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QQ Solutions: Our Story


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Find out how QQ Solutions' approach to agency management systems could help you increase revenue, save time and money, and improve agency operations.

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QQ Solutions: Our Story

  1. 1. About QQ SolutionsThe men and women changing the game ininsurance agency automation© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  2. 2. QQ Solutions is an extension of your business. Ourapproach is to consult and train customers on how touse a QQ Solution to increase revenue, save time andmoney and improve agency operations. We want ourcustomers to be successful, because their success isour success.Our Team is on Your Team© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  3. 3. To earn his computer engineering degree at University ofFlorida, Mark Malis developed an agency management systemcalled AutoFile for his father Gerry’s insurance agency.The product was so good that Gerry began to sell it and Marksupported it while he was still in college.How We Got StartedIn 1988 QuickQuote was founded to helpinsurance agencies close more business,and automate their operations.Soon after, QuickFile replaced AutoFileand the QuickQuote comparative autorater was launched.© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  4. 4. In 2009, we rebranded our company to better reflect our missionto provide innovative technology solutions for insurance agenciesnationwide.We changed our name from QuickQuote to QQ Solutions, andreleased two new products: QQ Evolution and QQ WebRater.Today, we are one of the largest providers of agencymanagement systems nationwide, with over 4,500 insuranceagency customers and over 20,000 users.QQ Solutions is also a leading provider of auto insurancecomparative rating systems in Florida and Texas.Maintaining Momentum© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  5. 5. The Mission TodayQQ Solutions mission is to help independent insuranceagencies compete in the digital world, by leveraging Webtechnology, mobile, social media, Internet marketing andreal-time services.We strive to delight our customers by exceeding theirexpectations in product quality, customer service, training &support, and by meeting their evolving needs through aprogram of continuous product development andimprovement incorporating the best available technologies.© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  6. 6. With innovation as our motivation, we recently developedQQ Catalyst - an innovative game changer for agencies using"traditional" management systems.QQ Catalyst is a mobile, full-featured Web-based agencymanagement system that adapts to the way you work.It helps you be more effective in customer acquisitions andretention, and to provide the best customer service to your clients.An Example of Innovation© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  7. 7. A catalyst is something that causes dramatic change – and that isthe epitome of this new software’s design philosophy andpurpose.Not only is Catalyst fully featured, but its intuitive design iscustomizable to match your optimal workflow.It has training modules integrated into every process you want todo. Anybody can learn Catalyst quickly and easily.Catalyst will make your agency more productive and efficient thanever before. Demos for QQ Catalyst are available frequently viawebinar.© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  8. 8. “Compared to other providers, QQ provides what is necessary torun a small to medium size agency. It provides for an ease ofdoing business without paper files.”— Christine Taylor, Executive Vice President of AssureAlliance“I would strongly encourage you to consider QQ.We absolutely have been very satisfied.”— Marty Robbins, Owner of Aspire Insurance AgencySee what other agencies have to say about QQQQ Testimonials© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  9. 9. QQ Solutions CaresAt QQ Solutions, we strive to provide something unique:a company that genuinely caresabout the success of its clients.Contact us today and learn how your insurance agencycan become more productive and efficient.sales@qqsolutions.com800.940.6600© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  10. 10. Connect With Us!Read our agency management blog for tips on marketing, sales, clientrelations, and much more.Join the conversation about insurance sales and agency management systemson our QQ Solutions Facebook page.Follow QQ Solutions on Twitter to get the latest updates about our products.Connect with QQ Solutions on LinkedIn as a business contact and follow us forcareer opportunities.Circle QQ Solutions on Google+ for images, news updates, and more.Watch the QQ Solutions YouTube channel for tutorials and demos.© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600