the Internet of Things industry. In this year China’s RFID industry§ has entered the growing stage and the market scale grows rapidly which reaches 12.15 billion Yuan (which breaks through ten billion for the first time), up 42.8% comparing with that in 2009. According to initial estimation the market scale may reach more than 16 billion Yuan in 2011 and will exceed 20 billion Yuan in 2012. The Internet of Things has been listed as one of the new strategic industries in China. And as the RFID technology works as the most core technology for the development of Internet of Things, the applied market will expand together with the development of Internet of Things. Along with the development of the industry, the industry competition will be fiercer that the domestic outstanding RFID corporations pay more and more attention to the industry market research, especially the in-depth research of product consumers. With Forward’s the long-term tracking and collecting market data of RFID industry, we roundly and accurately analyze the structure system for you from the view of mastering the whole industry. This report will base on the macro condition of current RFID industry, production and marketing condition, industry demand trend of auto industry, then detailed analyzes the current market capability, market scale, development speed and competitive landscape of China RFID industry. This report mainly analyzes the following aspects: development
  2. 2. overview of China’s RFID industry; development condition of the global RFID industry; development condition of China’s RFID industry; market condition of China’s RFID industry; applied market condition of China’s 而扩大。伴随行业的发展,业内的竞争不断 RFID industry; leading corporations’ operational condition of China’s RFID industry; investment condition of China’s RFID industry. 加剧,国内优秀的RFID 企业愈来愈重视对 Meanwhile, together with the comprehensive and detailed market data which is accumulated for 5 years, Forward helps you to grasp the market 行业市场的研究,特别是对行业发展环境和 and development trends of RFID industry, so as to win advantages from competition! 产品购买者的深入研究。 Major characteristics of this report are forward-looking and timeliness. Base on the forward-looking analysis of massive research data, we 本报告利用前瞻资讯长期对 RFID 行业跟 further analyze the development scale and competitive landscape of RFID industry. Along with the industry development route and our 踪搜集的市场数据,全面而准确地为您从行 practical experience, we analyze and predict the future development prospect of RFID industry. This report is of a high value for enterprises 业的整体高度来架构分析体系。报告从当前 like RFID corporations, R&D institutions, sales corporations and investment corporations to accurately know the latest industry RFID 行业的宏观景气状况出发,以RFID 行 development trend, and obtain market opportunities and determine an insightful operation strategy and development direction. 业的需求走向为依托,详尽地分析了中国 Here, we’d like to express our sincere gratitude to National Statistics Bureau of China, International Information Institute, National Institute RFID 行业当前的市场规模、 品结构和竞争 产 of the Ministry of Commerce, National Tsing Hua University Library, Institute of Market Economy of the State Council Development 态势。 Research Center, and Beijing Qinghua Forward Market Research Center, etc. Thank you so much! 报告主要分析了中国 RFID 行业发展综述; Notice: all the market data, especially the corporation list data in this report is only for business reference. Please don’t take the data for 全球RFID 行业发展情况;中国RFID 行业发 enterprise publicity. Thank you! Or Forward shall not take any responsibility for any consequences! 展情况;中国RFID 行业产品市场情况;中 键技术,其应用市场必将随着物联网的发展 国RFID 行业应用市场情况;中国RFID 行业 主要企业经营情况;中国RFID 行业投资情 况。同时,佐之以全行业近5 年来全面详实 的一手市场数据,让您全面、准确地把握整 个RFID 行业的市场走向和发展趋势,从而 在竞争中赢得先机! Forward and Intelligence Co., Ltd. Industry Research College Research Team of RFID Industry
  3. 3. 本报告最大的特点就是前瞻性和适时性。 报告通过对大量一手市场调研数据的前瞻性 分析,深入而客观地剖析中国当前RFID 行 业的市场规模、竞争格局和市场需求,并根 据RFID 行业的发展轨迹及多年的实践经验, 对RFID行业未来的发展趋势做出审慎分析与 预测。 RFID 企业、 是 科研单位、 资企业准确 投 了解RFID 行业当前最新发展动态,把握市 场机会,做出正确经营决策和明确企业发展 方向不可多得的精品。 本报告在撰写过程中得到了国家经济信 息中心、 国家统计局、 际信息研究所、 国 中国 商务部研究院、 华大学图书馆、 务院发展 清 国 研究中心市场经济研究所、北京菁华前瞻市 场研究中心等机构的大力支持,在此我们表 示特别感谢! 特别说明:本报告中的大量市场数据, 特别是企业排名数据,仅供企业作经营参考 用,望客户不要用于企业广告排名比较。否 则,由此产生的一切后果前瞻资讯将不予承 担!
  4. 4. 前瞻资讯产业研究院 RFID 行业研究小组