QR Code presentation for Best of Haverhill


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QR Code presentation for Best of Haverhill

  1. 1. Wifi – myMicron.NetPW available on Request – see ElaineText the word ‘i-nigma’ to 07797 882325 To download your QR Code Reader for today’s session
  2. 2. MOBILE INTERNET ISBECOMING A DAILY ACTIVITY92% of owners cannot get through a typical day without using their phones.*Today’s mobile devices are getting people to use their handsets beyond justmaking calls. They want instant access and a way to look up information whilethey are out and about.The ability to link physical media to the Internet or enabling dialogue withcustomers through their mobile channel of choice has arrived! * Source – The Kelsey Group – Barclays Capital
  3. 3. THE FUTURE IS MOBILE• Mobile Growth doubles Year on Year• Three in 10 mobile phones are Smartphones (Ofcom Report Aug 4th 2011)• 75% Growth in UK Smartphone ownership• A Quarter of UK Adults have a Smartphone• 49% of UK Youth Own a Smartphone
  4. 4. QUICK RESPONSE (QR) CODES™QR Codes provide the means for Mobile users to access their desiredinformation whilst on the move. These barcodes are capable of:• Accessing a URL• Bookmarking a web page• Sending an Email• Sending an SMS• Instigating a telephone call• And much more…. The term QR Code itself is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.
  5. 5. Getting it Right…
  6. 6. PLAN YOUR QR CODE CAMPAIGNSTRATEGY QR code campaign, it is essential to understandTo create a successfulyour target audience, have clear objectives and provide useful andvaluable incentives to deliver a favourable user experience.• Understand Your Target Audience• Have Clear Objectives• Provide Useful and Valuable Incentives The term QR Code itself is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.
  7. 7. CREATE QUALITY CODES AND TESTTHEM! QR codes with multiple readers and devices• Test your • ZXing Verification• Use link shorteners to create clean codes• Avoid using colours that do not provide sufficient contrast• Make your codes at least 20mm2 —larger is better• Provide a sufficient quiet zone around the code.• Consider where your codes will be scanned (3G/Wifi)• Promote good quality Reader Apps Two excellent choices are Qrafter and i-nigma.
  8. 8. REMEMBER…YOUR CONTENT IS VIEWED ON A MOBILEDEVICE• Mobile web sites do require an investment• Get something simple online using sites such as; ShareSquare and Qraffiticodes. • Google maps • Blogs • Social Media Links – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn • Links to Yelp, Flickr work well. • Links to YouTube and Vimeo* • IoS does not support Flash
  9. 9. MEASURE YOUR CAMPAIGN• QR Code ad management platforms using QRt.ag • Time & date of Scan activity • Media Placement • Phone Type • Location • Goal Tracking, & Bounce Rates • Web Site Journey Tracking
  10. 10. Brand Integration intothe magical world ofQR Codes…
  11. 11. QR Codes become magical mobile gateways… • Basic B/W QR Code • Coloured QR Codes • Simple Designs • ‘Designer’ Codes Visit the World’s First Designer QR Code Art Gallery – click here
  12. 12. Give us a call.. See me after the session for your FREE CodeStay up to date with the Worldof QR Codes -
  13. 13. Download Today’s PresentationStay up to date with the Worldof QR Codes -
  14. 14. AppendixesResearch…
  15. 15. Ownership of smartphones in the UK is increasing Total % Smartphone ownership UK
  16. 16. And this isn’t just London centric Total % Smartphone ownership UK minus London
  17. 17. To ta lA ud ien ce :1 3+ M yr al e s ol 0.0 2.0 4.0 6.0 8.0 10.0 12.0 14.0 16.0 13 d -1 [A 7 ge M [G ] al en e de 18 -2 r/A 4 ge M [G ] al en e de 25 -3 r/A 4 ge M [G ] al en e de 35 -4 r/A 4 ge M [G ] al en eSource Comscore – 30.08.11 45 de -5 r/A 4 ge M [G ] al en e de 55 r/A Fe + ge m [G ] al en e de 13 -1 r/A Fe 7 ge m [G ] al en e de 18 r/A -2 Fe 4 ge m [G ] al en e de 25 -3 r/A Fe 4 ge m [G ] al en e de % of people w ho used a QR code in last m onth 35 r/A -4 Fe 4 ge m [G ] al en e de 45 -5 r/A 4 ge Fe [G ] m en al e de 55 r/A + ge [G ] en de r/A ge ] Who has used a QR Code recently? Series1
  18. 18. WPP Research – May 201140% of the panel expressed familiarity with QR Codes* 12% had previously "snapped" one via a wireless device.Figures on the latter metric climbed to 20% for 18-24 year olds and hit 15%regarding the 25-34 year old demographic, but attained just 1% among 55-64 yearolds.A majority of interviewees were "open-minded" when it came to the potential ofQR codes, with 37% agreeing they could be beneficial, and another 35% unsure.49% stated a preference for receiving product vouchers or details through thisroute, 42% thought linking to a website would prove useful, and 26% hoped toview exclusive content.Some 15% of men had actively engaged with a QR Code thus far, measuredagainst 12% of women, the study added.
  19. 19. Over half of those surveyed have seen QR codes in newspapers or magazinesBelow is an example of a Quick Response A QR Code is an example of a matrix barcode which you may have(QR) Code. Have you ever noticed anything seen printed within adverts in newspapers and magazines.like this in newspapers or magazines? Users with certain camera phones can take a picture of this QR Code. This then displays text, contact information, connects them to a wireless network or opens a web page in their phones browser. Before today, were you aware of what these barcodes do? Yes Yes No No definitely probably probably definitely (49%) (20%) not (12%) not (19%) Not Yes No 7 in 10 of those who’ve heard of them were aware of their purpose sure (56%) (34%) (10%) Have you ever used your mobile phone to interact with any of these barcodes? Yes Yes 3 in 10 of those who are more just than the No (72%) aware of the barcodes’ once once purpose have interacted (17%) (11%) with themAll Urbanites (2256)