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QPS for Your Next Oncology Trial Whether you need clinical trials on chemotherapy agents, biologics, immunotherapies or other medications, QPS has the experience and resources to handle your trials and get your product to market.

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QPS Oncology Brochure

  1. 1. Oncology clinical trials the world over, have one name - QPS Fragile Lung High Breast Prostatepatients Biomarkers cancer mortality Cancer Cancer
  2. 2. CANCER - A GLOBALFOOTPRINTThe global burden of cancer continues to increase largelybecause of the aging and growth of the world populationalongside an increasing adoption of cancer-causing behaviors,particularly smoking, in economically developing countries. WHY An estimated 12.7 million new cancer cases were CHOOSE QPS diagnosed worldwide in 2008. TO CONDUCT YOUR ONCOLOGY TRIALS? Worldwide, an estimated 7.6 million deaths from cancer occurred in 2008. Knowledge and Experience = Expertise Lung, female breast, colorectal and stomach cancers were the most commonly diagnosed cancers, accounting for more than 40% of all cases. Lung, stomach, liver, colorectal and female breast cancers were the most common causes, accounting for more than half of all cancer deaths.CURRENTCHALLENGES QPS benefits from extensive experience, having conducted over 100 Phase I - IV Oncology studies. This experienceCancer continues to be a major cause of mortalityworldwide, necessitating the need for large scale covers a broad range of cancers including, but not limitedclinical trials. Clinical research in oncology presents a to, breast, head & neck, lung, and prostate cancer. Ournumber of challenges. Multiple new agents are being well-trained staff work together to produce high-qualityused for multiple new targets and managing this studies. QPS has a strong history of supporting clinicalrequires precise clinical expertise, in addition to research for new cancer medications in Asia, Europe andample facilities and abundant resources. Further the United States. We have the experience to take yourdealing with fragile patients who have undergone compound from the initial planning process, to collectingprevious treatment can be challenging. Patient clinical evidence, to registration. Our experience canrecruitment is another key strategic consideration,combined with an increase in the number of patients reduce your time to market and minimize your costs. QPSneeded to demonstrate that a therapy provides a will thoroughly plan your clinical study to get the right teamsignificant benefit for patients. and protocol in place to ensure your trial runs smoothly.
  3. 3. STUDY PARTICIPANTSFinding the right patients is critical for the success of your oncologytrials. QPS has a large worldwide database of investigators to ensurea high patient enrollment rate selected based on strict eligibilitycriteria. We have the capability of recruiting patients in countries witha high prevalence of cancers, especially lung and breast cancers.EXPERIENCED INVESTIGATORSQPS has developed significant relationships with the investigators thatconduct your clinical trials. These relationships provide strongfoundations for ensuring quality studies are performed. We take pridein the fact that we can utilize the skills of the most experiencedinvestigators for every clinical trial conducted by QPS.QPS FOR YOUR NEXT ONCOLOGY TRIALWhether you need clinical trials on chemotherapy agents, biologics,immunotherapy or other medications, QPS has the experience andresources to handle your trials and get your product to market.Should you want to discuss your questions in more detail with one ofour experts, please contact us directly at: info@qps.com
  4. 4. REFERENCES:1. http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/cancer-info/cancerstats/world/cancer-worldwide-the-global-picture2. Raina V. Doing cancer trials in India: opportunities and pitfalls. Ann Oncol 2005; 16(10): 1567-1568.3. Nandakumar A, Anantha N, Venugopal TC, Sankaranarayanan R, Thimmasetty K, Dhar M. Survival in breast cancer: a population based study in Bangalore, India. Int J Cancer. 1995; 60:593–6. PubMed4. National Cancer Registry Programme Consolidated report of the population based cancer registries 1990–1996. New Delhi: Indian Council of Medical Research; 2001.5. http://www.fxconferences.com/Meeting-the-Challenges-of-Global-Oncology-Trials-P72.aspxCorporate OfficeDelaware Technology Park, 3 Innovation Way, Suite 240, Newark, DE 19711Email: info@qps.com TEL: + 1 302 369 5601 FAX: + 1 302 369 56022012 QPS Holdings. All Rights Reservedwww.qps.com