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Q-Rapids runtime data collect Softeam


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Collecting log data from Modelio - Q-Rapids use case

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Q-Rapids runtime data collect Softeam

  1. 1. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732253. Runtime Data Collect Softeam Collection of Log Data form Modelio
  2. 2. Modelio Log Collect Overview Modelio Client • Format and Filters Modelio logs • Manage Customer Acceptance • Log Anonymization Log Manager Q-Rapids Platform qr-connect Row Data Collector Log Aggregator http • Develop a Client side service which filter and format Modelio logs as Log Entry. • Aggregate logs entry form several Modelio Clients. • Develop a specific data collector to push logs entry data to Q-Rapids Platform
  3. 3. Modelio Log Collect Architecture • The filtering of logs on client side allow us to • Limit the quantity of data send by each Modelio client to what is needed • Allow customer to choice what data can be shared • Ensure Anonymization of data • Implementation of Communication and Log Aggregation based on JMS (ActiveMQ) • Good Scalability • Easy to deploy and to administrate • Open source implementation ActiveMQ JMS Broker Modelio Client Log Manager JMS Client HTTP Transport Layer ActiveMQ JMS Broker Modelio Log Data Collector JMS Client Log Entry Log Entry
  4. 4. Log Entry Format Property Type Description Example date Date Log Date 2018-04-20 11:02:18,622 severity String Severity level of the log : INFO/WARN/ERROR/TRACE INFO module String Name of the Modelio component which publish the log modelio.core event String Kind of event ( result o the log analysis ) PROJECT_OPENED event_context String Contextual information in relation with the event. Ex : in case of PROJECT_OPENED : the name of the project …. logData String Complete log description Closing the 'ModelerModule' project