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Is Social Media for Local Business?


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Presentation showing the significant impact that social media had on the #indiexmas campaign to help promote independent local retailers in Exeter and how they could build on this going forward.

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Is Social Media for Local Business?

  1. 1. Is Social Media for Local Business? Exeter FSB Feb 2012 Meeting
  2. 2. Intro to Chris Wood• Online Marketing & Social Media Specialist• Provides training to businesses on how to use social media• Showing how to engage & promote online to customer base
  3. 3. Intro - Seminar GoalsTo give yourselves an overview of how Social Media could be used as a Marketing & Engagement tool for your local business To Answer Your Queries
  4. 4. Topics• What is social media?• What are the key social media platforms?• How social media played it’s part in #IndieXmas Q&A
  5. 5. What is Social Media? Watch Video
  6. 6. Key Social Media Platforms• Facebook – 33m UK members – 50% of population• Twitter – approx. 10m UK members• LinkedIn – over 5m UK members Who is using them already?
  7. 7. What is Twitter? Social Messaging Network – Engage & Promote Follow & BeFollowed By Other Twitter Profiles
  8. 8. Twitter Stats– Over 200 million Twitter users • 50 Million Users Log In To Twitter Every Day– One billion tweets posted every week– 80% of Twitter usage is outside of Twitter…people update anywhere, anytime… • imagine what that means for bad customer experiences? This is why BT, Vodafone, Dell etc are on it. • 1 m people view tweets about customer service each week– Majority of Twitter users are aged between 30 and 49– 54% female, 46% male
  9. 9. #Tags – reach out to wider audience
  10. 10. How did #Exeter #Indiexmas come about?• Nationwide campaign• Launched by Clare Ryan who founded The Independent Retail Campaign (@indieretailuk)• 50 cities signed up – Exeter were one of the prominent cities involved• Sue (@cafeat36) saw a tweet from @indieretailuk about #indiexmas & contacted them
  11. 11. #Exeter #Indiexmas – How did it work?• 28 independent Exeter based shops/cafes involved• Each using their Twitter account to promote #Exeter #Indiexmas• Followers of these profiles picked up on this and it spread virally online
  12. 12. #IndieXmas #Exeter – at least 6 mentions a day
  13. 13. #IndieXmas – UK – at least 29 mentions a day
  14. 14. Exeter Indies Website• Setup by West Country• Promoting • #indiexmas in Exeter • Retailers involved • Shopping Trail map• Almost 1,000 visits
  15. 15. In Google – almost 100 entries
  16. 16. Google Map – 548 views since mid-Nov
  17. 17. Free Media Coverage • All picked up from Twitter • Led to being featured in Exeter Christmas Shopping brochure • 4 weeks exposure in E&E • Richard West from ITV picked up the story from following InsideOut – wrote feature article early Dec
  18. 18. High Profile Local Figures
  19. 19. Blog Post Coverage – several blog sites
  20. 20. New Feature Opportunities• @Fancyacuppa review cafés and coffee houses across UK• They picked up on @cafeat36 via Sue tweeting to them about #indiexmas• They then visited Exeter – blogged & videoed their time here
  21. 21. Benefits• New customers – never previously heard of them, likely to come back• Created a buzz around independent local retailers, not just about John Lewis now being in Exeter• Free media exposure• More followers on Twitter • Addressed queries from public via Twitter and pointed them to website • Helping to create long term customer loyalty
  22. 22. Ways to Improve (suggestions only)• Twitter Training available to those involved – Retweeting, Scheduling Tweets, #Tags (more use of #Exeter #IndieXmas), List Management, Keyword Searches• Photos of people with the map (/loyalty card)• Facebook Page & Ad campaign to Exeter – 80,000 people – budget?• YouTube Channel – featuring retailers involved• More exposure post Xmas – Media, Photos of people spending their vouchers• Seasonal campaigns – making more use of website – “exeter shops” searched 22,000 times/month – website is on pg 2 halfway down Q&A
  23. 23. We Can Help Setup / Training / Strategy / OutsourceContact Details: • • @qchriswood • www.linkedin/in/qchriswood