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Qsync central station 2.0


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The brief of new QNAP Qsync Central Station 2.0

Published in: Devices & Hardware
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Qsync central station 2.0

  1. 1. Qsync Central Station 2.0 2015 Nov. 19th 2015 Nov. 16
  2. 2. Qsync Central Station - Synchronizes multiple devices and NAS - Use your web browser on your mobile device to view synchronized files - Your private Dropbox – free, more space! Easy to share!
  3. 3. Qsync Central Station • Resources – Video Intro • • – Webinar •
  4. 4. Centralized Qsync Management Station • Simple, unified, centralized Qsync Client Management - Qsync Client configuration from your web browser Center Control Admin Modify Setting Use Admin Key to Modify Setting Center Control Qsync Client
  5. 5. x2 TimesFor single user Improved Performance • Our newly engineered database and synchronization algorithm hugely improves performance while reducing client device load x20 Times For team folder with 24 user
  6. 6. Fully Synchronized Shared Folders • Synchronizing shared folders enables efficient collaboration from multiple devices
  7. 7. Remotely Erase • Isolate and remotely erase the content in synchronized folder without breaking the synchronization chain - When the lost device is found, easily and remotely restore the data to that device
  8. 8. Supported Devices
  9. 9. Live Demo
  10. 10. Management Settings • The flexibility – centralizing the users’ preferences • Administration only
  11. 11. User Management • Create a user who can access and shows how many devices possessed by the user • The connection status and setup share folder access right
  12. 12. Device Management • Remotely erase content in device for safety purpose • Delete or look up a device
  13. 13. Team Folder • Share a folder as a team folder for other team members • Grant the members to access your shared team folder • Accept, or deny a shared team folder that someone shared to you
  14. 14. Version Control • Keep up to 64 previous saved versions • Download a version or restore from previous version
  15. 15. Thank You