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Q-Rapids Softeam use case


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Softeam profile and contributions in Q-Rapids project

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Q-Rapids Softeam use case

  1. 1. Funded by H2020-ICT-2016-2017 Project No. 732253 Modelio Case Study SOFTEAM – profile and contributions
  2. 2. Quality-Aware Rapid Software Development 2 Modelio UML editor with 20 years’ history │ SysML │ MARTE │ Code generation │ FMI │ Requirements, │ Traceability │ Documentation • Available under open source at
  3. 3. Quality-Aware Rapid Software Development 3 MDE features – complex portfolio Goals (BMM) Business Rules Business Processes (BPMN) Requirements Enterprise Architecture UML2 SysMLSoaML MARTE C++ Java C# SQL Hibernate XSD, WSDL, BPEL DocumentPublisher TeamworkManager XMI Modeling& Generation Utilities Pythonscripts JavaAPI Extensions Business Architect System Architect Developer
  4. 4. Quality-Aware Rapid Software Development 4 Web tools – Modelio Web Analyst
  5. 5. Quality-Aware Rapid Software Development 5 Web tools – Constellation
  6. 6. Quality-Aware Rapid Software Development 6 Development process  Ad-hoc teams, up to 10 people/team  Massive bootstraping  Centralised maintenance and support
  7. 7. Quality-Aware Rapid Software Development 7 Objective - mastering the development process and ensuring the quality of the products  Limitations  2 major versions, numerous minor versions  Several platforms: Win, Linux, iOS, Web  Goals  Early detection of anomalies and regressions  Deminish number of anomalies discovered by customers  Better knowledge on product usage