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Words with no sound clues


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Here is my awesome spelling project for this week. I used Iconscrabble and pictures to show what that word means. You can learn a lot from these words because they have definitions I also put in there. I hope you learn some more words and have fun using them in your everyday life.

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Words with no sound clues

  1. 1. Words with No Sound Clues by: Elise O’Shaughnessy
  2. 2. Sentence: Mathematics is my sister’s favorite subject. Definition: study of numbers
  3. 3. Sentence: I really want to become a doctor. Definition: used to emphasize the extent of something
  4. 4. Sentence: Do you recognize me? Definition: To remember someone by appearance
  5. 5. Sentence: The audience clapped at my performance. Definition: A group of people watching a show or performance
  6. 6. Sentence: I usually go to Subway for lunch. Definition: normally as a habit
  7. 7. Sentence: The crystal diamond it $1,000,000. Definition: Very expensive jewelry
  8. 8. Sentence: My favorite subject is science. Definition: Like the most
  9. 9. Sentence: My memory is very good. Definition: To remember something
  10. 10. Sentence: The restaurant was very beautiful Definition: A place to have dinner
  11. 11. Sentence: I was disgusted by her behavior. Definition: grossed out
  12. 12. Sentence: The secretary is writing a document. Definition: Person who writes documents
  13. 13. Sentence: The miniature girl looked like a baby. Definition: Tiny toy
  14. 14. Sentence: The tournament was great. Definition: Is a competition with a large amount of people
  15. 15. Sentence: Suddenly the vacuum went crazy. Definition: Machine to clean up
  16. 16. Sentence: My friends live in Delaware. Definition: State in America
  17. 17. Sentence: I go to elementary school. Definition: Kindergarten - 5 grade
  18. 18. Sentence:Her gratitude was awesome. Definition: To be thankful or to display thanks
  19. 19. Sentence: An adult crying like a child is juvenile. Definition: acting childish
  20. 20. Sentence: I am the victim of the bully. Definition: Centre of a fight
  21. 21. Sentence: The dog belongs in the mammals category. Definition: group of animals
  22. 22. Sentence: We stayed in a luxurious hotel. Definition: Extremely comfortable place
  23. 23. Sentence: My school had a auxiliary building. Definition: Extra building
  24. 24. Sentence: Badminton is my favorite sport. Definition: Sport with racket and birdie (ball).
  25. 25. Sentence: I drove down a New York boulevard. Definition: A big street with a lot of trees
  26. 26. Sentence: A penitentiary is where they keep the bad people. Definition: Place where they hold bad people. Some people call it a prison