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> D ModQ StylScarf  Guid 
Adƒ Q new twisIJ tî lif witÁ thes ®ç fashioç tipĥ! 
Arounƒ th NecÖ – Keepinµ IIJ CðŎ 
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The De Moda Scarf Style Guide


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Check out these fun and fashionable ways to wear a De Moda scarf by Adiva Divine - exclusively available from

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The De Moda Scarf Style Guide

  1. 1. > D ModQ StylScarf  Guid Adƒ Q new twisIJ tî lif witÁ thes ®ç fashioç tipĥ! Arounƒ th NecÖ – Keepinµ IIJ CðŎ Nothing says cosy like a De Moda scarf wrapped snugly around your neck. This style also lets you rock it out like a country star with a simple comfy knot. Arounƒ th NecÖ – Keepinµ IIJ Classir The simplest way to wear a De Moda scarf is also the simplest way to add an elegant vibrance to your wardrobe. Acrðĥ th Shoulderĥ Aĥ Q Headbanƒ The asymmetrical shoulder wrap brings a contemporary feel that can be pulled off as either casual or dressy and will always be quite the stunner. Give your hair that extra flair with this clean, simple style, or twist it up by setting your headband in a top knot. Aĥ Q BelIJ Arounƒ Q HaIJ Add instant jazz to your outfit with a snazzy De Moda scarf belt. Great for accentuating shorts, trousers, loose shirts and dresses with one whirl around the waist. Spruce up your headgear with a wide brim wrap, and maybe tie it into a bow for a finish that’s brimming with sweetness. ?eƒ tî Your Baµ Your bag is just as big a part of your fashion statement as everything else you wrap yourself in. Tie your De Moda scarf into a handle knot and let your bag speak. Your D ModQ Scarveĥ The Pretty Me scarf represents everything sweet. Its soft delicate texture perfectly complements its delicate pink flower pattern reminding her of how special she is. Effortlessly lightweight, the geometric pattern of the Chic Me scarf expresses the understated and crisp style of the urban princess allowing her to feel on top of her game. Carefully patterned using flowing splashes of colour, the Trendy Me scarf aims to bring out the streak of perfection from the woman in vogue. D ModQ bŎ AdivQ Divin. Your Scarf, Your pressioç.