Abc that is geography


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Abc that is geography

  1. 1. A is for Atoll Atoll is a circle shaped coral reef. Photo from
  2. 2. B is for bay A type of beach that is smaller than a gulf. Photo from
  3. 3. C is for Crater Crater is a Big hole in the ground usually caused by a explosive.
  4. 4. D is for Desert A place That is very hot for climate. Photo taken by Thomas Schoch
  5. 5. E is for Equator An imaginary line that separates the north and the south pole. Photo
  6. 6. F is for Fjord Fjord is a Like a canyon except has water going through it. Photo taken by Stephen Codrington
  7. 7. G is for Geyser Photo by A geyser is A hole which hot water shoots out of the ground.
  8. 8. H is for Hemisphere Photo by Hemisphere is a imaginary line that separates the east and west and north and south.
  9. 9. I is for Iceberg Iceberg is a piece of ice that floats on a body of water. The Titanic has crashed because of a Iceberg. Photo by
  10. 10. J is for Jungle A Jungle is a area that is overgrown and has habitats for animals. Photo by
  11. 11. K is for Karst Photo by Karst is an area made of limestone.
  12. 12. L is for longitude Photo by Longitude is the imaginary line that separates the north and the south pole.
  13. 13. M is for Magma Photo by Magma is molten rock beneath the ground.
  14. 14. N is for Nadir Nadir is the lowest point of anything. Photo by
  15. 15. O is for Oasis A little area that supports water and trees and sometimes food Photo by
  16. 16. Q is for Quarts A type of mineral that is found in caves. Photo by fromaardvarkstozin
  17. 17. R is for Region A region is a Area of land in a state or country. Photo by
  18. 18. S is for savanna A Savanna is a type of land form that has not a lot of water and usually found in Australia and Africa
  19. 19. T is fro Tundra Tundra is a place where the mountains are snowy as if for the base of the mountain has no snow. Photo by
  20. 20. U is for Union Urban is a city area. Photo by
  21. 21. V is for Volcano A volcano is a Mountain that sprays out lava. Photo by
  22. 22. W is for Wetlands Wetlands is another name for swamp, and a swamp is a area over flowed by water. Photo by
  23. 23. X is fro Xeniscape A Xeniscape is bigger than a garden but smaller than a courtyard. Photo by
  24. 24. Y is for Yardang Yardang is a area in the desert that has a flat rock sticking up out of the ground. Photo by
  25. 25. Z is for Zone Picture by A zone is a Place of land that people live in.