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China community service industry report (2014 2018), market forecast and development strategic planning


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China community service industry report (2014 2018), market forecast and development strategic planning

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China community service industry report (2014 2018), market forecast and development strategic planning

  1. 1. China Community Service Industry Report (2014-2018), Market Forecast and Development Strategic Planning At present, China sets "people's livelihood as priority" as guidance. The new generation of leadership also made it clear that it will vigorously promote the equalization of basic public services to ensure and improve people's livelihood in the future. As the most grassroots organization of a city, it is the main battlefield to achieve the equalization of basic public services. All areas of community service will usher in significant growth opportunities. In addition, with economic development and the progress of community construction, China’s community service has entered the transition period. It marks the transition from traditional community service objects to all community units and residents. Its service contents transit from convenience service and welfare service to full-services including public service, business service, and voluntary service. Its service items transit from single service for social needs to diverse and personalized services for social needs like business, employment, health, medical care, housekeeping service, security, technology, culture and other social needs. Its service regions gradually extend from traditional urban communities to rural communities. Especially China has entered the aging society; community services for the old will face even greater challenges and opportunities. Related organizations of community service need to continuously upgrade the level and capability of integrated community services to meet people's growing material and cultural and spiritual needs. Outstanding community service organizations often devote a lifetime of effort and resources in search of current needs, potential needs as well as new needs of community service! This report is based on long-term market tracking information by Forward Intelligence on community service industry. It uses international advanced scientific analysis models and analyses comprehensively and accurately the structure system from the overall height of the industry for you. This report mainly analyzes background and the stage of community service industry; market environment of community service industry; development experience of foreign community service industry; operation of community service industry; subdivided markets of community service industry; construction of informatization of community service industry; forecast of community service industry and recommendations; finally, research on community service industry in key regions and chart directions for the development of community service industry. Meanwhile, based on first-hand market data of the whole industry in the past five years, it can allow you to fully and accurately grasp market trends and development trends of community service industry. This report will help governmental grassroots organizations, street offices, community residents' committees, other community groups accurately understand the latest developments of the industry and early detect blank points of industry market, opportunities, growth and profitability points ...... it will help prospectively grasp unmet market needs and trends of the industry and become a good advantage for sustainable development, effectively avoid the investment risks
  2. 2. from the industry, more efficiently consolidate or expand appropriate strategic target markets, and firmly grasp the initiative authority in market competition. During the writing process, the report is supported by China's Ministry of Civil Affairs, National Economic Information Center, the National Bureau of Statistics, the International Institute of Information, Ministry of Commerce of China, Tsinghua University Library, Market and Economy Research Institute of the State Council’s Development Research Center and other institutions. We express our special thanks! Pls note: This report includes a lot of market data, especially enterprise ranking data. It is for business reference purposes only. We hope corporate advertising clients do not use for advertisement ranking comparison. Otherwise, all the consequences caused, Forward Intelligence will not bear! Special Notes: Neglection of some subtle signs of dramatic changes in the external environment and untimely update the strategic decisions with environmental changes can lead to loss of competitive advantages. Truly successful enterprises, consciously or unconsciously, will do scientific analysis of the external environment and thus formulate crucial and scientific business strategies! Qianzhan sincerely wishes every ambitious enterprise can develop a high-quality business decisions and continue to achieve success! Qianzhan Industry Research Institute Community Service Industry Research Group Chapter 1: Development background of China’s community service industry Value of this chapter: China’s community service cause has entered the transition period. During this period, what factors will affect the sustainable development of community service? 1.1 related overview of community service industry 1.1.1 definition of community service industry 1.1.2 service object of community service industry 1.1.3 the scope of the study of community service industry 1.1.4 statistical indicators of community service industry 1.2 development track of community service industry 1.2.1 process of concept changes of community service 1.2.2 process of functional development of community service 1.2.3 process of improvement of main bodies of community service 1.2.4 process of model transition of community service 1.3 development factors of community service industry 1.3.1 financial factor 1.3.2 quality of personnel 1.3.3 factor of concepts
  3. 3. Chapter 2: Analysis of development environment of China’s community service industry Value of this chapter: What current policies and regulations are guiding the development of community service industry? How will service industry of the whole society affect community service industry? 2.1 analysis of policy environment of community service industry 2.1.1 the central finance subsidy policy 2.1.2 related policies and regulations of community construction 2.1.3 planning of community service system construction (2011-2015) 2.1.4 guiding direction for community service policies 2.2 analysis of the overall operational environment of service industry 2.2.1 analysis of fixed assets investment in service industry 2.2.2 analysis of activity index of service industry 2.2.3 analysis of toll price index of service industry 2.3 analysis of operation environment of community service industry 2.3.1 operation of community service industry 2.3.2 analysis of development scale of member service organizations 2.3.3 analysis of operation of other social services More In : Or Contact :