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China Die...
analyzing China die casting industry’s market capacity, market size, development
speed and competitive situation, dependin...
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China die casting industry indepth research and investment forecast report


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China die casting industry indepth research and investment forecast report

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China die casting industry indepth research and investment forecast report

  1. 1. By Qianzhan Intelligence Website: Tel:+86 0755 33220413 Email us: China Die Casting Industry Indepth Research and Investment Forecast Report Die casting, refers to a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure and high conditions into a mold cavity, which is one of the most widely used and fastest development metal-hot processing methods. Die Die-casting technology, a kind of advanced forming technique for non-ferrous alloy precision parts and components, which adapts to the requirements of complex, sophisticated, lightweight, energy-saving, and green-oriented in modern manufacturing industry, and its application continues to expand. At present, Most die castings are made from non-ferrous metals, specifically aluminum, zinc, copper, magnesium, and tin based alloys, of which the proportion of aluminum accounts for the most. With the growing improvement of die casting equipment and processing technology, the application scope of die castng products continue to expand on the basis of current situation. Driven by China becoming the world’s manufacturing base, and after many years of development, China has built up a complete die casting industry and its supporting industrial chain, as well as many relatively developed die casting industrial bases. And China becomes a big world’s die casting country. In the future, with the continuing and steady development of downstream industries of automobile, communication equipment, engine, aerospace, electric machinery, etc., China die casting industry will have relatively huge space for development. In recent years, many multinationals enter China’s market by means of joint venture and cooperation, resulting in fierce competition. China’s long-term development of prospects will continue to attract the foreign enterprises in this industry, which brings huge development opportunities to die casting manufacturers in domestic. The domestic die casting enterprises should attach great importance to cultivating brands, environmental protection awareness and the development of standardization, reinforce the R&D of products with independent intellectual property rights, promote the progress of common technologies in the industry, implement the scientific development outlook of green manufacturing, extend the services contents, lead the manufacturing industry to a high-level, and strengthen the international competitiveness. With Forward’s long-term tracking and collecting market data of die casting industry, we roundly and accurately analyze the industry structure system for you from the view of mastering the whole industry. This report mainly focuses on
  2. 2. analyzing China die casting industry’s market capacity, market size, development speed and competitive situation, depending on macro-prosperity of current die casting industry and relying on its production and marketing conditions as well as the demand trend. The report pay more attention to analyze the production and development of China die casting industry; the current market environment and enterprise competitiveness of die casting industry; the competitive landscape and competitive trend of die casting industry; the development situation of major product markets segmentation; the leading corporations’ operational conditions in die casting industry; the market downstream demand and prospects forecast; the development trend and investment suggestion of die casting industry. Meanwhile, with comprehensive and specific first-hand market data over the past 5 years, Forward helps you to grasp the market and development trends of die casting industry, so as to win advantages from competition! The most distinctive characteristics of this report is forward-looking and timeliness. Through analyzing forward-looking characteristic of abundant first-hand market data, we deeply and objectively dissect China current die casting industry’s overall market capacity, market size, competitive landscape and characteristics of market demand. Furthermore, based on future development tracks and years’ practice experience of die casting industry, we conduct prudent analysis and forecast for die casting industry’s future development trend. This report helps die casting manufacturing enterprises, R&D institutions, marketing enterprises and investment enterprises to precisely grasp current latest developments of the industry. Afterwards, they can make wise operating decisions and define enterprises’ development directions. die casting industry Here, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to State Information Center, Bureau of Statistics of China, China Customs, International Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Tsinghua University Library, Development Research Center of the State Council and Beijing Essence Forward Research Center, for their great support when we conduct this report! Notice: All the market data, especially corporations' ranking data in the report, only for business reference. Please do not take the data for enterprise publicity. Thank you! Or Forward shall not take any responsibility for any consequences! Forward Business Intelligence Co., Ltd. Industry Research Center Research Team of Die Casting Industry