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Berry Xtreme, Energising Antioxidant Goodness!


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Berry Xtreme of the LifeQode brand is an explosion of energising antioxidant goodness! It contains ingredients that have the highest antioxidant capacities. Exclusively available from QNET!

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Berry Xtreme, Energising Antioxidant Goodness!

  1. 1. Berry Xtreme is an explosion of energising antioxidant goodness! It contains ingredients that have the highest antioxidant capacities (highest ORAC* scores). It is a delicious and healthy supplement that contains no artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or added sugar. *ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities in biological samples. COMBAT FREE RADICALS WITH ANTIOXIDANTS FROM SUPER FRUITS!
  2. 2. KEY INGREDIENTS Maqui Berry • A “superberry” due to superior antioxidant properties (delphinidins) • Has highest ORAC value (28,200) among berries • 7 times richer than acai berry Grape Seed Extract • Flavonoid antioxidant naturally synthesised as a defense mechanism to protect against invading fungi Acerola • Significant source of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), which strengthens the immune system Blueberry • Good source of Vitamin K • High levels of antioxidants which neutralise free radicals • Rich in fibre Raspberry • “Nature’s candy”, most consumed berry in the world • Rich in antioxidants Cranberry • An all-star food w/ powerful protective phytonutrients to fight infections & bacteria
  3. 3. KEY BENEFITS Supports cardiovascular health Enhances immune system Increases joint mobility Promotes skin health Rich in antioxidants Anti-inflammatory Boosts energy
  4. 4. Berry Xtreme contains potent antioxidants that act against the five most important free radicals found in the human body. Ultrafine powder for easy consumption and better bio availability. No synthetic vitamins or minerals. No added sugar. No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. No harmful additives. What makes Berry Xtreme unique? Who should use Berry Xtreme? All-natural energising antioxidant.  Ideal for everyone above 12 years old.
  5. 5. PREPARATION & USAGE 1. Mix Berry Xtreme in 120 mL water at room temperature. 2. Stir well and consume immediately. 3. Blend into low fat yogurt or a refreshing smoothie, as preferred. 4. For best results, consume after every meal. High quality GMP standards of manufacturing / HACCP / ISO 9001 Formulated in USA by Vespro Life Science LLC, Kansas, USA.
  6. 6. CAUTION Refrain from consuming if you have history of allergies to the ingredients indicated. Consult your physician before consuming Berry Xtreme if you are or think you may be pregnant, lactating, or on prescribed medications. This product is not intended to diagnose or prevent any diseases.