QNB employees success stories at qcf


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QNB employees success stories at qcf

  1. 1. Press Release QNB employees recruited at last year at Qatar Career Fair Reveal their Success StoriesDoha, 4 April 2012 – QNB employees who were recruited to the Bank based ontheir applications at last year’s Qatar Career Fair have been speaking about theirsuccess stories at this year’s edition of the Qatar Career Fair.Abdullah Al Maliki, a human resources officer, and Maha Al Dosari, a client relationsofficer at the Bank, where among the successful candidates who were present atQNB’s stand at the Career Fair.Abdullah Al Maliki spoke about how his career path has taken him full circle and isnow able to guide potential candidates at this year’s career fair, having been anapplicant a year ago. He said one of the reasons QNB stood out as an employer tohim was the keen interest and professionalism demonstrated by his recruiters,which he aims to emulate at this year’s fair to help applicants understand the manyopportunities available at QNB Group.Their level of professionalism, he said, demonstrated the Bank’s strong corporateculture and commitment to providing Qatari citizens with potential opportunities forpersonal and professional growth, catered to their academic degrees, aptitude andcareer preferences.Soon after last year’s Qatar Fair, Abdullah was contacted by QNBs Human Capitaldepartment with an offer. Today he is representing QNB at this year’s fair.Maha Al Dosari, a client relations officer at the Bank, is another success story.
  2. 2. Maha submitted a job application at the Banks pavilion at last year’s Career Fair.She said the Bank’s trained Human Capital officers helped her apply for a job thatsuited her qualifications and personality and soon after her personal interview, wasappointed a client relations officer.After having completed her induction process, Maha began working at the Bank.She spoke highly of the support and encouragement she received from the Bank’smanagers and officers.Maha has also been keen to develop her professional skills and has attendedspecialized courses at the Bank’s Training and Development centre. She admiresthe respect and consideration that all employees receive and the precise trainingprovided to new employees to prepare them for various highly challenging rolesacross the QNB Group.Maha said QNB’s approach to supporting national candidates is one of the reasonswhy the Bank enjoys the highest percentage of Qatari nationals in the local bankingsector. She said this is supplemented by the Bank’s clear appreciation of the roleswomen can fulfill in the Banking sector, by providing them with full rights and allthe incentives and support they need to access leadership positions.Maha and Abdullah invite all interested Qatari citizens to visit the Bank’s stand atthe Career Fair to understand the many attractive job opportunities on offer at theleading financial institution in the country which is keen on developing morenational talent. **End**