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How to Use LinkedIn for Business


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A brief intro on how to use LinkedIn for business - go beyond collecting connections

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How to Use LinkedIn for Business

  1. 1. How To UseFor BusinessGo Beyond Collecting Connections
  2. 2. • Online Marketing Specialist• Provides training to businesses on how touse social media and Google marketing apps• Showing how to engage & promote onlineto customer baseIntro to Chris Wood
  3. 3. 1. What and Why Use2. Personal Profile3. Status Updates4. Utilising Key Features5. Other Features to ConsiderHow To Use LinkedIn - TopicsQ&AWho is currently using it?
  4. 4. Business Social Networking SiteWhat is LinkedIn?Build NetworkConnectionsKeep In Touch With Industry
  5. 5. 1. LinkedIn Promotes You To Your Connections– The more active you are2. Complements Networking– Stay in touch online in between offline networking3. Reach out to wider targeted audiences online4. Resource Tool for Business (not just marketing)– Gain help, business partners, collaborations, new suppliers, keep up todate, research industry etc5. Search Engine Optimisation– Google likes LinkedIn as it highly values social media activityWhy Use LinkedIn?
  6. 6. LinkedIn is all about the Person within thebusinessLeading back to Personal Profile - Online CVHence why important to complete itWhere to Start?
  7. 7. Update Personal ProfileAreas to update:• Photo• Career• Education• Summary – Google reads this mention keywords• Skills• Websites• Twitter Profile
  8. 8. • All connections receive updates on Home PagePost Status UpdatesPlus shows on your personal profile& at times on weekly status emails
  9. 9. Utilise Key FeaturesSend Messages(like emails)Gain Testimonials -RecommendationsJoin Discussions Groups– Reach out to wider audienceConnect with People
  10. 10. • News - LinkedIn Today• Customise it to your industry – keep up to date• Content to post on your profile, within discussiongroups & other social media platforms• Advanced People Searches bykeywords, locations, job titles, industriesetc• Be introduced via shared connections (2nd degree)Other Features
  11. 11. 1. Update Personal Profile2. Post Status Updates every week3. Build / Message Connections once a month4. Gain Recommendations as you can5. Participate in Discussion Groups weekly basis6. Do check out the other featuresRecommendationsQ&A
  12. 12. 3 Ways We Can Help:• Training Courses – next one 23rd May Exeter• Onsite Training• Outsource – activities to be managed by QSM• Can include other online marketing activities as wellContact Details:• /• @qchriswood• www.linkedin/in/qchriswoodHow we can help you and or your clients