How to use social media as an effective part of your marketing strategy


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How to use social media as an effective part of your marketing strategy - as presented to the FSB Yeovil & Mendip group in Somerset

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How to use social media as an effective part of your marketing strategy

  1. 1. How To Use Social Media As An Effective Part of Your Marketing Strategy FSB Y&M By Chris Wood
  2. 2. • Online Marketing & Social Media Specialist • Provides training to businesses on how to use social media & other online marketing activities • Showing how to engage & promote online to customer base Intro to Chris Wood @qChrisWood
  3. 3. Intro – Seminar Goals To show how Social Media can be used as an effective Marketing & Engagement tool for your business To Answer Your Queries Current use? Tw / FB / Ld
  4. 4. What is Social Media for Business? Engaging with other businesses & individuals online + Effective Communication + Real-time Customer Support + Powerful Effect On Brand
  5. 5. • Facebook – 34m UK members – 50% of population • Twitter – approx. 10m UK members • LinkedIn – over 5m UK members • Blogging – a great way to build trust & draw in customer base (Content Marketing) Intro to Social Media Platforms
  6. 6. How To Use Social Media?
  7. 7. Local Success Story - #Exeter #Indiexmas • 28 independent Exeter based retailers collaborating • Each using their Twitter account to promote #Exeter #Indiexmas • Followers of these profiles picked up on this and it spread virally online • Benefits: • Free local press exposure • New customers • Buzz about independent shops • FSB & City Council involvement • New Exeter Trails 2013!!
  8. 8. Examples of Big Brands using Social Media
  9. 9. 1. Strategy & Action Plan 2. Mix Up Content 3. Building Following & Online Relationships 4. Complement other marketing activities 5. Inhouse vs Outsourcing 6. Tracking Impact So …. How to Make Social Media Work for You?
  10. 10. • Social Media will fail without purpose • Not Quick Win – Free To Do But Takes Effort • Key to Success – Strategy & Action Plan • Matching to Business Objectives – Increase Website Traffic – Raise Online Presence – Further Build Relationships with Existing Clients, Prospects, Suppliers – Gain (or re-gain) Google Presence (Google highly values social media traffic) – Increase Internet Leads / Online Sales • Implement for medium to long benefit Strategy & Action Plan
  11. 11. • Requires good mix of content • Informative Messages / Website Sub-pages / Articles / Blogs / Photos / Videos etc • Apply inbound marketing techniques to draw your customer base(s) in • Internet enables people to research easily before buying – be part of their research process! • Know your Keywords – will help you be found Mix Up Content
  12. 12. What to Say? Be informative (& interesting) rather than trying to hard sell: – The products or services you offer (Special Promotions) – The sort of tasks you are working on – Latest news / Articles of Interest / Top Tips / Key Features – Bookings, availability, i.e. info useful to customer base – Types of events hosting or attending – Training received Promote Others
  13. 13. Mentioning Sub-Pages & Keywords By driving traffic to sub pages and using keywords you’re helping Google to improve your online presence Google is looking for social signals i.e. hits from social media platforms to your website
  14. 14. #Tags Reach Out To Wider Audience Online Now work on Facebook
  15. 15. Know Your Audiences & What Platforms They’re Using • Identify and follow customers, suppliers, business partners, prospects etc o Could you upsell or cross-sell to existing customers? (via a soft touch approach) o Acts as a Customer Service channel – handling queries • Social media not just about marketing, it’s your online resource tool for business o How Else Could Social Media Benefit Your Business? o Research / keeping up to date / new suppliers / business partners / recruitment / getting help ….. Building Following & Online Relationships
  16. 16. • Twitter – identify key industry/local profiles to follow • Follow who is following them and or who they’re following • Twellow – find profiles by location • Use of #tags will help naturally pick up new followers • Use of informative messages, blogs, articles, photos, videos – will lead to retweets and new followers • Facebook – Ad Campaign to build likes • Only shows to set criteria • Helps build reach within Facebook (once 100 likes – Boost Posts) • Mention in offline marketing – flyers, leaflets, ads etc Gaining Followers • LinkedIn – suggests contacts to you
  17. 17. What other activities could social media complement? • Networking - LinkedIn / Twitter #BNSW • Tradeshows/Conferences – connect online with people met offline (& vice versa) • Email Marketing – syncs with social media • Traditional Marketing – mention on social media – gain retention (Big Brands do this with TV ads) Complement other marketing activities
  18. 18. Inhouse – undertaking it yourself Inhouse vs Outsourcing Pros • You Know Your Business Best • What’s going on day to day • Industry Knowledge • Can Potentially Respond Better/Faster vs Cons • Time • Requires Some Technical Know How • Although perhaps less technical than you think, more about content & engaging online
  19. 19. Outsourcing – managed by social media experts Inhouse vs Outsourcing Pros • Freeing up your time to do what you do best • You know it’s being handled • Better than not at all • They have Technical Know How to make it work Cons • Cost • Lack of Industry Knowledge to your business • Lack of communication between 2 of you • Processes can be put in place to minimise this vs
  20. 20. Time Issue • Hootsuite – saves times – Post to many platforms – Schedule Messages – Keyword Searches – Lists • Smartphones / Tablet Devices – Use Social Media on the go – particularly for Tweeting
  21. 21. Tracking Impact – Google Analytics • Social Referral visits often correlate to Overall Visits – triggers impact on Google & Direct visits
  22. 22. 1. Strategy & Action Plan – key to success 2. Mix Up Content – be informative & interesting 3. Engage Following & Build Online Relationships 4. Complement other marketing activities – networking, email marketing, flyers, leaflets, ads etc 5. Inhouse vs Outsourcing – weigh up pros & cons 6. Tracking Impact – is it working over medium to long term basis – check stats for indirect impact To Summarise
  23. 23. Q&A Q&A
  24. 24. We Can Help with Implementation • Onsite Social Media Training – How to Make Twitter, Facebook & or LinkedIn Work For Your Business & Industry – Options to upgrade to Strategy Package – we write your strategy and action plan to implement social media • Outsource Activities – We Manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Activities on your behalf 20% Discount book by end of July – contact for quote
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