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QQ Catalyst: The Future of Agency Management


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Many agencies are still using traditional, cumbersome agency management systems that hold them back from reaching their potential. Find out how switching to QQ Catalyst, the latest in agency management systems, could help you work faster and smarter.

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QQ Catalyst: The Future of Agency Management

  1. 1. QQ CatalystThe Future of Insurance AgencyManagement Systems is Here!© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  2. 2. Insurance agencies today are often inundated withtasks, from finding leads to updating clients’ policies,and keeping up with renewals.When you add outdated technology into the mix,it not only slows down the amount of work gettingdone, it creates more work.The State of InsuranceAgencies Today© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  3. 3. Many agencies are still using traditional, cumbersomeagency management systems that actually hold themback. Here are some reasons why:• Steep learning curve for new employees.• Require substantial IT support.• No mobility and tie agents to the office.• Limited reporting.• No bi-lingual support.• Poor management of work-in-process and multitasking.Legacy Agency ManagementSystem Pain Points© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  4. 4. Adapting an agency management system that isdesigned to:• Streamline your workflow, with step-by-step guidancethrough important tasks.• Put important information about your agency at yourfingertips.• Offer you the ability to update clients’ policies anytime,anywhere, from any device.• Eliminate the need for IT support.A Smarter Solution© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  5. 5. An innovative agency management system, QQ Catalyst is all aboutsimplifying your work, not creating more of it.Catalyst features that will help you work faster and smarter include:• Completely Web-based• Real-time contact and policy management• Customizable dashboard• Easy multi-tasking with Catalyst’s exclusive “stack”• Guided workflows• Standard & custom reports• Print & email letters• Cloud-based file management• Downloads• Commission tracking & reconciliationIntroducing QQ Catalyst© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  6. 6. Catalyst’s innovative Dashboardallows you to choose from a library ofwidgets that let you see yourbusiness at a glance, including:• Active Policies: The totalnumber of dollars your agency ispulling in, displayed as a piechart and bar graph.• X-dates: Potential customerswhose policies are approachingexpiration.• Expiring Policies: Existingclients’ policies that areapproaching expiration.See the “Bigger Picture”© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  7. 7. With Catalyst’s exclusive“Stack”, you can work onmultiple tasks and switch amongthem. If you get interrupted, itallows you to save your workalong the way. Pick right backup where you left off withoutskipping a beat, even if youswitch to another device.Multi-Task With Ease© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  8. 8. Learn Catalyst as You Use it© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600Guided Workflows “walk” usersthrough each step of your everydaytasks, such as adding contacts,creating policies, generating reports,ACORD forms, and more.The system also uses context awareon-page videos, in-line help andtooltips to help you learn the systemas you use it – making it seamless toswitch from your old agencymanagement system to Catalyst.
  9. 9. Catalyst is completely web-based, with no software installation orsystem requirements.Catalyst runs on any device with a modern browser, including:• PCs• Macs• Tablets (e.g., iPad)• Smartphones (iOS or Android)So whether you’re running from place to place or jumping fromdevice to device, there’s finally an agency management system thatruns at your pace – fast.Run Your Agency On-the-Go© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  10. 10. After making the switch to Catalyst, we want to ensure you have allthe tools that you need to be successful. That’s why we offerongoing training, including:• On-Demand Training Videos: Step-by-step demonstrations ofnew features, key workflows and advanced techniques.• Webinars: View archived webinars that don’t just teach you howto better utilize our products. They offer insight on managementstrategies, marketing tips and technology advancements thatimpact agencies today.Ongoing Training© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  11. 11. About QQ SolutionsQQ Solutions is one of the largest providers of agency managementsystems nationwide.-More than 4,500 insurance agency customers-More than 20,000 users-Now in our 25th year of businessOur mission is to help independent insurance agencies compete in thedigital world, by leveraging Web technology, social media, Internetmarketing and real-time services.© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  12. 12. Take Your Agency FromGood to Great!QQ Solutions develops agency management systems andother automation solutions that do the heavy-lifting for you –letting you focus on helping your clients and growing yourbusiness.• QQ Catalyst – The latest in agency management systems,Catalyst is an innovative game changer that everyone in youroffice will love to use.• QQ WebRater – Get real-time auto insurance rates, fast and easy.© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600
  13. 13. Connect With Us!Read our agency management blog for tips on marketing, sales, clientrelations, and much more.Join the conversation about insurance sales and agency management systemson our QQ Solutions Facebook page.Follow QQ Solutions on Twitter to get the latest updates about our products.Connect with QQ Solutions on LinkedIn as a business contact and follow us forcareer opportunities.Circle QQ Solutions on Google+ for images, news updates, and more.Watch the QQ Solutions YouTube channel for tutorials and demos.© 2013 QQ Solutions, Inc. All rights | 800.940.6600