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Remarketing - what is it and how does it work


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This presentation covers how remarketing works, why use it, how it works via Google Analytics & Adwords and how it complements offline and online digital marketing

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Remarketing - what is it and how does it work

  1. 1. – What is it and how does it work?
  2. 2. • Digital Marketing & Social Media Specialist • Provides digital marketing training & management services to businesses • Showing how to engage & promote online to customer base Intro to Chris Wood @qChrisWood
  3. 3. Are those Ads that follow you around on other sites Remarketing?
  4. 4.  Often Takes More Than 1 Visit To Convert! Why Remarketing?
  5. 5.  Google research Understanding Customer Online Journey
  6. 6. Whether offline or online – as long as it drives traffic to the site  Social Media  Google Ads  Email Marketing  PR - offline PR that then drives people to look online at your site  Exhibiting – visitors often visit sites after seeing businesses at an expo Complements All Marketing!
  7. 7.  Analytics - via the cookies collects who is visiting your site into an Audience (you won’t know who)  Adwords – runs the Ad campaign and syncs with Analytics to target the Audience Uses Google
  8. 8. Very Cost Effective To Run - You only pay when someone clicks on the Ads – typically 40 to 60p/click - control costs with daily budget  High number of views in the thousands – All Free!! (will be duplication of views)  Low number of paid for clicks - as only those interested will return back to the site Costs
  9. 9. Any Questions? We can help with Ad design, set up and management Contact Details: • • @qchriswood • www.linkedin/in/qchriswood Need Help?