Growing internet of things solution in industries and mobile


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Internet of Things, Mobile Messaging

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Growing internet of things solution in industries and mobile

  1. 1. © 2014 IBM Corporation Growing Internet of Things Solution in Industries and Mobile Qian Li Jin, Senior Manager, WebSphere Messaging Development
  2. 2. The Internet of Things Trillions of smart devices instrument our world today Interconnecting these smart devices creates a Central Nervous System Grains grown each year Crawling the earth Manufactured each year 1,000,000,000,000,000 (1 quadrillion) 100,000,000,000,000,000 (100 quadrillion) 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10 quintillion) 1 billion transistors for every one of us
  3. 3. Build Smart Planet 1 billion camera phones 30 billion RFID Tags 2 billion Internet subscribers 1 trillion Connected devices 50 terabytes Image data 1 petaflop super computers By 2010, 30 billion RFID tags will be embedded into our world and across entire ecosystems. By 2010, there will be more than 1 billion camera phones in existence. There will be an estimated 2 billion people on the internet by 2011. Soon, there will be 1 trillion connected devices in the world, constituting an “internet of things.” Agricultural consultancy Lanworth crunches morthan 50 terabytes of satellite images, maps and weather data to make more accurate crop forecasts. Scientists working to prevent influenza outbreaks, model the viruses with a super-computer operating at one petaflop. INSTRUMENTED Objects gets sensoring abiliy, technology controls awareness of objects INTERCONNECTED Objects are interconnected by networks building Internet of Things INTELLIGENT Ccompetitive power comes from the ability to analyse and understand network of things + + =
  4. 4. Connectivity in Internet of Things intelligent interconnected instrumented  Extend connectivity beyond enterprise boundaries to smart devices  Offer connectivity capabilities optimized for sensors and devices  Deliver relevant data to intelligent decision making assets  Enable massive scalability of deployment and management of solutions
  5. 5. Scenario Key Industries Example Automated Metering Chemical & Petroleum Energy & Utilities Solution provider enables smart metering of home energy by using MQ Telemetry technology Distribution Supply Chain and Logistics Retailers Distributors Consumer products Transportation Shipping company improves customer loyalty by providing up-to-the-moment detailed tracking information for cargo Transportation company improves customer safety and satisfaction with improved tracking of fleet Industrial Tracking & Visibility Automotive Industrial manufacturing Aerospace Defense Manufacturing company automates inventory checking to improve management of stock and optimize production rates Healthcare Personal & Resource Tracking Pharmaceutical companies Health trials Hospitals Nursing Homes Medical organization uses MQ Telemetry to track health of at-risk patients to increase safety and quality of patient care Hospital uses MQ Telemetry to track expensive surgery equipment to maximize utilization and reduce waiting lists Location Awareness and Safety Chemical & Petroleum Energy & Utilities Homeland Defense Gas company uses MQ Telemetry to monitor and control gas pipeline operations Government monitors dams and flood-risk areas to increase early-warning detection and prediction capabilities Executive Alerting Insurance Banking Bank alerts Personal Account Managers when new clients open accounts >= $2M improving customer satisfaction Internet of Things Business Scenarios Predict Alert Trace Measure
  6. 6. Environment MQTT-based Pollution Detection Telematics More vehicle / connected car opportunities. Smart Home Expand the MQTT into smart live in the home gateway. Internet of Things Solutions on Industries and Mobile E&U Create new protocol: MQTT-P in power grid. Manufactory Eco-system in Manufactories Thank You Enterprise Mobile Push Provide enterprise mobile push platform with full security and management. Mobile Instant Messaging Enterprise mobile instant messaging platform.
  7. 7. MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) Technology Reliable Open Simple Lean • Open published spec designed for the world of “devices” • Invented by IBM and Eurotech • MQTT client code (C and Java) donated to the Eclipse "Paho" M2M project • Simple / minimal pub/sub messaging semantics • Asynchronous (“push”) delivery • Simple set of verbs -- connect, publish, subscribe and disconnect. • Minimized on-the-wire format • Smallest possible packet size is 2 bytes • No application message headers • Reduced complexity/footprint • Clients: C=50Kb; Java=100Kb • Three qualities of service: • 0 – at most once delivery • 1 – assured delivery but may be duplicated • 2 – once and once only delivery • In-built constructs to support loss of contact between client and server. • “Last will and testament” to publish a message if the client goes offline. • Stateful “roll-forward” semantics and “durable” subscriptions. • April 2013,OASIS Advance MQTT for M2M/IoT Messaging Technology
  8. 8. IBM MessageSight • The growth of mobiles, sensors and intelligent devices demands a change to how we do business • IBM MessageSight is a secure, easy to deploy appliance-based messaging server that is optimized to address the massive scale requirements of the machine to machine (m2m) and mobile use cases • Designed to sit at the edge of the enterprise and can extend your existing messaging infrastructure or be used standalone • Part of the MobileFirst family integrating with BigData and Analytics engines to provide an end to end solution
  9. 9. Growing Internet of Things Solutions 8 Environment MQTT-based Pollution Detection Telematics More vehicle / connected car opportunities. Smart Home Expand the MQTT into smart live in the home gateway. E&U Create new protocol: MQTT-P in power grid.
  10. 10. 9 7.73 9.27 11.04 13.66 17.12 21.71 0 5 10 15 20 25 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 China Environment Monitorsensor Market Size Market Size (Billion RMB) Environment Monitor Sensor Market Statues Will continue to increase the number of pollution online monitoring point, which increase the monitoring coverage. Will continue to increase for the online monitoring index of pollution
  11. 11. 10 1. Collect the enterprise’s sewage disposal status and related data E.g. Flow, PH index… and transport to back system; 2. Back system handle the data from sensor and monitor the status; 3. Once the condition achieved, the related action would be activated. E.g. Send out SMS to government officer. ProcessRequirement 1. Monitor the sewage disposal status and of enterprise ; 2. Take related action based on the situation of enterprise’s sewage disposal Manufactory Monitor Monitor Data Center Routine Monitor Qos Monitor Action Manage Environment Protection of Smart City
  12. 12. 11 WINCE Platform Data collector Application with MQTT WINCE client Connect Smart Device on Environment Protection
  13. 13. 12 1.69 2.07 2.49 2.76 3.5 8.1 10 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2017 2019 China Smart Home Market Size Status (Billion RMB) Trend (Billion RMB) Smart Home Market  Smart Home and Smart Live are growing quickly  Manufactories are building more and more smart home appliances  Internet communications are adopted quickly by smart home
  14. 14. 13 Ethernet Smart Home Gateway Smart Home Devices
  15. 15. 14 Connect Smart Devices at Home MessageSight
  16. 16. Upload data for monitor 1. To replace the real power plug with iAir; 2. Plug in power on iAir for device (air-condition), and add infrared transmitter which connect to iAir to control device; 3. The data would transfer by iAir bi-directionally. StepsRequirement 1. Connect device to home gateway; 2. Collect the data from device and forward to back system or other devices. Monitor/Operate air condition in home 1. Register and bind the mobile with Smart Home Gateway; 2. The data which the user subscribed would push to mobile through smart home gateway; 3. The mobile user sends out the control command to smart home gateway and the message would route to devices. StepsBusiness Requirement 1. Monitor the device in home; 2. Control the device directly in home. Monitor/Operate air condition outside home 1. Register and bind the mobile with Smart Home Gateway; 2. The data which the user subscribed would push to mobile through iCloud; 3. The mobile user sends out the control command to iCloud and then message would route to home’s smart home gateway and devices. StepsBusiness Requirement 1. Monitor the device outside of home; 2. Control the device outside of home. Smart Home Connection Scenarios
  17. 17. Internet of Vehicle 69% 13% 8% 10% China Telema cs Market Status Truck Passenger Coach Private Car Other Projects focus on security management. Projects in logistics want to reduce their transport cost. IoV Market Private car market (Pre-install) The commercial vehicle (Post-install)
  18. 18. 1. This transportation solution uses the MessageSight capability to connect huge number of vehicles and mobile, and integrate with worklight to provide mobile channel enablement. 2. Telematic platform integrates other cloud based service through API Management Platform. E.g. Logistics service. 3. Mobile application are used for vehicle tracking and communication. 1. Transportation real time data are required by travelers. The travelers have increasingly strong demand for real-time traffic information. 2. Transportation data needs to be published in multiple channel. Exist data should be used based on real time requirements, such as dynamic travel guide, safe driving, eco-driving and other information services. 3. Transportation data need to be integrated. A consolidated smart city platform is needed for the transportation, which could be integrated by other smart platform and business channel. Business Challenges Solution Scenario Internet of Vehicle (IoV) Vehicle Tracking
  19. 19. Internet of Vehicle Reference Architect Internet of Vehicle Platform WorklightIBM Integration Bus Cloud Services Cast Iron MQTT Vehicle Data Mobile Data API Management Third Party System MQTT
  20. 20. 1. State Grid gathers customer equipments information by reading smart meter remotely; 2. Information of customer equipment will be used to build customer energy model; 3. State Grid makes on-demand request to control the customer equipment. StepsBusiness Requirement 1. Grid company monitors customer equipment; 2. Grid company control (on/off/limit/program) customer equipment . Connect Smart Meter in Power
  21. 21. Connect Smart Meter in Power
  22. 22. PLC Module Through Power Line Concentrator Simulator GPRS Module Meter Simulator Connect Smart Meter in Power
  23. 23. Growing Mobile Messaging Solutions 22 Thank You Enterprise Mobile Push Provide enterprise mobile push platform with full security and management. Mobile Instant Messaging Enterprise mobile instant messaging platform.
  24. 24. MQTT Values on Mobile Application  Real-time Alerts  Rich Contents Push  Flexible Pub-Sub  Message Store & Filtering Reliable Transportation Low Bandwidth, Power Usage & Cost Mobile Push  Reliable and Security Delivery  Large Scale & High Availability Support  Easy Integration with Enterprise Service  Small Footprint in mobile application  Efficient bandwidth usage  Low power cost  Much cheaper alternative to SMS
  25. 25. MQTT provides more reliabilities with less bandwidth Scenario HTTP MQTT 1. Get a single piece of data from the server 302 bytes 69 bytes (<4 times) 2. Put a single piece of data to the server 320 bytes 47 bytes (<6 times) 3. Get 100 pieces of data from the server 12600 bytes 2445 bytes (<5 times) 4. Put 100 pieces of data to the server 14100 bytes 2126 bytes (<6 times) 3G Wifi HTTPS 0.33277% 0.02897% MQTT 0.16027% 0.00230% % Battery per Hour, 240s keep alive HTTP MQTT Style/Paradigm Document-centric, request/response Data-centric, publish/subscribe Verbs GET/POST/POST/DELETE, complex specification Pub/Sub/Unsub, simple protocol, easy to learn Message size Large message, lots of verbose data in header 2 bytes in minimum Quality of Service (Reliability) N/A, need to implement by custom code 3 levels QoS(0/1/2), ensure message delivery Data distribution 1-to-1 only, lack of out-of-box distribution mechanism Support 1-to-1 and 1-to-n.
  26. 26.  Task Notification and Alter  Broadcast Marketing Information  Provide Location Service  Social Connection Enterprise Mobile Push Platform Enterprise Mobile Push Requirement  Unified push service for multiple-platforms of different mobiles  The enterprise level Push service with large scale support  Rich push content support, including message, audio, video and etc  Reduce the cost of data push for mobile users  New channel for business promotion  Reliability, flexibility and security for enterprise applications
  27. 27. Enterprise Mobile Push Platform Feature rich smart messagesRich conversational interactions Real-time push Buttons & controls Maps PicturesText Data Decisions HTML Secure direct SSL communications from device to enterprise  Rich content and message transportation  Unified bidirectional interaction (push and poll)  Real-time notification with low cost
  28. 28. Mobile Platform Architecture 27 Cloud RDBMS SOAP Update data JSON Http/https Worklight Server Response Management system Messages/Files HTTP Adapter SQL Adapter JDBC IBM MessageSight MQTT Client Panels
  29. 29. Mobile Instant Messaging (IM) Enterprise Mobile Instant Messaging Requirements 28  Chatting is common requirement for social connections and business communications  Voice files, images and documents transfer is becoming popular  Enterprise requires full control IM platform with mature security and management Thank You
  30. 30. Mobile Instant Messaging (IM) 29 app msg <id1> <id2> …. voice <id1> ….  MQTT-based Instant Messaging Solution  Provide fully control of notification channel with security and management  Support high volume message processing with IBM MessageSight  MQTT topic hierarchy design provides key values to instant messaging  Multimedia support  Fit to various scenarios, like personal communication or enterprise online service
  31. 31. Mobile Instant Messaging (IM) Architecture 30 GCM APNS MQTTIM App Apple Push Google Push IBM MessageSight Message center Proxy serverSmall files(voice, file, data) Message in/out
  32. 32. Thank You
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