DIY Holiday Ornaments and Gifts from Aquasana


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DIY Holiday Ornaments and Gifts from Aquasana

  1. 1. Origami ornaments Materials: • Perfectly square origami paper, in a variety of colors • Scissors • Markers or crayons Instructions: • Santa hat • Tree • Santa • Star • Snowflake • Snowman with Scarf • Candle • Wreath with Ribbon • Candy cane • Presents • Reindeer • …and more!
  2. 2. Paper snowflakesMaterials:• White and blue paper• Scissors• Tape• Stapler• Glue• Glitter (if you’re feeling fancy)Instructions:• A basic snowflake• 3D snowflakes• Snowman snowflake
  3. 3. Painted eggs Materials: • Eggs to decorate (raw, white eggs) • Needle, small pin, or small nail • Thin straws (coffee stirrers) • Sand paper • Bowl • Paint • Paint brushes • Toothpicks • Glitter • Glue • A cheap pack of mini bulbs or ornament hangars Instructions: • Blow out your eggs • Decorate your eggs using the paint, brushes and toothpicks (for very fine work) • Allow them to dry • Remove the bulb hangars from the ornaments and carefully insert them into the top or bottom of the blown, decorated egg • Hang and enjoy!
  4. 4. Scent sachetsMaterials:• Small drawstring bags (or make your own)• Ribbon• Nice-smelling herbs and dried fruit (lavender, chamomile, rosemary, whole cloves, lemons, etc. Get creative!)• Glitter paint, sequins, and other things to decorate the bagsInstructions:• Decorate the empty bags with paint, glitter, sequins, fur—whatever you like• Decide what herbs and scents you want in your bag (and fill them ¾ full) • Lavender and chamomile • Rosemary lemon • Clove and orange • Rose petals and cinnamon sticks• Tie bags closed with ribbon• Hang as a decoration or give to a friend
  5. 5. Homemade candles Materials: • Newspaper or trash bags • Glass jars (mason jars work just as well as candle jars from your local craft store) • Candle wax (container wax is best for this project) • Wicks • Double boiler • Thermometer • Scent (mint, vanilla, etc) (1 oz per 1 lb of wax) • Peppermint candies or other decorations Instructions: • Cover your surfaces with newspaper or trash bags for easy clean-up • There are full candle-making instructions here • When you pour in your scented wax, only fill the container 2/3 full. After the wax has set a little and is holding a good shape, place your peppermints or holly leaves into the wax against the side of the container. • Fill the container the rest of the way, then wait and do your second pour a few hours later
  6. 6. Felt ornamentsMaterials:• Colored felt• Scissors• Yarn or embroidery floss• Needle• Fabric glue• Clear fishing line• Markers• Cotton batting• Miscellaneous decorations (see instructions)Instructions:• Bird (Dove)• Skate• Mice• Mittens• Gift box• Snowman
  7. 7. Sugar scrub Materials: • Glass jar (mason jars work, as do candle jars from your local craft store) • ½ cup sugar • Cold-pressed oil (peanut or olive work well), enough to dampen the mixture • Essential oil for scent (optional) • Ribbon • Paper sticky label Instructions: • Put ½ cup of sugar into your container • Pour in the oil and stir, stopping when the sugar becomes dampened • Continue to add sugar and oil until the jar is full • Add scent if you want • Close the jar and beribbon and label it • Gently massage this into your skin before a shower (use soap!) once or twice a month.
  8. 8. ScarvesMaterials:• Yarn• Scissors• #10 knitting needles• PatternInstructions:• How to cast on• How to knitOr, as a friend of mind once told me (using the steps onthe linked page), knitting is a series of: • Step 1: You go in the door, • Step 2: You put the scarf on, • Step 3: You go out the door, • Step 4: Before the cat throws up.• Knit scarf to desired length• How to bind off
  9. 9. HappyHolidays!