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Q-Rapids Project intermediate results at Softeam


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Q-Rapids - Modelio Toolsuite case study

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Q-Rapids Project intermediate results at Softeam

  1. 1. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732253. Softeam Case Study WP5 : Modelio Toolsuite Case Study
  2. 2. SOFTEAM Group provides high-quality services and solutions in Strategy, Consulting, Finance, Digital, Big Data, Analytics, Performance and Operations. Softeam Group IT Consulting 10% Business Consulting 25% Technology Consulting 65% Capital 20+ M€ Sales 100+ M€ Staff 1K+ employees Investment Banking, Asset Management 50% Energy, Services 20% Retail banking 20% Insurance 10% LONDRES SINGAPOUR Toulouse TUNIS Senior engineers 650 Architects 250 .Net, JEE, C++, web, BI Architects, urbanists, experts, project managers, project directors
  3. 3. Modelio Toolsuite: Modeling tool supporting and integrating all the latest major modeling or methodology standards. oToolsuite developed by Softeam since January 2009. The Team Involved in Q-Rapids: 9 Peoples from Modelio development team Case study specificity oSingle long lifetime software product line. oMultiple product versions managed in parallel process. oSmall team resulting in a significant need for quality process automation. Case Study : Modelio Toolsuite
  4. 4. Main gains expected from Q-Rapids project : oManage Product line quality : quality assurance in multiple platforms, product and maintenance costs reduction. oHelp Product Orientation : Identify new feature to be develop and features that need to be reworked or extended based on the analysis on customers usages and issues. oHelp Decision to Release: Go / No Go to release a new feature which appropriate levels of quality. Decision based on issues tracing and integration test’s results. oAssessment of development process : Evaluation of the quality of the architecture / code delivered by developers and adaptation of the development process to ensure the long time sustainability of our product. Project Expectation
  5. 5. The Q-Rapids Proof of Concept toolsuite has been deployed in December on Modelio development team. oDeployment of the Q-Rapids Framework in our company. oDeployment and Configuration of data collectors apply to the Modelio developments repositories. oCalculation of Metrics from collected row data and aggregation of High level Quality Factors and Strategic Indicators. oDissemination of these indicators through the web dashboard. Proof of Concept Evaluation
  6. 6. Three people from Modelio team has been introduced to the usage of the dashboard and have been invited to provide feedbacks on the tools We have considered the Q-Rapids as usable and relevant for our work and are particularly interested by how Q-Rapids allow us to identify and deploy high- level quality indicators linked to our business. We suggested some areas of improvement : oSupport more complexe projet environnent composed by multiple repositories. oImprove the traceability between the Strategic Indicators and the row data used to calculate the indication. Evaluation Result
  7. 7. Implementation of specific data collectors in order to gather specific row data from Softeam : oExtraction of data from Mantis Issue Tracking : issue tracing tool use as communication media between development team and quality team during the development phase. oExtraction of data from Softeam internal automated test system which aggregates UI tests and high level functional tests. Identification of Metrics, Quality Factors and Strategic indicators relevant for Softeam in Modelio development process. Others Contributions to Q-Rapids
  8. 8. The analysis of our development process carried out with the help of the Q-Rapids WPs has led us to question several of our practices : oHow we formalise and how we manage the traceability of our requirements. oHow we monitor the advancement of project features implementation during a development sprint. The aggregated High Level indicators provided by the Q-Rapids framework offers us new perspectives in term of decision making during development process. Project Impact in Softeam organisation
  9. 9. Second Evaluation : Deployment of Q-Rapids solution to cover the entire development cycle of Modelio 3.9 Specialisation for the Q-Rapids framework to bring it closer to our industrial uses. Development of a runtime analysis system of customers usages and issues based on Modelio logs collected and classified. o Develop a client side service which filter and format Modelio logs. o Develop a logs aggregator server to collects remotes logs of hundred of Modelio Clients. Planed Contribution Modelio Client Q-Rapids Platform qr-connect Row Data Collector Log Aggregator http