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QNet presents Home Pure - 2011


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A revolutionary water filtration system that gives you Pi-Water (water that can be found in all living bodies including humans, animals and plants). A 7 step filtration system ensures you drink only the safest and most hygienic water at minimal cost. Available exclusively through QNet.

Available exclusively from QNet. Please visit for further information.

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QNet presents Home Pure - 2011

  1. 1. There  are  two  major  elements  in  the  home  that  can  directly  affect  our  health  and  the  way  we  feel  and  look.   • The  air  we  breathe • The  water  we  drink
  2. 2. Facts  About  Water • Makes  up  2/3  of  the  human  body   weight • Essen?al  for  the  cell  and  organ   func?ons  in  our  anatomy  &  physiology • The  daily  demand  of  water  for  our   human  body  is  2.5  –  3  litres
  3. 3. • We  take  only  500ml  of  water  daily  through   food• Maintains  hydra?on  important  for  physical   and  mental  performance• Ideally  should  be  clean  and  free  of   contaminants,  and  contain  healthful   minerals  to  ensure  proper  health  and   wellness
  4. 4.   In  this  day   and   age,   most  water   treatment   plants   were  built  in   a  ?me  when  many  modern-­‐day  pollutants  had  not  even  been   developed  yet.
  5. 5. Pollution from Different Sources Our drinking water
  6. 6. Water  Contaminants
  7. 7.     Water   purifica?on   is   the   process   of   removing   undesirable   chemicals,   materials,   and   biological   contaminants   from   raw   water.
  8. 8. Choosing  the  Right  
  9. 9. Comparing  Water  Filtra3on  Systems
  10. 10. Gives  You  Safe  and  Clean  Water • The   HomePure   system   provides   clean   drinking  water Feed water 100% bacteria freeFeed water Exclusively available from 10
  11. 11. Good  Minerals  Pass  Through,  Contaminants  Are  Kept  Out Ultra  Filtra?on   0.01  –  0.1  micron Exclusively available from 11
  12. 12. Gives  You  Good-­‐TasIng,   Odorless  Water • HomePure   water   is   smoother,   fresher   and   beOer-­‐tas?ng • Filters  through  an  ac?vated  carbon  blockAcIvated   carbon   block
  13. 13. There  are  500  grams  of  carbon  in  a  HomePure  Water  Purifier ~  1  ha = Filtra?on  surface  of 1  Gram  of  Ac?vated  Carbon 1  football  field Exclusively available from 14
  14. 14. HomePure  Water  is  Pi-­‐Water • Discovered  in  1964  by  Dr.  Akihiro  Yamashita • It  is  water  that  can  be  found  in  all  living  bodies  including  humans,     animals  and  plants.   • Successfully  created  bio-­‐water  with  special  proper?es  that     helped  plants  thrive  well  beyond  normal  expecta?ons • Water  very  similar  to  your  living  body  water   • It  reduces  oxida?on  damage
  15. 15. HomePure  water  is  Pi-­‐Water • Similar  to  water  in  our  living  body • Protects  living  body  from  harmful  substances • Suppresses  oxidiza?on Kirlian photograph of the aura radiated from ceramic Aura picture of Pi-water in a test tube embedded with Pi-water information. The black spot in the center is a 5mm-diameter ceramic ball. Exclusively available from 15
  16. 16. User-­‐friendly  Design• Sleek,   modern   and   func?onally   designed• One-­‐way   stainless   steel   flexible   pipe
  17. 17. Easy  InstallaIon  and   Filter  Cartridge   Replacement• Countertop  filter• No   professional   plumbing   or   tools  needed• AOach  directly  to  the  main   faucet
  18. 18. Smart  Indicator• Flickering  Blue  LED   Normal  flow.     1  –  11  months    or  0-­‐4,008  litres• Flickering  Red  LED   Filter  replacement  is  needed  within  1  month.     11-­‐12  months  or  4,008-­‐4,320  litres
  19. 19. Smart  Indicator• Flickering  Red  LED  and  beeping   The  filter  has  to  be  changed  immediately.   11  months  and  3  weeks-­‐12  months  or  4,296-­‐4,320  litres• Flickering    Yellow  LED  and  Beeping     The  baFeries  have  to  be  changed  immediately.
  20. 20. Smart  Indicator• All  LEDs  Flickering   Overflow.  Close  valves  and  check  the  filter.• No  Flickering  LEDs  and  No  Beeping   LifeLme  of  the  filter  is  finished.   12  months  or  4,320  litres
  21. 21. No  Electricity  Needed• HomePure  is  a  mechanical   ultrafiltra?on  unit  that  does  not   need  electricity
  22. 22. World-­‐Class  Quality • German  Engineering • Japanese  Technology • Korean-­‐made
  23. 23. 7-­‐Stage  Filtration  System 1.    Sediment  pre-­‐filter 7. Antibacterial              Silver-­‐lite  stone2. Activated  carbon              block  filter 6. Ultrafiltration     hollow  fibre   3. Activated  carbon     membrane            ceramic  balls 5. Tourmaline  4. Pi-­‐water  ceramic              ceramic  balls            from  Japan
  24. 24. 7-­‐Stage  FiltraIon  System   Seven  filter  stages  are  combined  into  one  single  filter  cartridge   The  well-­‐selected  filter  media  and  its  specifica?ons  allow   for  a   clean  and  safe  filter  performance  that   ensures  water  is   purified   and  filtered
  25. 25. I. Sediment  Pre-­‐filter     Made  of  PE  net  and  two-­‐layered  non-­‐woven  fabric   material,  the  pre-­‐filter  effec?vely  filters  suspended   solids  such  as  rust  residues,  mud,  and  sand  larger  than   5  micron  (5/1000  mm). Func?on:  Removes  rust  and  sediments   larger  than  5  micron
  26. 26. II.  AcIvated  Carbon  Block  Filter   The  HomePure  carbon  block  filter  with  developed  technology   provides  greater  chemical  absorp?on  and  mechanical   filtra?on.  The  HomePure  ac?vated  carbon  block  also  comprises   a  larger  filter  surface  area,  which  is  more  efficient  than  a   Granulated  Ac?vated  Carbon  (GAC)  filter,  thus  providing  beOer   absorp?on  of  contaminants.   Func?on:  Removes  97%  of  chlorine,  99%  of   turbidity,  99%  of  the  total  46  types  of  VOC   (Vola?le  Organic  Compounds),  TTHMs   (Trihalomethane  ≤  0.1  mg/L),  and/or  the   other  chemicals  in  Table  17  of  NSF  53   (refer  to  User  Manual)
  27. 27. III.  AcIvated  Carbon  Ceramic  Balls The  ac?vated  carbon  ceramic  balls  are  made  as  special  coa?ng   balls  at  a  low-­‐temperature  process  under  very  technical  and   delicate  methods  to  keep  all  the  benefits  func?oning  inside.   The  balls  are  responsible  for  improving  the  taste  of  your  water,   promo?ng  excellent  absorp?on  and  deodorisa?on. Func+on:  Remove  97%  of  chlorine,  99%  of   turbidity,  99%  of  the  total  46  types  of  VOC   (Vola?le  Organic  Compounds),  TTHMs   (Trihalomethane  ≤  0.1  mg/L),  and/or  the   other  chemicals  in  Table  17  of  NSF  53  (refer   to  User  Manual);  reduce  bad  taste  and   odour.
  28. 28. IV.  Pi-­‐Water  Ceramic  from  Japan The  Pi-­‐water  ceramic  neutralises  the  adverse  effects  of   ac?ve  oxygen,  preven?ng  the  ac?on  of  hazardous  ions,  and   controlling  the  oxida?on  reduc?on  reac?on. Func?on:  Suppresses  oxida?on  and   disintegra?on.   This  claim  has  not  been  evaluated  by   NSF  Interna8onal,  and  is  not  supported   by  the  NSF  Cer8fica8on  of  this  product/ component.
  29. 29. V.  Tourmaline  Ceramic  BallsThe  tourmaline  ceramic  balls  reduce  water  clustering  and  have  an?bacterial  and  deodorising  quali?es  that  improve  water  filtra?on.  They  help  give  water  a  good  taste  and  are  a  good  source  of  mineral  microelements  that  are  beneficial  for  wellness.    Func?on:  Reduce  water  clustering;  an?bacterial;  deodorise,  ionise  and  alkalise  water
  30. 30. VI.  UltrafiltraIon  Hollow  Fibre  MembraneAs  the  size  of  the  smallest  bacteria  is  0.2  to  0.3  micron  (a  hair  size  is  around  70-­‐140  micron),  the  HomePure  Ultrafiltra?on  (UF)  membrane  ensures  the  reduc?on  of  bacteria  and  microscopic  impuri?es  due  to  its  hollow  fibre  membrane  having  a  pore  size  ranging  from  0.01  to  0.1  micron.  However,  the  UF  membrane  allows  the  passing  through  of  beneficial  water  minerals. Func?on:  Removes  100%  of  total  coliform   and  E.  Coli;  reduces  bacteria  and  microscopic   impuri?es
  31. 31. VII.  AnIbacterial  Silver-­‐lite  StoneMade  of  inorganic  compound  materials,  the  an?bacterial  Silver-­‐lite  stone  is  effec?ve  in  preven?ng  bacteria  and  algae  growth  due  to  its  Silver  ions  (Ag+)  that  move  throughout  the  filter.  Hence,  the  remaining  water  in  the  filter  does  not  become  contaminated  and  bacteria  are  prevented  from  re-­‐entering  the  filter.     Func?on:  An?bacterial;  cleans  water;   prevents  algae  growth
  32. 32. Product  Tests  &  Cer3fica3onsSince 1944, NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company™, is an independent, non-profitorganisation committed in making the world a safer place for consumers by certifying products and writingstandards for food, water and consumer goods.NSF is the only third-party testing organisation to undertake a complete evaluation of every aspect of aproduct’s development before it can earn the NSF Certification. Products bearing the NSF Mark areassured to have undergone extensive product testing and material analysis to comply with strict standardsimposed by NSF and its product certification programmes.
  33. 33. Product  Tests  &  Cer3fica3ons• System tested and certified by NSF International • TÜV SÜD PSB, Singapore (Test Report: against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and 53 for the 719165835-CHM10-EKH) reduction of Taste/Odour, Chlorine, Turbidity, VOC • KEWWI Korea Environment & Water Works• One sample of water filter branded: HomePure has Institute, Korea been tested by SIRIM • Consolidated Laboratory (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia• QAS International Sdn Bhd. Sample of water after filtration was collected and has been tested for certain elements in the Twenty-Fifth Schedule of Food Regulations 1985. For details, please refer to Test Report No. 2010KL0408 dated 31st March 2010