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China office automation equipment industry prospect forecast and transformation & upgrading analysis report, 2011 2015

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China office automation equipment industry prospect forecast and transformation & upgrading analysis report, 2011 2015

  1. 1. 2011-2015 年中国 OA 设备行业发展前景预测与转型升级分析报告 China Office Automation Equipment Industry Prospect Forecast and Transformation & Upgrading Analysis Report, 2011-2015 前言 OA-office automation§ 是将现代化办公和计算机网络功能结合起来 refers to a new type of working way which combines the 的一种新型的办公方式,通过网络,组织机 modern office and computer network function together. 构内部的人员可跨越时间、地点协同工作, Through the network insiders can have their teamwork 组成一个大规模的网络化的信息处理系统 。 without the limitation of time and regions and form a largescale network information processing system. The OA OA 设备即办公自动化设备,主要由打印机、 equipments are mainly content the following parts: printers, 复印机、 传真机、 投影仪、 一体机、 碎纸机、 考 copiers, fax machines, projectors, all-in-one machine , paper shredder, attendance recorders and conference video. As the 勤机、会议视频等组成。OA 设备作为企业办 basic hardware of corporation office, the OA equipment has 公使用的硬件基础,拥有庞大的市场容量和 huge market capability and board development prospect. With Forward’s the long-term tracking and collecting market 广阔的发展前景。 data of OA equipment industry, we roundly and accurately analyze the structure system for you from the view of 本报告利用前瞻资讯长期对 OA 设备行 mastering the whole industry. This report will base on the 业跟踪搜集的市场数据,全面而准确地为您 macro condition of current OA equipment industry, 从行业的整体高度来架构分析体系。报告从 production and marketing condition, industry demand trend of auto industry, then detailed analyzes the current market 当前 OA 设备行业的宏观景气状况出发,以 capability, market scale, development speed and competitive landscape of China OA equipment industry. OA 设备行业的产销状况和行业需求走向为 This report mainly analyzes the following aspects: industrial chain and current market environment of China OA 依托,详尽地分析了中国 OA 设备行业当前 equipment industry; development status and operation 的市场容量、 市场规模、 发展速度和竞争态势。characteristics of OA equipment industry; competitive landscape and trend of OA equipment industry; development status of major market segmentation in OA equipment 报告主要分析了中国 OA 设备行业的产 industry; business running condition of leading OA equipment corporations; prospect forecast and investment suggestions for 业链及当前市场环境;OA 设备行业的发展 OA equipment industry. Meanwhile, together with the comprehensive and detailed market data which is accumulated 现状及运行特点;OA 设备行业的竞争格局、 for years, Forward helps you to grasp the market and development trends of OA equipment industry, so as to win 竞争趋势;OA 设备行业主要细分产品市场 advantages from competition! Major characteristics of this report are forward-looking 发展状况;领先 OA 设备企业经营状况;OA and timeliness. Base on the forward-looking analysis of 设备行业的前景预测及投资建议。同时,佐 massive research data, we further analyze the development 之以全行业多年来全面详实的一手市场数据, scale and competitive landscape of OA equipment industry. Along with the industry development route and our practical 让您全面、准确地把握整个 OA 设备行业的 办公自动化(OA-Office Automation)
  2. 2. experience, we analyze and predict the future development 市场走向和发展趋势,从而在竞争中赢得先 prospect of OA equipment industry. This report contains a 机! high value for enterprises like OA equipment producing corporations, R&D institutions, sales corporations and 本报告最大的特点就是前瞻性和适时性。 investment corporations 报告通过对大量一手市场调研数据的前瞻性 to accurately know the latest industry development trend, obtain market opportunities and determine an insightful 分析,深入而客观地剖析中国当前 OA 设备 operation strategy and development direction. In the 行业的总体市场容量、 市场规模、 竞争格局和 meantime, it is the first heavy weight report to analyze the up/down-stream industry chain and industry leading 市场需求特征,并根据 OA 设备行业的发展 corporations of OA equipment industry in an overall and systemic way. 轨迹及多年的实践经验,对 OA 设备行业未 Here, we’d like to express our sincere gratitude to National Bureau of Statistics of China, International Information 来的发展趋势做出审慎分析与预测。是 OA Institute, National Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, 设备企业、 科研单位、 销售企业、 投资企业准 National Tsing Hua University Library, Institute of Market Economy of the State Council Development Research Center, 确了解 OA 设备行业当前最新发展动态,把 and Beijing Qinghua Forward Market Research Center, etc. 握市场机会,做出正确经营决策和明确企业 Thank you so much! 发展方向不可多得的精品。也是业内第一份 Notice: all the market data, especially the corporation list data in this report is only for business reference. Please don’t take 对 OA 设备行业上下游产业链以及行业重点 the data for enterprise publicity. Thank you! Or Forward shall 企业进行全面系统分析的重量级报告。 not take any responsibility for any consequences! Copyright Notice: copyright of this report is belong to 本报告在撰写过程中得到了国家经济信 Shenzhen Forward and Intelligence Co., Ltd. Forward’s 息中心、 国家统计局、 海关总署、 国际信息研 delivery department is in charge of report delivery and after究所、 中国商务部研究院、 清华大学图书馆、 sales consulting service. We retain the only copy right for all 以及国务院发展研究中心市场经济研究所、 the research reports. There is no third party works as agent 北京清华前瞻市场研究中心等机构的大力支 and sells our products. Please contact Forward’s customer 持,在此我们表示特别感谢! service department directly if you need any help or the reports. Thank you! 特别说明:本报告中的大量市场数据, 特别是企业排名数据,仅供企业作经营参考 Forward and Intelligence Co., Ltd. Industry Research 用,望客户不要用于企业广告排名比较。否 Center 则,由此产生的一切后果前瞻资讯将不予承 Research Team of OA Equipment Industry 担! 版权声明:本报告版权为深圳前瞻商业 资讯有限公司所有,报告由深圳前瞻商业资 讯有限公司发行部负责寄送和售后咨询服务。 我公司对所有研究报告产品拥有唯一著作权; 我公司没有通过任何第三方进行代理销售, 购买报告请直接与前瞻客服中心部联系。
  3. 3. 前瞻资讯行业研究中心 OA 设备行业研究小组