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China cardiovascular system drugs industry market demand forecast and investment strategy planning, 2012 2016
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China bank industry market forecast and investment strategy report, 2013 2017

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China bank industry market forecast and investment strategy report, 2013 2017

  1. 1. 行业 紧固件制造 2011 版 China Bank Industry Market Forecast and Investment Strategy Report, 2013-2017 No comprehensive trend forecast, no gain. (Help you to discover the unsatisfied market need Bank Industry, and explicit the development trend and prospect.) 前 瞻 服 务 热 线 : 800-8306390 800-8306395 400-0687188 传 真 : 0755-82940718
  2. 2. Bank Industry Preface The asset size and profit of bank industry in China had greatly increased year by year. However, the development of bank industry is up against unprecedented challenges along with China financial reform and the progress of interest rate liberalization and RMB internationalization. Under the background of fierce competition and slower macro-economic, bank financial institution should make a strategic adjustment to business structure, resource allocation and regional distribution. Competition of bank industry is more and more fierce. In the meantime, merger and capital operation among large financial institutions are ever frequent. And the outstanding financial institutions in China are placing more importance on the research of the industry market, especially the depth research of industry development environment and customers. Accordingly, many splendid domestic corporations are springing up and become leaders in Bank Industry gradually! Basing on the market data of Bank Industry, which tracked and collected by Forward in long-term, and applying the international scientific analysis model, this report provides you an overall analysis system in the height of the whole industry comprehensively and accurately. Major contents of this report include the following aspects: overall operation status of China Bank Industry; economic and financial environment to the development of China Bank Industry; development of Bank Industry under the circumstance of financial reform; development of Bank Industry under the circumstance of financial innovation; cases study of telecom commercial banks; comparison of the commercial banks in China and America; competitiveness status of Bank Industry; development forecast of Bank Industry. Basing on the practical experience of foreign financial reform, and typical development cases of Bank Industry in China, this report will provide a development trend of Bank Industry and help you gain the first chances during competition. The most significant features of this report are perceptiveness and timeliness. It gives a prudent analysis and forecast of Bank Industry according to the industry development track and Forward’s years of practical experience. In conclusion, it is a significant report to learn about the latest development trend, grab market opportunities, and make correct marketing decision and explicit corporations’ development trend for financial institutions, R&D institutions and investment corporations. Besides, it is the first heavyweight report to give a comprehensive and systematic analysis about the upstream and downstream industrial chain, as well as key corporations in Bank Industry. This report is useful for financial institutions, R&D institutes, marketing corporations and Investment corporations for the following reasons: it will help them to accurately know the latest development trend and timely discover the market gaps, opportunities, growth points and profit points of industrial textile industry; it will assist them to grasp the unmet market demand and development trend prospectively, form the sustainable advantages, avoid the investment risks effectively, consolidate or expand relevant strategic target markets more efficiently, and firmly grasp the competition initiative. Here, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to State Information Center, Bureau of Statistics of China, International Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Tsinghua University Library, Development Research Center of the State Council and Beijing Essence Forward Research Center, for their great support when we conduct this report! Notice: All the market data, especially corporations' ranking data in the report, only for business reference. -2- 客观 中性 建设性
  3. 3. Bank Industry Please do not take the data for enterprise publicity. Thank you! Or Forward shall not take any responsibility for any consequences! Special Notes: Neglecting the subtle signals of dramatically changing external environment, and untimely update strategies along with the changing environment will lead to the loss of competition advantages. The successful corporations will keep a scientific analysis upon the external environment before making their significant operational strategies! Forward Business Intelligence sincerely wishes every ambitious corporation can make a significant operational strategy, effectively avoid the industry risks and gain the continuous success! Forward Business Intelligence Co., Ltd. Industry Research Center Research Team of Bank Industry -3- 客观 中性 建设性
  4. 4. Bank Industry CONTENTS Chapter I:Development Overview of China Bank Industry 1.1 Prosperity Period of Bank Industry 1.1.1 Boom Index of China Bank Industry (1) Confidence Index of Bankers (2) Boom Index of Bank Industry (3) Monetary Policy (4) Boom Index of Loan Demand 1.1.2 Periodic Characteristics of China Bank Industry 1.1.3 Comparison of the Period of Bank Industry at Home and Abroad 1.2 Business Index of Commercial Bank 1.2.1 Capital Adequacy Ratio of Commercial Bank 1.2.2 Non-performing Loan Ratio of Commercial Bank 1.2.3 Profitability of Commercial Bank 1.2.4 Loan-to-Deposit Ratio of Commercial Bank 1.3 Operation Status of Public Bank 1.3.1 Operation Scale of Public Bank 1.3.2 Profitability of Public Bank 1.3.3 Revenue Structure of Public Bank 1.3.4 Asset Quality of Public Bank 1.3.5 Capital Adequacy Ratio of Public Bank 1.3.6 Cost Control Capability of Public Bank Chapter II:Development Environment of China Bank Industry 2.1 Macro-economic Environment of Bank Industry 2.1.1 Periodic Characteristics of Macro-economic 2.1.2 Correlation between Bank Industry and Macro-economic 2.1.3 Forecast of Bank Industry and Macro-economic Trend 2.2 Influence of Financial Reform 2.2.1 Current Financial Reforming Policy 2.2.2 Influence of RMB Internationalization (1) Underwriting Business of Dim Sum Bonds (2) Influence of RQFII Products (3) Influence of Trading Settlement Business (4) Offshore RMB Business in Hong Kong 2.2.3 Influence of Interest Market-oriented Reform 2.2.4 Banks’ Preparation to Financial Reform 2.3 Supervision Environment of Bank Industry 2.3.1 Interpretation of Capital Management Measures for Commercial Banks (Capital Measures for short) (1) Implementation Progress of Capital Measures (2) Major Characteristics of Basel Promoted in China (3) Suggestions of Implementation Strategy to Bank Institutions 2.3.2 Service Specification Trend of Commercial Banks -4- 客观 中性 建设性
  5. 5. Bank Industry 2.4 Development Environment of the Industries in China 2.4.1 Planning Distribution of the Industries in China 2.4.2 Transformation and Upgrading Trend of Entity Economy (1) Integration, Collectivization and Internationalization Trend of the Corporation Operation (2) Integration Trend of Informatization and Industrialization (3) Combining Trend of Industrial Capital and Financial Capital (4) Development Trend of Corporation Merger (5) Development Trend of Strategic and New Industry Group (6) Synergetic Development Trend of City Group 2.5 High-risk and Over Capacity Fields 2.5.1 Distribution of High-risk Industry 2.5.2 Distribution Forecast of Over Capacity Fields 2.5.3 Loaning Strategy of High-risk and Over Capacity Fields of Banks Chapter III:Operation Model of Modernization Commercial Banks 3.1 Operation Model of Foreign Commercial Bank 3.1.1 Organization System of Foreign Commercial Bank (1) Branch System Structure of Foreign Commercial Bank (2) Internal Organization Structure of Foreign Commercial Bank (3) Development Trend of the Organization System of Modernization Commercial Banks 3.1.2 Marketing Model of Foreign Commercial Bank 3.1.3 Customer Service Model of Foreign Commercial Bank 3.1.4 Operation Model of Foreign Commercial Bank 3.1.5 Risk Management Model of Foreign Commercial Bank 3.2 Operation Model of China Commercial Bank 3.2.1 Business System Structure of Commercial Bank (1) Outstanding Business System Structure of Banks (2) Business System Structure of Large State-owned Banks a. Business System Structure of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China b. Business System Structure of China Construction Bank c. Business System Structure of Bank of China d. Business System Structure of Agricultural Bank (3) Business System Structure Target Pattern of Large State-owned Banks a. Business System Structure Target Pattern of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China b. Business System Structure Target Pattern of China Construction Bank c. Business System Structure Target Pattern of Bank of China d. Business System Structure Target Pattern of Agricultural Bank 3.2.2 Marketing Model of Commercial Banks 3.2.3 Customer Service Model of Commercial Bank 3.2.4 Risk Management Model of Commercial Bank 3.3 Operation Experience of Commercial Banks 3.3.1 Comparison of Advanced Operation Model of Foreign Banks (1) Basic Status of HSBC and Citibank (2) Comparison of Strategy Implementation of HSBC and Citibank (3) Comparison of Organization and Human Resources of HSBC and Citibank -5- 客观 中性 建设性
  6. 6. Bank Industry (4) Marketing Comparison of HSBC and Citibank (5) Operation Comparison of HSBC and Citibank (6) Comparison of Internal Control and Risk Management of HSBC and Citibank (7) Comparison of Innovation and Computer Application of HSBC and Citibank 3.3.2 Operation Experience of Foreign Commercial Banks Chapter IV:Internet Bank Business of China Bank Industry 4.1 Development of Internet Bank Platform 4.1.1 User Scale of China Internet Bank 4.1.2 Transaction Scale of China Internet Bank 4.1.3 Comparison of Internet Bank Users’ Characteristics (1) Age Distribution of Internet Bank Users (2) Regional Distribution of Internet Bank Users (3) Using Concentration Ratio of Internet Bank (4) Payment Amount of Internet Bank Users (5) Brand Preference of Internet Bank Users (6) Analysis of the Customers Applying Internet Bank and Online Payment (7) Potential Demands of Internet Bank Users 4.1.4 Competitive Structure of Internet Bank Business 4.1.5 Prospect Forecast of Internet Bank Business 4.2 Development of Mobile Bank Platform 4.2.1 Analysis of Mobile Service and Technology Environment 4.2.2 Analysis of Mobile Payment Value Chain 4.2.3 Development Status of Mobile Payment Industry (1) Issue of Mobile Payment License (2) Business Distribution of Mobile Payment Corporations (3) Transaction Scale of Mobile Payment 4.2.4 Mobile Payment Cooperating with Banks 4.2.5 Competition between Mobile Payment and Banks 4.2.6 Development Trend of Mobile Bank Business 4.2.7 Strategy Planning of Mobile Bank Business 4.3 Development of E-commerce Platform 4.3.1 Development Status of E-commerce Platform (1) E-commerce Market Scale of Corporations (2) Internet Retailing Market Scale 4.3.2 Development Scale of Mobile E-commerce 4.3.3 E-commerce Business Scale of Commercial Bank 4.3.4 Development Opportunities of E-commerce Business of Commercial Bank 4.3.5 Competition Strategy of E-commerce Business of Commercial Bank 4.4 Development of Phone Bank Platform 4.4.1 Service Range of Phone Bank Business 4.4.2 Scale of Phone Bank Business 4.4.3 Comparison of Phone Bank Service Characteristics 4.4.4 Development Prospects of Phone Bank Platform 4.5 Development of Self-service Network -6- 客观 中性 建设性
  7. 7. Bank Industry 4.5.1 Development Scale of Self-service Networks (1) Overall ATM Machine Market Inventory in China (2) Networking ATM Machine Market Inventory in China (3) Per Capita Market Inventory of ATM Machine in China (4) Gaps of ATM Machine Market Inventory in China 4.5.2 Distribution of Self-service Service Network (1) Regional Distribution (2) Users’ Distribution (3) Distribution of Time Quantum (4) Distribution of Implementation (5) Distribution of Users’ Age 4.5.3 Analysis of Major Self-service Stations 4.5.4 Development Trend of Self-service Stations Chapter V:Development Trend of Intermediate Business of China Bank Industry 5.1 Development Trend of Commercial Bank Financial Products 5.1.1 Scale of Commercial Bank Financial Products 5.1.2 Constituent Structure Trend of Issuing Bank 5.1.3 Trend of Financial Product Amount of Different Types 5.1.4 Investment Currency Trend of Financial Products 5.1.5 Investment Category Trend of Financial Products 5.1.6 Merge Sort Trend of Financial Products 5.2 Development Trend of Bank Card Business of Commercial Banks 5.2.1 Issuing Scale of Bank Card Business 5.2.2 Consumption by Bank Card 5.2.3 Competition of Bank Card Issuing Market (1) Analysis of Deposit Card Issuing Market (2) Analysis of Credit Card Issuing Market 5.2.4 Multi-bank Transaction of Bank Card 5.2.5 Development Trend of Bank Card Business 5.3 Development Trend of other Intermediate Business of Commercial Bank 5.3.1 Development Trend of Bank Payment Settlement Business 5.3.2 Development Trend of Bank Guarantee Business 5.3.3 Development Trend of Bank Agency Intermediate Business Chapter VI:Customer Group of China Commercial Bank Corporations 6.1 Customer Characteristics of Large Corporations 6.1.1 Loaning Bargaining Capability of Large Corporations 6.1.2 Loan Channels of Large Corporations 6.1.3 Operation Profit of Large Corporations 6.1.4 Loan Scale of Large Corporations 6.1.5 Bank Credit Trend for Large Corporations 6.1.6 Loan Prospects of Large Corporations 6.2 Customer Characteristics of Small-medium-sized Enterprises 6.2.1 Financing Policy Environment of Small-medium-sized Enterprises -7- 客观 中性 建设性
  8. 8. Bank Industry 6.2.2 Scale and Distribution of Small-medium-sized Enterprises (1) Definition of Small-medium-sized Enterprises (2) Operating Characteristics of Small-medium-sized Enterprises (3) Regional Distribution of Small-medium-sized Enterprises (4) Industrial Distribution of Small-medium-sized Enterprises 6.2.3 Financing Behavior of Small-medium-sized Enterprises (1) Financing Demand of Small-medium-sized Enterprises (2) Bank Loan Satisfaction Degree for Small-medium-sized Enterprises (3) Financing Channel Preference for Small-medium-sized Enterprises (4) Financing Cost of Small-medium-sized Enterprises 6.2.4 Influencing Factors to the Loan of Small-medium-sized Enterprises (1) Cost Benefit Factor (2) Institutional Arrangement Factor (3) Bank Corporation Distribution Factor (4) Interest Rate Controlling Factor 6.3 Customer Characteristics of Small Business 6.3.1 Financing Policy Environment of Small Business 6.3.2 Definition of Small Business 6.3.3 Operating Characteristics of Small Business 6.3.4 Major Distribution of Small Business 6.3.5 Financing Channels of Small Business 6.3.6 Influencing Factors of the Loan to Small Business 6.4 Credit Loan Strategy of Commercial Bank 6.4.1 Credit Loan Strategy of Large Corporations (1) Loan Risk Evaluation of Large Corporations (2) Loan Model of Large Corporations 6.4.2 Credit Loan Strategy of Small-medium-sized Enterprises (1) Loan Risk Evaluation of Small-medium-sized Enterprises (2) Loan Model of Small-medium-sized Enterprises 6.4.3 Credit Loan Strategy of Small Business (1) Loan Risk Evaluation of Small Business (2) Loan Model of Small Business Chapter Ⅶ:Competitive Structure of China Bank Industry 7.1 Market Structure of China Bank Industry 7.1.1 Market Share of Bank Industry (1) Capital Market Share of Bank Industry (2) Deposit Market Share of Bank Industry (3) Loan Market Share of Bank Industry 7.1.2 Market Concentration Degree of Bank Industry 7.1.3 Entry and Exit Barriers of Bank Industry 7.2 Competition and Strategic Cooperation of Foreign-fund and Domestic-fund Banks 7.2.1 Network of Foreign-fund Bank in China 7.2.2 Strategic Investment to Local Banks for Foreign-fund Bank 7.2.3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Foreign-fund Bank in China -8- 客观 中性 建设性
  9. 9. Bank Industry 7.3 Development Status of Significant Foreign-fund Banks in China 7.3.1 Standard Chartered Bank (1) Bank Scale (2) Major Business (3) Operation Status (4) Capital Operation Trend (5) Development in China 7.3.2 Citibank N.A. (1) Bank Scale (2) Major Business (3) Operation Status (4) Capital Operation Trend (5) Development in China 7.3.3 HSBC (1) Bank Scale (2) Major Business (3) Operation Status (4) Capital Operation Trend (5) Development in China 7.3.4 Deutsche Bank (1) Bank Scale (2) Major Business (3) Operation Status (4) Capital Operation Trend (5) Development in China 7.3.5 Hang Seng Bank (1) Bank Scale (2) Major Business (3) Operation Status (4) Capital Operation Trend (5) Development in China 7.4 Investment Merger and Reconstruction of Bank Industry 7.4.1 Investment Merger and Reconstruction Overview of Bank Industry 7.4.2 Investment Merger and Reconstruction of Foreign-fund Banks 7.4.3 Investment Merger and Reconstruction of China Banks (1) Investment Merger and Reconstruction of China Banks (2) Oversea Market Merger and Reconstruction of China Banks 7.4.4 Investment Merger and Reconstruction Characteristics of Bank Industry Chapter VIII:Operation of Leading China Commercial Banks 8.1 Operation of ICBC 8.1.1 Development Briefing 8.1.2 Operation and Benefit Status 8.1.3 Business Distribution 8.1.4 Risk Management Characteristics -9- 客观 中性 建设性
  10. 10. Bank Industry 8.1.5 Competition Advantages and Disadvantages 8.1.6 Investment Merger and Reconstruction 8.1.7 Latest Development Trend 8.2 Operation of Bank of China 8.2.1 Development Briefing 8.2.2 Operation and Benefit Status 8.2.3 Business Distribution 8.2.4 Risk Management Characteristics 8.2.5 Competition Advantages and Disadvantages 8.2.6 Investment Merger and Reconstruction 8.2.7 Latest Development Trend 8.3 Operation of Agricultural Bank of China 8.3.1 Development Briefing 8.3.2 Operation and Benefit Status 8.3.3 Business Distribution 8.3.4 Risk Management Characteristics 8.3.5 Competition Advantages and Disadvantages 8.3.6 Investment Merger and Reconstruction 8.3.7 Latest Development Trend 8.4 Operation of China Construction Bank 8.4.1 Development Briefing 8.4.2 Operation and Benefit Status 8.4.3 Business Distribution 8.4.4 Risk Management Characteristics 8.4.5 Competition Advantages and Disadvantages 8.4.6 Investment Merger and Reconstruction 8.4.7 Latest Development Trend 8.5 Operation of Bank of Communications 8.5.1 Development Briefing 8.5.2 Operation and Benefit Status 8.5.3 Business Distribution 8.5.4 Risk Management Characteristics 8.5.5 Competition Advantages and Disadvantages 8.5.6 Investment Merger and Reconstruction 8.5.7 Latest Development Trend 8.6 Operation of China Merchants Bank 8.6.1 Development Briefing 8.6.2 Operation and Benefit Status 8.6.3 Business Distribution 8.6.4 Risk Management Characteristics 8.6.5 Competition Advantages and Disadvantages 8.6.6 Investment Merger and Reconstruction 8.6.7 Latest Development Trend 8.7 Operation of China Minsheng Banking Corp. Ltd. 8.7.1 Development Briefing 8.7.2 Operation and Benefit Status - 10 - 客观 中性 建设性
  11. 11. Bank Industry 8.7.3 Business Distribution 8.7.4 Risk Management Characteristics 8.7.5 Competition Advantages and Disadvantages 8.7.6 Investment Merger and Reconstruction 8.7.7 Latest Development Trend 8.8 Operation of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 8.8.1 Development Briefing 8.8.2 Operation and Benefit Status 8.8.3 Business Distribution 8.8.4 Risk Management Characteristics 8.8.5 Competition Advantages and Disadvantages 8.8.6 Investment Merger and Reconstruction 8.8.7 Latest Development Trend 8.9 Operation of Hua Xia Bank 8.9.1 Development Briefing 8.9.2 Operation and Benefit Status 8.9.3 Business Distribution 8.9.4 Risk Management Characteristics 8.9.5 Competition Advantages and Disadvantages 8.9.6 Investment Merger and Reconstruction 8.9.7 Latest Development Trend 8.10 Operation of China Everbright Bank Co., Ltd. 8.10.1 Development Briefing 8.10.2 Operation and Benefit Status 8.10.3 Business Distribution 8.10.4 Risk Management Characteristics 8.10.5 Competition Advantages and Disadvantages 8.10.6 Investment Merger and Reconstruction 8.10.7 Latest Development Trend 8.11 Operation of China CITIC Bank 8.11.1 Development Briefing 8.11.2 Operation and Benefit Status 8.11.3 Business Distribution 8.11.4 Risk Management Characteristics 8.11.5 Competition Advantages and Disadvantages 8.11.6 Investment Merger and Reconstruction 8.11.7 Latest Development Trend 8.12 Operation of PING AN BANK CO., LTD. 8.12.1 Development Briefing 8.12.2 Operation and Benefit Status 8.12.3 Business Distribution 8.12.4 Risk Management Characteristics 8.12.5 Competition Advantages and Disadvantages 8.12.6 Investment Merger and Reconstruction 8.12.7 Latest Development Trend 8.13 Operation of Industrial Bank - 11 - 客观 中性 建设性
  12. 12. Bank Industry 8.13.1 Development Briefing 8.13.2 Operation and Benefit Status 8.13.3 Business Distribution 8.13.4 Risk Management Characteristics 8.13.5 Competition Advantages and Disadvantages 8.13.6 Investment Merger and Reconstruction 8.13.7 Latest Development Trend 8.14 Operation of China Zheshang Bank Co., Ltd. 8.14.1 Development Briefing 8.14.2 Operation and Benefit Status 8.14.3 Business Distribution 8.14.4 Risk Management Characteristics 8.14.5 Competition Advantages and Disadvantages 8.14.6 Investment Merger and Reconstruction 8.14.7 Latest Development Trend 8.15 Operation of Evergrowing Bank 8.15.1 Development Briefing 8.15.2 Operation and Benefit Status 8.15.3 Business Distribution 8.15.4 Risk Management Characteristics 8.15.5 Competition Advantages and Disadvantages 8.15.6 Investment Merger and Reconstruction 8.15.7 Latest Development Trend 8.16 Operation of China Bohai Bank 8.16.1 Development Briefing 8.16.2 Operation and Benefit Status 8.16.3 Business Distribution 8.16.4 Risk Management Characteristics 8.16.5 Competition Advantages and Disadvantages 8.16.6 Investment Merger and Reconstruction 8.16.7 Latest Development Trend Chapter IX: Development Prospects and Strategic Planning of China Bank Industry 9.1 Business Development Prospects of Bank Industry in Economic Zone 9.1.1 Business Development Prospects of Bank Industry in Yangtze River Delta 9.1.2 Business Development Prospects of Bank Industry in Pearl River Delta 9.1.3 Business Development Prospects of Bank Industry in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region 9.2 Development Prospects of Rural Financial Service Market 9.2.1 Supporting Policy of Rural Financial Service 9.2.2 Analysis of Rural Financial Service System 9.2.3 Development Prospects of Rural Economy 9.2.4 Demand Forecast of Rural Financial Service 9.3 Oversea Market Development Prospect of China Bank Industry 9.3.1 Oversea Network of China Bank Industry 9.3.2 Oversea Investment of China Bank Industry - 12 - 客观 中性 建设性
  13. 13. Bank Industry 9.3.3 Development Experience of Internationalization Banks’ Oversea Business 9.3.4 Oversea Business Development of China Commercial Banks 9.3.5 Oversea Market Development Prospects of China Commercial Banks 9.4 Mixed Operation Prospects of Commercial Banks 9.4.1 Mixed Operation Model of Commercial Banks 9.4.2 Commercial Banks Get Involved in Insurance Industry (1) Investment to Insurance Industry for Commercial Banks (2) SWOT Analysis of Commercial Banks to Invest Insurance Industry (3) Strategic Selection Basing on SWOT Analysis 9.4.3 Prospects of Commercial Banks to Operate Securities Business 9.4.4 Prospects of Commercial Banks to Operate Investment Industry 9.5 Suggestions to Strategic Planning of Commercial Banks 9.5.1 Suggestions of Industrial Distinguish Credit to Commercial Banks 9.5.2 Suggestions of Regional Distinguish Credit to Commercial Banks 9.5.3 Suggestions of Network-oriented Operation to Commercial Banks 9.5.4 Blue Ocean Strategic Planning of Commercial Banks By Qianzhan Intelligence Website: Tel:+86 0755 33220413 Email us: - 13 - 客观 中性 建设性


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