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Q-Rapids Softeam Case Study


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Current state and prospects of Q-Rapids solution at Softeam.

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Q-Rapids Softeam Case Study

  1. 1. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732253. Current state and prospects in Softeam Antonin Abhervé - Softeam Cadextan / Modeliosoft
  2. 2. Softeam Use Case
  3. 3. Softeam Use Case Use Case Overview Softeam Cadextan / Modeliosoft Organization Size SME, more than 900 employees in France, UK and Singapore Project Use Case Tool Vendor : Modelio Modeliong Tool Support of software and system engineering processes with Models Team Involved 9 Peoples : 1 Product Owner, 1 Project Manager 4 Developers, 2 Quality Engineer, 1 Support Process Rapid Software Development, Development Cycle 2 release each Year ( 6 months) + 1 or 2 patches between this release
  4. 4. Software Development Process Overview
  5. 5. Tools Involved In Development Process Purpose Tools Involved Software lifecycle management Constellation Source Code Repository SVN Defining features and requirements Word, whiteboard Issue tracker Mantis (Internal), Redmine (External) Customers and community report issues Hotline, Forum Unit testing and integration Junit, Jenkins Validation TestLink (manual tests), Internal Integration Test Framework
  6. 6. Motivation behind roadmaps o Why certain priorities have been set o More formal in elicitation, specification, and development Usability testing o Real-time feedback from customers/usage data o To know what features are used and how often Area of Improvement
  7. 7. Current Status and Future Works
  8. 8. The POC has been deployed in December o4 Data Collectors are running ( SVN, Jenkins,SonarCube,Redmine) apply to a sub project (bpmn features) of Modelio 3.7 development repository. oQR-Eval component is running and calculate some quality factors and strategic indicators. oThe Dashboard deployed and can be consulted internally But for now, we estimate than collected data are not revenants for our activity. Q-Rapids Product Deployment
  9. 9. First Evaluation Result Indicators Factors Metrics Tool Comments Product Quality Code Quality Complexity SonarQube Older version of SonarQube in our production environment.Comments Duplication Blocker Issues Last Build Success Jenkins Tests results are not consolidated by JenkinsTesting Status Test Success Test Performance Quality Issue Specification Well Defined Issues Jira Jira Jira is not used in our organization Well Defined Issues Redmine Redmine Blocking Software Stability Bugs Ratio Jira Jira Jira is not used in our organization Bugs Ratio Redmine Redmine Blocking Code Non Blocking Files SonarQube Older version of SonarCube
  10. 10. Sonar Cube oDeploy latest version of SonarQube in our organization. qr-connect evolutions : oTesting Tool : Development of a connector to collect Issues Data for Mantis bug tracker instead of Jira. oIssue Management Tool : Development of a connector to collect testing result form our internal test framework. Today, we thinks that we have the required information's to perform this tasks Estimate Release Date : May 2018 Problem Solving
  11. 11. Product Readiness : Provides high level information on product readiness for the next release. A product “ready to be released” is a product which implements the features planed in the release and without blocking issues. oInvolved Factors : Quality Issues specification, Testing Status, Software Stability oImprouvent : Replace Quality Issues specification with a new factor calculated for new deployed Project management tool ( Jira, OpenProject, …) New indicator related to customer usage of our product ? oDevelope a system which send customer logs informations to an analysis server. oCreate a connector which collect data based on log analysis of modelio clients. oWe are primary interested by row data related to customer usage of Modelio. Identification of New Strategic Indication
  12. 12. Issues and Further needs
  13. 13. In context of the development on 1 release of Modelio , we have : o40 Jenkins integration process o8 Source Code Repository o8 Sonar Cube projects o10 Project in Mantis Bug Tracker Data Aggregation of Several Data Sources Issue : We need a way to aggregate data form several data collectors / repository to 1 metrics
  14. 14. Issue : We work on several project on the same time (next release, patches for the version currently deploy, specific product branch for one of our customers) and we required a way to monitor this projects in parallel. Proposed Solution: oThe Dashboard should be able to present results aggregated by project. oAt each layer of the data collection process , row data , metrics , factors and indicators should be scoped by a project. Multiple Project Monitoring
  15. 15. Data Collector Administration Consequence of the 2 previous issues, we plan to have lot of data collectors running in order to collect metrics for all data sources involved in several parallel projects. oToday each of this data collector are a individual process. oThe life cycle of this process has to be manage manually. Have a way to manages automatically the life cycle of all of this data collector and be able to collect informations about her status should be a nice improvement for the Q-RAPIDS platform.