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China engineering cost consulting industry indepth research and investment forecast report, 2011 2015

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China engineering cost consulting industry indepth research and investment forecast report, 2011 2015

  1. 1. 2011-2015 年工程造价咨询行业深度调研 与投资战略规划分析报告 China Engineering Cost Consulting Industry Indepth Research and Investment Forecast Report, 2011-2015 前言 cost consulting 工程造价咨询是指工程造价咨询企业接受 Engineering 委托,对建设项目工程造价的确定与控制提§ refers 供专业服务,出具工程造价成果文件的服务。 to the professional service, which will confirm and control the 工程造价咨询的主要内容包括建设项目可行 project price before issue a project cost outcome document, 性研究经济评价、 投资估算、 项目后评价报告 provided by an engineering cost consulting company after accepting 的编制和审核;建设工程概、 结算及竣工 a commission. The engineering cost consulting mainly includes the 预、 结(决)算报告的编制和审核;建设工程实 following items: preparation and verification of construction project 施阶段工程招标标底、投标报价的编制和审 feasibility research and economic evaluation, investment estimation 核;工程量清单的编制和审核;施工合同价 and project post-evaluation report; preparation and verification of 款的变更及索赔费用的计算;提供工程造价 bottom bid price and quoted price for implementing project; 经济纠纷的鉴定服务;提供建设工程项目全 preparation and verification of engineering quantity detailed list; 过程的造价监控与服务;提供工程造价信息 change of construction contract prices and calculation of claim expense; identification service of engineering cost economic 服务等。 我国工程造价咨询行业虽然发展较晚,但 dispute; providing pricing control and service for the overall project; 是近几年实现了高速发展。从营业收入来看, providing project cost information service and so on. 1997 年,我国工程造价咨询行业业务收入仅 Engineering cost consulting industry in China starts late but 为1.31 亿元,行业市场规模较小;2005 年, develops fast in current years. The industry sales revenue in 1997 is only 0.131 billion Yuan while it is 5.045 billion Yuan in 2005 with a 我国工程造价咨询行业业务收入实现50.45 year-on-year growth rate of 34.39%. The annual compounded 亿元,同比增长34.39%,1997-2005 年年复 增长率达到468.89%;2010 年,我国工程造 growth rate from 1997 to 2005 is 468.89%. And the industry sales revenue reaches 22.665 billion Yuan in 2010 which is 3.5 times 价咨询行业业务收入达到226.65 亿元,比 2005 年营业额增长了3.5 倍,2005-2010 年 more than that in 2005. The annual compounded growth rate from 年复增长率达到69.85%。从经营企业来看, 2005 to 2010 is 69.85%. Then take a view of the corporations we 工程造价咨询行业甲级资质企业数量从2000 can find that number of grade-A corporations in the industry grows 年的530 家增长到2011 年的1638 家,企业数 from 530 in 2000 to 1,638 in 2011 which increase a lot. There are many shortages for the industry during the fast 量实现大幅增长。 在我国工程造价咨询行业高速发展的同时, development. In the aspect of business, the business range is limited 也暴露出该行业的众多不足之处。在业务方 on budget and final account, preparation and verification of base bid 面,我国大多数工程造价咨询单位的业务范 price and is to be expanded. In the aspect of marketing ideologies, 围只限于预结算和标底的编制、审核,业务 the domestic engineering cost consulting companies lack of 范围有待拓展;在营销观念方面,国内工程 marketing capability to expand the market and strong 造价咨询公司缺乏开拓市场的营销能力和缺 competitiveness. In the aspect of industry supervision and 乏强有力的市场竞争能力;在行业监督管理 management, even though there are strict regulations for enterprise
  2. 2. 方面,工程造价管理部门虽然在资质资格等 qualification which issued by engineering cost administration 方面做了严格的规定,但许多工程造价单位 department, many engineering cost corporations can only formally 也只是在形式上符合要求,一些基本的行业 in line with the regulations. Some basic industry management 管理制度,如统一的执业规范、业务监管办 system such as unified practice standards and business supervision 法等尚未建立起来,行业监管力度有待加强; are not yet established. In one word, the industry supervision is to be 在市场竞争方面,造价咨询业市场存在恶性 strengthened. In the aspect of market competition, the cost 竞争现象,造价咨询业市场尚未形成有序竞 consulting industry market has not yet formed the orderly 争。这种种现象导致了我国工程造价咨询单 competition and still remained the cut-throat competition. All these factors lead to a weak competition for engineering cost consulting 位竞争力较弱。 corporations in China. 自 2005 年开始,我国工程造价咨询业向 世界全面开放,外商可以在中国设立独资的 China engineering cost consulting industry has opened up to the 工程造价咨询机构,加剧了我国工程造价咨 world since 2005. The wholly foreign owned engineering cost 询市场的竞争。未来我国工程造价咨询行业 consulting enterprises make the market competition fiercer. And the 竞争将更趋激烈,国内工程造价咨询单位在 fierce market competition will be more serious in the future. Under 国外工程造价咨询单位强有力的竞争压力下 such great stress there are some problems for domestic engineering 面临着如何提高企业核心竞争力,如何扩大 cost consulting corporations such as how to enlarge the industry 行业市场份额、 增强行业市场影响力的难题。 market share and enhance the industry market impact. 本报告根据工程造价咨询行业的特点及存 This report bases on the industry characteristics, existing problems 在的问题编撰而成,通过对大量一手市场调 and abundant first-hand market data and is with the following features: indepth and object analysis on macro-environment of 研数据的前瞻性分析,结合PEST 分析法深 入而客观地剖析中国当前工程造价咨询行业 China current engineering cost consulting industry development by 发展的宏观环境影响因素;采用波特五力及 the way of PEST; industry competitive landscape which is analyzed SWOT 模型从不同侧面对行业竞争格局进行 by the means of Potter Five Forces and SWOT model; analysis of 了分析;结合行业企业现存的问题对企业的 corporations’ core competitiveness, strategy and risk control 核心竞争力、战略以及风险管控进行了分析; according to the existing problems; investment opportunities 结合行业市场需求的发展特点、市场规模及 analysis of industry market segmentation according to development 趋势,分析了行业各细分市场的投资机会; characteristics, market scale and trend of industry market demand; 对重点省市的行业规模、竞争现状以及发展 by analyzing industry scale, competition status and development 潜力进行了分析,为企业进行区域市场拓展 potential in major provinces and cities, to provide suggestions and 提供指南;对行业标杆企业的经营现状进行 guidance for corporations to expand the regional market; indepth 了深度的分析,从而让企业知己知彼,在今 analysis on current operation status of industry benchmark 后的激烈竞争中处于领先优势;最后,根据 corporations which allow corporations to estimate strength for both 工程造价咨询业的发展轨迹及多年的实践经 oneselves and opponents and get advantages in the fierce 验,分析了工程造价咨询行业发展的实质性 competition. What’s more, this report also makes a careful analysis 因素、对工程造价咨询单位未来的发展趋势 and forecast for the substantive factors of industry development and development trend of engineering cost consulting corporations 做出审慎分析与预测。 此份报告是工程造价咨询单位以及相关投 according to the industry development trend and years of practical 资机构了解工程造价咨询单位最新发展动态、 experiences. 业务创新动态、 把握市场机会、 做出正确经营 This report is with high value for engineering cost consulting 决策和明确企业发展方向不可多得的精品, corporations and related investment enterprises to get the latest 也是业内第一份对工程造价咨询单位全方位 development trend and business innovation of industry corporations, 发展现状以及行业重点企业进行全面系统分 obtain market opportunities, make a correct management strategy and clear the development direction. In the meantime, it is the first 析的重量级报告。
  3. 3. 本报告在撰写过程中得到了国家统计局、 heavy weight report to analyze the up/down-stream industry chain 国际信息研究所、 中国商务部研究院、 清华大 and industry leading corporations of engineering cost consulting 学图书馆、国务院发展研究中心市场经济研 industry in an overall and systemic way. 究所、北京菁华前瞻市场研究中心等机构的 Here, we’d like to express our sincere gratitude to National Bureau of Statistics of China, International Information Institute, National 大力支持,在此我们表示特别感谢! 特别说明:本报告中的大量市场数据,特 Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, National Tsing Hua 别是企业排名数据,仅供企业作经营参考用, University Library, Institute of Market Economy of the State 望客户不要用于企业广告排名比较。否则, Council Development Research Center, and Beijing Qinghua 由此产生的一切后果前瞻资讯将不予承担! Forward Market Research Center, etc. Thank you so much! Notice: all the market data, especially the corporation list data in this 前瞻资讯产业研究院 report is only for business reference. Please don’t take the data for 工程造价咨询行业研究小组 enterprise publicity. Thank you! Or Forward shall not take any responsibility for any consequences! Forward and Intelligence Co., Ltd. Industry Research College Research Team of Engineering Cost Consulting Industry

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