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Parivartan 2012  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCover
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From Editors Desk                                               Dr. Rajani Indulkar  Quality Circle Forum of India, Pune C...
Kaizen Initiative at Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd. (KPCL)                                                                  ...
We received a very good response from managers as well as workmen for this and it has helped us to strengthen ourimproveme...
"BUILDING A QUALITY CULTURE"                                                                                              ...
Once the work areas were properly organized, "War on Waste or MUDA" was launched. To initiate this long drawnproject, Mr. ...
Some of our staff members, who participated in various training programmes, expressed that they are immensely benefitedby ...
HOW Do you See Life?                                                                                                      ...
Do you Get Up after Falling Down?Life may be unfair in several ways. Sometimes, our problems become overwhelming for us. M...
THIRD ALTERNATIVE                                                                           Satish KalokheOne of the seven...
Ashish HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Core ActivitiesStaff Outsourcing (Blue / White Collar) on contractual basis.Legal Compliance ...
~Xbmd{_Ìm§Zmo, Z_ñH$ma !         gÜ`m gJirH$S>o EH$M Zmam EoHy$ `oV AgVmo, Vmo åhUOo ~Xbmd         AJXr {eewemionmgyZ gwad...
Training Courses Conducted                             By Quality Circle Forum Of India                                   ...
PERKAR                                          CATERERS                              KAILASH KISANRAO PERKAR         Prab...
Thanks for joining us as QFCI members                        from B. G. Shirke Tech. Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Wadke M. V.        Mr. ...
QUALITY CIRCLE FORUM OF INDIAWe are happy to provide Quality Circle Excellence Centre facilities for member organisation a...
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Parivartan mag cover


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Parivartan mag cover

  1. 1. Parivartan 2012 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCover
  2. 2. Cover in
  3. 3. From Editors Desk Dr. Rajani Indulkar Quality Circle Forum of India, Pune Chapter is glad to start E -News Letter. This was the initiative taken by Executive Council member Mr. Dileep Paranjype and we are proud to present it to you as a unanimous decision of the council. th th We are looking forward to the 27 Annual Chapter convention which is going to be held on 25 August, 2012. All of you are requested to take advantage of this great annual event. Recent sad demise of Hon. Central Minister Late Shri Vilasraoji Deshmukh and Ex. Health Minister Late Shri Digvijay Khanvilkar are reminding us that; along with the quality at work culture one should also have quality in health. Good walk for at least half an hour is a must for all which keeps one active and the blood circulation gets geared up. Please avoid raw food and salads if you are eating in public place especially in monsoon season. Eat limited food at night which is the most important rule, but most of us do not follow this rule at all. Normally, after the hectic day schedule it is the time when we sit with our family members to eat food and we tend to over eat. This scenario has becomes worse with the addiction of TV and though we are followers of quality techniques - slowly our Quality of health starts deteriorating. Please remember loss of health ultimately affects our family and work place severely. Dr. Rajani IndulkarColour
  4. 4. Colour
  5. 5. Kaizen Initiative at Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd. (KPCL) Mr. A.D. Adiverekar, GM Corporate QA, KPCLIn last few years Indian Industry has changed the way they were working 10 -15 years ago. Today many industries are facing worldwide competition &Customers changing expectations. Customer has many options to choose thusmaking competitive environment. Customer not only needs Quality product atminimum OR right cost but they also need it at right time. This is same withboth Internal as well as External Customers. In todays environment, conceptslike Kaizen, 5 S, TPM, Quality Initiatives etc. are becoming the importanttools to improve overall efficiency of the Organization and bring TotalEmployee Involvement. Kaizen and 5 S started from Japan. It has made industrial revolution for entire industry of theworld. Like many Major Industries in India, we have adopted this concept in last few years. However we felt there is a needto look into it again considering current business scenario. Sharpening the saw and Improving everyday is most Important.In KPCL, we decided to refresh our Managers of all levels and Workmen on Shop floor covering our Hadapsar andSaswad plants with this new Outlook by providing exhaustive trainings through expertise from QCFI, Pune. In the lastyear (2011-12), total 17 Batches of training were completed and in current year (2012-13) uptill now 11 more batches aretrained. Total 818 employees have been covered which includes participation from top management to workmen. Trainingsessions and Gemba Exercises were very helpful. Initially we had many meetings with our Trainer, Mr. Prakash Yardi Implemented Kaizen Submission Status (Executive Council Member, QCFI, Pune) and prepared Training material 1800 1653 1600 according to KPCL needs. Also we jointly prepared the training material in 1300 1200 Local language - Marathi - for our Workmen. Whole Training program was 1000 800 718 733 designed with combination of two important aspects - 600 400 200 1) Classroom training initially with 10 Implementation steps and 0 Year 2010-11 Year 2011-12 Apr 11- J uly12 2) Actually finding out Improvement opportunities on Shop floor. Training in Classroom by Mr. Prakash Yardi Training on shop floor 01
  6. 6. We received a very good response from managers as well as workmen for this and it has helped us to strengthen ourimprovement opportunity bank. Employees learnt new ways to identify Improvements with Team work for our FocusedGoals . I am sure this activity has contributed KPCL in our various initiatives like cost reduction, improving productivityand safety.All the participants have expressed that they learnt concept in a new way from the subject expertise.This will help us to move forward in our journey towards Excellence with the motivated team.Kaizen Initiative helped KPCL in Changing Employee MindsetA.D. AdiverekarGeneral Manager - Corporate Quality AssuranceKirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd.Hadapsar Industrial Estate, Pune - 411 013 (India)Contact no. +91 - (020) - 26727000; Extn. - 5059.Mobile - +91 - 9689948181E-mail : LIFTECH SYSTEMS SUPPLY OF LIFT CONTROL PANELS, A.C. DRIVES , ARD SYSTEMS, COP LOP VOICE ANNOUNCEMENT SYSTEMS, INVETERS BATTERIES, , , LIFT UPS, ONLINE / OFFLINE UPS ALL TYPES OF LIFT SOLUTIONS VIJAY M. PATIL CELL NO. 9326274802/9923203802 E-mail : , LIFTECH SYSTEMS Datta Prasad, 384, Ganesh Nagar, New Sanghvi, Near Sonali Photo Studio, Pune 411 027 02
  7. 7. "BUILDING A QUALITY CULTURE" R.B. SuryavanshiOur late Chairman, "Padma Shri" BG Shirke, firmly believed in imparting constanttraining and education not only to qualified staff but also to those, who work with their ownhands on the shop floors and the project sites and we used to have our in-house trainingprogrammes on day to day basis.In October 2010, as per directives of the management, our Organization decided to activelyparticipate in QCFIs movement for further organizational excellence. We started withlaunching training programmes in 5-S and Quality Circle in our Industrial Complex atMundhwa by Mr. Satish Kalokhe, the then Co-Chairperson of QCFI, Pune Chapter. Thistraining started with "Change the mind set" programme to all the operators as well as the staff, from Supervisor to GeneralManager. Mr. PB Yardi and Mr. Jayprakash Zende, renowned faculties in this field, also shared the responsibility oftraining, which lasted for 3-4 months. The urgent need to change individually as well as a group was realized by theparticipants after the above presentation. This was a very important step for the march towards continual improvement.Subsequent 5-S training broadened everyones concept of housekeeping and the necessity for proper arrangement ofmaterials, tools & tackles, jigs & fixtures etc. on the shop floor as well as in stores and material yards. After the last session,teams were formed, under individual 5-S area owners in the following divisions at Head Office, to implement the first 3-Sviz: Seiri, seiton and Seiso.1) Transmission Tower Division 3) Post Harvest Engineering Division &2) Polynorm Division 4) Shirke TilesThe Quality Circle training followed by forming of teams was the next step.The beauty of the training was that it was not confined to conference room but was implemented in all the shopssimultaneously and followed up with 5-S audits and corrective actions. A team of auditors was trained for this exercise andwas provided with rating system for evaluating the performance. "Before & after" photographs were taken to note the effortsand develop visual standard for future use. The cycle of audits was repeated every quarter to sustain the progress. Mr.Kalokhe once again visited the shop for reviewing the housekeeping level and was satisfied, though he showed few areas forimprovements. Since some of the divisions had acquired certification to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, the issues related toenvironment and safety were also included in 5-S audit questionnaire to upgrade the work area conditions. This approachhelped in reducing accident frequency. We could see the change in workers attitude since all the shops were looking far betterthan old days, creating enthusiasm for productive work. In one of our Quality Circles, operators expressed their concern of consuming Gutka and throwing of Gutka packets in thescrap bin and the ugly habit of spitting by the tobacco chewer, which is hazardous to health. Therefore, we reacted byorganizing half-day lecture by Kripa Foundation, the NGO, working for de-addiction project. In this workshop, twopersons from Kripa Foundation, one a drunkard and other Gutka addict, shared their experiences of how they successfullygot rid of the vice and have become volunteers for this noble cause undertaken by Kripa Foundation It was heartening tonote that many persons stopped chewing tobacco and Gutka habit. Thus, the culture was slowly changing and that wasbecause of addressing the issues in Quality Circle forums. 03
  8. 8. Once the work areas were properly organized, "War on Waste or MUDA" was launched. To initiate this long drawnproject, Mr. Kalokhe educated the staff on how to Identify and eliminate waste: The 7 wastes discussed through variousslides were:1) Producing defective goods2) Overproducing3) Waiting time4) Transportation5) Extra Processing6) Unnecessary stock in hand7) Unnecessary motionAs a first step, all participants unanimously agreed to tackle the task of rework and rejection first.In next 2 training sessions, the focus was on collection of relevant data (how? and how much?) followed by analysis andinvestigation of root causes of defects. Since the discussion was intra group and in open house, one division wasbenchmarked with other divisions to agree for improvement targets. This was a novel method of fixing targets against theconventional way of deciding targets after discussion with individual groups/divisions.Quality Circle Teams worked on the above projects by meeting once a week followed by management meeting held once amonth. Some modification to machines by maintenance department and change in jig design was introduced, givingdramatic results. Also a checklist was developed for CNC machines while setting a new job and this practically eliminateda chronic defect. Strengthening of first piece inspection too reduced the defect quantities.The methodology of root cause analysis developed interest in the operators to look for causes of not only major defects butminor defects also. This change in attitude motivated management to initiate 6-Sigma project of quality improvement infabrication department. One General Manager was sent to 6-Sigma Workshop organized by National ProductivityCouncil at Manali. During summer of 2011, 2 MBA interns, who were green belt holders, were inducted in the group forboosting the efforts. Subsequently, a subcontractor, doing a similar job, was also included in the rework reduction process toenlarge the scope. This subcontractor was operating with persons with very low education and so to convert these people intoquality conscious persons was a challenging task. But our shop in-charge was so excited and energized that he wassuccessful in converting them to adopt "Quality Religion". An offshoot of Quality Circle of this department was the startingof TPM activity by operators of CNC machines to sustain and improve the rework level. We see this as a gradual changeand complete turnaround in the culture similar to what is talked about in Japanese industries.Now comes the real benefit of team sharing. Observing the efforts and results of fabrication department, the Galvanizingdepartments Quality Circle took the challenge of reducing the rework target from 0.6% further to 0.2% and worked on itsystematically and constantly and achieved it within 6 months. Their case study was presented in 44th Mini convention in2011 and was rated as the best achiever trophy. What made us more proud was when supplier of galvanizing chemicals toldus that we are the best galvanizers for quality, Zinc consumption and rework level, amongst all the customers to whom theysupply chemicals including some big names in the industry. This opinion was also expressed in the Galvanizing conferenceheld during this period in Pune, by ILZDA.Our trainer then extended the waste reduction project in the Inventory management field and the exercise of reducinginventory was started; and within a short period, the inventories were brought down substantially. 04
  9. 9. Some of our staff members, who participated in various training programmes, expressed that they are immensely benefitedby such types of training programmes to get good end result for themselves and for the Organization and, therefore, as manyas 38 staff members of our Organization spontaneously decided to become the members of QCFI, Pune Chapter.Our Organization has now included all its civil engineering project sites in the Quality Circle movement, thus covering theentire Organization, and has already started conducting in-house training programmes on 5-S, Kaizen, LeanManagement etc for project execution staff. To make the training programme more effective, our Training Head was sent tothe Workshop "Train The Trainer" organized by Det Norske Veritas.We would like to conclude that all the executive staff, managerial staff and supervisory staff as well as workers in allmanufacturing units and at sites are taking very keen interest in training programme and implementation for overallgrowth of each individual and our Organization.R.B. SuryavanshiSr. Chief ExecutiveB.G. Shirke Construction Technology Pvt. Ltd. &Council Member Of QCFI, Pune Chapter With Best Compliments from QUALITY, TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATION BHARAT ELECTRONICS LTD., PUNE Product Range X-Ray Baggage Inspection System (Inner Vision 5030). Static and Rotating X-Ray tubes, X-Ray Cables. Batteries: Rechargeable Ni-Cd , Ni-MH, Li-Ion and Non-Rechargeable Lithium Sulphur Di-Oxide Battery Packs. Laser Range Finders (Range 20 KM), Hand Held Thermal Imagers. NBC RECCE VEHICLE: Survey, detection and marking of Nuclear, biological and chemical contamination in environment & collection of soil & liquid samples. Comprehensive operation by sitting inside the vehicle. Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) for Bomb disposal. Bharat Electronics Ltd., NDA Road Pashan, Pune - 411 021. Phone : 020 - 2290 3000 Fax : 020 - 2290 3313 Website : 05
  10. 10. HOW Do you See Life? Mrs. Parvin Tarafdar HOW Do you See Life?Do you see life as a half-filled or a half-empty glass of water? Remember, the way you look atlife, life would look back at you the same way. A positive attitude is very important to besuccessful in life. Of course, if you dont want to be successful, you are free to enjoy your half-empty glass! Do You Have Substance?Nobody is born perfect. Actually, nobody dies perfect too. Perfection is impossibility. We can only try to be perfect,consistently. We must strive everyday to be better than yesterday.Most people live with empty spaces inside them. Here, its important to know that everybody experiences failures. We cannotjudge a persons substance by the amount or severity of failures. If somebody doesnt even have desire to succeed or do betterthan what he/she is doing currently, it can be called a lack of substance. It takes effort to build substance. Those who areready for the extra effort tend to have extra positives in life. Do you Consider Life a Cigarette?Some people believe that life is a cigarette. Once it is lighted, it has to finish. So, better enjoy it. This example has negativeconnotations, but the message is clear. We have been given a life – by God, by nature, by parents or by something else as perour individual belief. Now, its up to us if we want to enjoy ourselves to the fullest or complain about our problems.Most peoples conversations centre on what negatives have happened to them or what positives havent happened. Thoughits good to share the negatives with close friends and families, as it helps release the toxic load, conversations should be aspositive and enjoyable as possible. Even if we compare life to a cigarette, we should remember that all of us dont smoke.Some people prefer to eat ice-cream, and enjoy themselves till it lasts! Do You Complain about No Shoes?Do you constantly complain about having no shoes? Have you noticed smiling people with no feet or legs? You decide howyou want to feel, what you want to do in life and what level in life do you want to reach. If you mostly think about the thingsyou dont have in life, most aspects of your life and the people around you would be negative. We just need to shift our attitudeto the positive side, and most negative things become positive. Do you Cross the Bridge When you come to it?The spice of life is our small daily problems. However, most problems are either temporary or dont exist in the present tense.When we are going through them, its very difficult to ignore them. But, for sure we know that most problems either cease toexist in a short span of time or may never become a reality. With that knowledge, its better to change our approach fordealing with problems. We should be able to identify the problems by the degree of their severity. Most temporary problemscan be put off till we find a best solution for them or they may fizzle out on their own. For those problems which may neverbecome a reality, we must cross the bridge when we come to it. Such problems have a tendency to turn and disappear. Most ofthem are imaginary. The best course of action to deal with such problems is: wait and watch. 06
  11. 11. Do you Get Up after Falling Down?Life may be unfair in several ways. Sometimes, our problems become overwhelming for us. Many a time we trip and fall.However, heres the catch. Its not important how much time you take in getting up. The most important question is: do youget up after falling down or not? There have been instances where some great personages have failed in the initial period of their life. AbrahamLincoln is one of such most famous luminaries. However, he didnt accept failure and tried another time. He surely tooktime in getting up, but he eventually and courageously did. So, being positive in life is more important. If your thoughts, words and deeds are positive, life in full becomespositive for you.Source-Bulletin of Excel BooksContributed byMrs. Parvin TarafdarQuality & Management Consultant Auditor cum TrainerEx-Tatas Sr. Quality Manager TRIMURTI MANDAP SPEAKERS & ELECTRICALS SUNIL SOMILAL THAKUR MOB. 9822426642 GOVT. LICENCED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR WE UNDERTAKE ALL TYPES OF TEMPORARY SPEAKERS & ELECTRICAL WORKS. PLOT NO. 522/21, Yamunanagar , Nigdi , Pune-411044 07
  12. 12. THIRD ALTERNATIVE Satish KalokheOne of the seven habits described by Mr. Stephen Covey is Think Win-Win.He also described it nicely for itsimplementation by following third alternative. Normally people do traditional 2-Alternative thinking i.e. either myalternative is right or better where as other person thinks that his alternative is right or better and then conflict starts.How to go for 3rd Alternative method. Mr. Covey said that it is based on four paradigms ways of thinking. The firstparadigm is "I see myself".The second paradigm is "I see my side".The third paradigm is "I see myself independent of myside".In Coveys words, "the best response to someone who does not see things your way is to say, You disagree?I need to listen to you!"The fourth paradigm is where the synergy between the two parties occurs. By this point, each party has a more honestperspective of who they are themselves --someone with biases and perceptions, not someone with all the right answers. Eachside also has a realistic and complete appraisal of the other person as an unique individual and not just a representative ofthe other side.Finally, both parties have successfully sought out and understood the viewpoint of the other person. The stage is now set forfinding a completely new solution, using the strengths of both sides, that neither of them had imagined before.Attempting to attack new problems using the same tired methods is certain to end in disappointment.Satish KalokheChairman, QCFI Pune ChapterDirector, QCFI Board 08
  13. 13. Ashish HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Core ActivitiesStaff Outsourcing (Blue / White Collar) on contractual basis.Legal Compliance Pertaining to Labour LawsPF, ESIC, PT, LWF Consultancy.Register Office : Office No. 410 & 411, 4th floor, "Mayur Trade Centre", Mumbai - Pune Highway, Chinchwad, Pune - 411 019 Phone : 020 - 32401250, 020 - 32403150 Email : OfficesMUMBAI : Flat No.B - 01,Swami Charan Co. Housing Society Ltd. Plot No. 29A, Sector 6, Airoli, Navi Mumbai - 400708.SANGLI : Captial Court, Shop No.4, Nemenath Nagar, South Shivajinagar, Sangli 416416.RANJANGAON : At. Post Dhoksangvi, Taluka Shirur, Dist. Pune.NASIK : Flat No.4, Ichamani Aprt., Near Eakmukhi Dutta Mandir, Chetnanagar Near Ranenagar, Cidko, Nasik - 422009. 09
  14. 14. ~Xbmd{_Ìm§Zmo, Z_ñH$ma ! gÜ`m gJirH$S>o EH$M Zmam EoHy$ `oV AgVmo, Vmo åhUOo ~Xbmd AJXr {eewemionmgyZ gwadmV Ho$br Va, emim, H$m°boO, H$maImZo, ~±H$m, aoëdo, {d_mZgodm, hm°pñnQ>ëg², gaH$marAm°{$gog, amOH$s` nj B. B. àË`oH$ OU VrM KmofUm H$aV AgVmo..... ~Xb ~Xb...... àË`oH$mÀ`m Am`wî`mV H$mi Amnbm nmR>bmJ H$aV AgVmo. Oo bmoH$ H$mimÀ`m doJm~amo~a amhÿ BpÀN>VmV, Vo ~XbmbmIwë`m {XbmZo gm_moao OmVmV !! H$mim~amo~a amhUo ho H$mhr H§$nbgar (Amdí`H$) Zmhr, hm àË`oH$mÀ`m BÀN>oMm àíZ AgVmo. $ŠVEH$M hmoVo H$s H$mim~amo~a Z amhUmam BVH$m _mJo nS>Vmo H$s Ë`mVyZ gmdaUo H$R>rU OmVo. Amnë`mM ghH$mè`m§À`m _mJo nS>V OmVmo.{dMmam§V _mJo nS>Vmo, H¥$VrV _mJo nS>Vmo d gmÜ`m gmÜ`m JmoîQ>r, AmìhmZo dmQ>m`bm bmJVmV Am{U åhUyZM åhQ>bo OmVo H$s ~Xb ho{Od§V _mUgmMo bjU Amho. ~Xb KS>{dÊ`mgmR>r bmJVo Vr $ŠV BÀN>eŠVr ! AmnU Oo H$m_ H$aV AgVmo, Vo H$m_ H$moUmÀ`m Var Cn`moJr nS>Ê`mgmR>rAgVo. Ë`m ì`ŠVrbm ì`dhmamV AmnU {JèhmB©H$ (H$ñQ>_a) åhÊmVmo. Ë`mMr _mJUr hr H$m`_ ZdrZ AgVo qH$~hþZm Vmo H$YrMg§VwîQ> ZgVmo. åhUyZM àË`oH$OU ñdV…Mo ApñVËd {Q>H${dÊ`mgmR>r `m {JèhmB©H$mbm Iwe R>odÊ`mMm à`ËZ H$aV AgVmo. h`mà`ËZmMm EH$ ^mJ åhUOo Amnë`m H$m_mVrb ~Xb !Agm ~Xb Ogo AJXr gwú_gwÕm Agob nU Ë`m_wio H$m_mÀ`m JwUdËVoV amoO gH$amË_H$ ~Xb KSy>Z `oVmo. ~Xb KS>dyZ AmUm`Mm åhUOo dfm©Zwdf} {OdmnmS> ~miJbobr _wë`o gmoSy>Z Úmd`mMr ZmhrV d OrdZ_yë`o Or {Ma§VZAgVmV Vr OnyZ R>oD> >Z ho ~Xb KS>{dVm `oVmV. `eñdr OrdZmMm Jwê$_§Ì åhUOo {ZVr_yë`m§Mr OndUyH$ H$ê>> Z H$mim~amo~a amhUo ! d Ë`mMr gwê$dmV H$aÊ`mgmR>rH$moUË`mhr _whþVm©Mr JaO ZgVo, AJXr AmOnmgyZ........ `m jUmnmgyZ Vwåhr H$ê>> eH$mb !! YÝ`dmX, _mYd ~moadUH$a 10
  15. 15. Training Courses Conducted By Quality Circle Forum Of India QUALITY RELATED PROGRAMS1. Quality Circles and Suggestion Schemes 12. ISO 9001:20002. Internal Quality Auditor 13. ISO/QS/NABL Audit3. 5-S Techniques 14. New Q C Tools4. Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) 15. Poka Yoke5. SPC (Statistical Process Control) 16. Quality Function Deployment (QFD)6. SQC (Problem Solving 7QC Tools / Techniques 17. Training for Machine & Equipment Operator7. TPM (Total Productive Maintenance ) & 18. Training on Quality Inspector & Personnel Implementation 19. Cost Reduction8. TQM (Total Quality Management) QC (Quality Circles) 20. MIS (Management Information Systems)9. FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) 21. Six Sigma10. ISO 9000 QMS / TS -16949 / ISO 14000 EMS 22. Lean Thinking /HACCP/NABL 23. Lean Manufacturing Programmes11. Quality & Productivity Improvement Tool BEHAVIORAL TRAINING PROGRAMS1. Communication Skills 9. Supervisory Skills2. Group Discussion & Interview Techniques 10. Work Culture3. Personality Development 11. Effective Public Speaking4. Stress Management 12. Effective Presentation Techniques5. Mindset 13. Employee Morale6. Change Management 14. NLP7. Effective Time Management 15. Managerial Skills8. Leadership Development MANAGEMENT SKILLS PROGRAMS1. Decision Making & Strategic Management 13. Seven Wastes2. Management Techniques 14. Productivity Improvement3. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 15. Creative Leadership4. Marketing Skills 16. Benchmarking5. Negotation Skills 17. Creativity & Innovations6. SCM (Supply Chain Management) 18. Industrial Safety & Risk Management8. Value Engineering 19. Improve Efficiency of Your Secretary9. Suggestion Schemes 20. Effective Study Techniques - Study Smarter and Not10. Positive Thinking Hard11. Quality & Productivity Improvement Tools 21. Training for Trainers12. Problem solving Techniques For All In-house Training & Workshop Enquiry Contact : Mr. Rumale on 9028468333 / 9921084399 11
  16. 16. PERKAR CATERERS KAILASH KISANRAO PERKAR Prabhat Colony, Keshav Nagar, Chinchwadgaon, Pune - 411033. Mobile : 9325093363, 9325093556SUDHIR DINKAR JAPECell : 9822266515, 9228843420 SOUNDS, LIGHTS, EVENTS Sector No: 21 , Scheme ,5/5/1, Yamuna nagar, Nigdi , Pune-411044 12
  17. 17. Thanks for joining us as QFCI members from B. G. Shirke Tech. Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Wadke M. V. Mr. Chougule S. E. Mr. J. M. Ghodke Mr. P. G. Nangare Mr. Bothe V. R. Mr. Khade S. S. Mr. Pangare V. S. Mr. Shelke P. V. Mr. Patil P. B. Mr. Tambe B. K. Mr. Potnis K. S. Mr. Vaidya D. J. Mr. Mulani A. K. Mr. Ghodke B. D. Mr. Nandurdikar C. N. Mr. Magdum R. V. Mr. Pathan Y. B. Mr. Shewale Patil V. R. Mr. Ghorpade M. P. Mr. Aychitte Y. S.Colour Mr. Deodhar S. G. Mr. Bhosale V. S. Mr. Joshi V. R. Mr. Umap S. D. Mr. Dalvi S. B.
  18. 18. QUALITY CIRCLE FORUM OF INDIAWe are happy to provide Quality Circle Excellence Centre facilities for member organisation and also other organisations toconduct conferences, seminars, meetings, training programmes, conventions and get together. The facilities offered are :A. HALL CHARGES Sr. No. Name of the Hall Seating Capacity Charges for Charges for full day half day 1 Hall No. 2 20 - 25 2000 1300 2 Hall No. 1 50 - 60 3500 2000 3 Hall No. 3 70 - 120 3500 2000 4 Cafeteria 120 - 150 3500 2000 5 Auditorium 750 8500 6000B. EQUIPMENTS CHARGES Sr. No. Equipment Details Charges for Charges for full day half day 1 Auditorium Sound System 2000 1500 2 Mini Sound System 600 300 3 Generator Charges Per Hour 350 350 4 LCD Projector 1500 1000** Service Tax applicable @ 12.36 %1. Prime Location on Telco road.2. Ample Parking space for car and two wheeler.3. Generator Backup available.4. Catering facility available. For Hall Booking Contact : Mr. Rumale on 9028468333 / 9921084399
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