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QNAP 2016 Partner Day Training - Part 2


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This is the presentation file we used in the partner day event for sales training.

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QNAP 2016 Partner Day Training - Part 2

  1. 1. Network Attached Storage Target Applications and Partner Program
  2. 2. Agenda • Real User Video • Target Applications • Partner Program overview • Q&A
  3. 3. Hey Guy Media Challenges • Needs a portable storage • Needs a big storage Volume • Needs to be fast and able to have multiple people accessing the data
  4. 4. The Solution TVS-871T
  5. 5. Hey Guy Media uses the QNAP TVS-871T at the Shell Eco-marathon
  6. 6. Cantina Creative Challenges • Needs a Large Storage Volume • Needs be Fast • Needs to be Affordable
  7. 7. The Solution TS-EC2480U-E3-4GE-R2-US REXP-1620U-RP-US
  8. 8. Cantina Creative Cantina Creative founders Sean Cushing and Stephan Lawes explain why they chose QNAP for there visual effects and design studio storage. QNAP's dual 10GbE speed and Thunderbolt 2 RAID technology is ideal for large visual effects files.
  9. 9. 9 9 Government Defense Production Retail Education Who uses QNAP?
  10. 10. Target Applications and Solution Cases
  11. 11. Windows PC Backup Apple Time Machine Backup CIFS WebDAV AFP Applications #1 – Backup Storage (1) • Backup Storage o Back up Windows PC and Apple Time Machine
  12. 12. Employee’s Exiting the company Employee’s Data Storage Sever to retain exit employee Data for up to 180 days
  13. 13. Applications #1 – Backup Storage (2) Compatible with Most Backup Software 3rd Party backup software:  VEEAM  Commvault  Acronis® True Image  CA® ARCserve backup  Retrospect®  Symantec® Backup Exec
  14. 14. Fact: Coca Cola owns multiple Data Centers Challenge How do we move 40TB of data to the new Data Center? Without taking weeks
  15. 15. Solution TVS-EC1080+  Local backup the Data, from the local data through 10GbE  The 40TB backup took about 24 hours over the local 10GbE network  Once the backup is done, We packed it up and ship to overnight to the remote Data Center.  Upload the data into remote Data Center in less then a week.
  16. 16. • RTRR – Replicate important files from one NAS to another NAS across network by schedule or in real-time • Rsync – Back up data to a remote standard Rsync server on a scheduled basis Backup to Cloud –  Amazon® S3  Amazon Glacier  Microsoft® Azure  ElephantDrive®  Dropbox®  Google® Drive Applications #1 – Backup Storage (3) • NAS to NAS Backup Remotely (by RTRR) • Backup to 3rd Party Cloud Storage • Hybrid Cloud Deployment • Snapshot Replica
  17. 17.  BMW has around 350 Dealers in the USA. All the dealers are individual owned.  BMW have firmware updates for their vehicles.  The firmware updates files size are over 1GB at times.  BMW HQ would also like to keep some of the data from BMW vehicles being serviced.
  18. 18. Solution TS-469 PRO  The flexibility of the QNAP allows BMW creates its own App that would automatically download any firmware updates from BMW HQ  Then at the same time the car maintenance record is also RTRR over to BMW HQ
  19. 19. Remote Office PC-based DVR DVR or NVR Applications #2 – Video Surveillance (1) o NAS as the Storage Expansion Solution for DVR or NVR Main Office NFS iSCSI CIFS RTRR rSync Remote Replication
  20. 20. Applications#2 – Video Surveillance (2) o Affordable Storage Solution for 3rd party VMS server or NVR o Affordable Storage Solution for Camera with VMS o Affordable Server Solution for 3rd party VMS Camera StorageVMS Ex: Digifort, Milestone Or other NVR NAS
  21. 21. Uses Mobotix Camera for their Retail Store They were storing the video footage directly off the SD Card Now they want to keep the footage for more 30 days
  22. 22. Solution  To keep the cost down, we kept the use of the Mobotix VMS software and just point the camera directly to the QNAP NAS via NFS or SMB/CIFS TS-231+
  23. 23. • DVR-like Experience: Local Display/ Live Monitoring thru HDMI • Complete Turnkey Recording System 1080p @ 200 FPS Storage VMS Applications #2 – Video Surveillance (3)  QNAP Surveillance Station Pro – the VMS app on QNAP NAS
  24. 24. Looking to update their Security System The Ideal system they are looking for 1. Remote monitoring so Loss Prevention can access the camera at any given time 2. The unit has to be small to be able to fit in the back office also lockable 3. Needs to support 8 camera to prevent employee and customer theft 4. Needs enough storage to keep for at least 30 days 5. Needs to replicate the footage back to HQ
  25. 25. Solution  We used the TS-269 PRO for the solution  Loss Prevention now have the access to Camera at any given time  The unit was small enough to be put inside their office lockable IT Box  Provide enough storage for up 30 days
  26. 26. A Closer Look 180 View Camera Camera for POS monitoring
  27. 27. 180 Degree View for the Sales Floor Coverage
  28. 28. Every single transaction is being recorded from Top
  29. 29. The NAS is locked in this IT Case where employee have no access to it.
  30. 30. Applications #3 – Video Storage (1) Large Capacity for Video Backup/Storage o Video Editing, Post Production Studio, TV Station o Photographers/ Videographers
  31. 31. Applications #3 – Video Storage (2) Video Editing and Post Production o Thunderbolt DAS+ NAS Example: VFX Studio Cantina Creative Bandito Brothers Customer since 2011
  32. 32. Applications #3 – Video Storage (3) QNAP is designed for videographers… DaVinci ResolveAdobe Premiere FCPX
  33. 33. What Video Professionals Really Need Vital Features to Protect Your Video Assets from Loss
  34. 34. Recommended Models For 10 GbE Connectivity
  35. 35. HypervisorHypervisor Hypervisor QNAP NAS 10GbE Switch NFS iSCSI VAAI Applications #4- Virtualization Storage  QNAP as a Datastore for “Server Virtualization Environment”  QNAP NAS is the most affordable Virtualization Storage  VMware Ready Certified  Citrix Ready Certified  Microsoft Hyper-V Compatible
  36. 36. NAS Virtualization Station VM VM VM Applications #5- As an Application Server QNAP’s NAS can host multiple VM(virtualization machine) on the same NAS storage device. (ex. Windows, Linux VMs)
  37. 37. • Data Collection • Storage & Backup • Data Analysis Vending machine Price tag Retail ATM/ Banking •Railroad/ •Transportation •Medical •Healthcare •Energy •Infrastructure Internet of Things Applications #6- IoT Server
  38. 38. Many different work groups that is working on projects needs storage Even at Amazon not everything can be push to the Amazon S3
  39. 39. Solution The TDS-16489U now give Amazon Lab 126 enough storage for multiple work group. The TDS-16489U also is powerful enough for groups to work off their latest project through container station TDS-16489U
  40. 40. Acts as a home media storage center  Plex Media Server  Airplay  DLNA  HDMI local display  Well Integrated with Control 4 & Crestron Applications #7 – Home Theater Center
  41. 41. Partner Program Introduction, Benefit, Rebate, Loaner unit, NFR, Deal Reg, Reseller Locator
  42. 42. Introducing WHY JOIN Q-PARTNER?  Performance-based Incentives/Rebates  Support  Sales Tools
  43. 43. Q-Partner Reseller Program Benefits
  44. 44. Who Qualifies to Join Q-Partner?  Q-Partner, the QNAP Reseller Partner Program is designed to recognize and reward our US-based partners whose primary business involves conducting face- to-face sales and consulting in NAS storage.  All online e-tailers and those NOT purchasing from our authorized distributors are not eligible to participate.  QNAP provides all the tools, training, support, and resources you need to increase your profitability and advance your business. Q-Partner also offers an incentive system that rewards your performance as your sales continue to grow.
  45. 45. Q-Partner Program Level Registered Partner  This level is for partners that sells QNAP occasionally and are interested in starting and building a relationship with QNAP. Registered Partners have access to online sales and marketing resources to promote QNAP NAS products. Premier Partner  Premier Partners offer customers a variety of value-added services, including extensive expertise in niche markets, application solutions, and integration. Premier Partners have a solid commitment to promoting and selling QNAP storage technology and developing a long-term partnership. Premier Partners also have access to Co-op Marketing Support from QNAP
  46. 46. Rebate Program QNAP provides backend rebates to Reseller at the end of each Quarter. How it will process and pay?  The rebates will be send in form of a check to the reseller company. Each quarter there will be different backend rebate promotion going on. Please frequently check the reseller portal for updates.
  47. 47. Rebate Program Current Qualifying Models and Rebate Amounts  In the reseller portal you will see the current quarter rebate for each sku. Also you will see qualifying items that will have instant rebates + backend. Please check the reseller portal for update programs.
  48. 48. Rebate Program (cont’d) To receive the rebate you must purchase from one of our qualified distributors in the USA qualified distributors Ingram Micro Synnex Ma Lab ASI D&H Note: You must be a Systems Integrator or VAR and provide face to face sales to receive rebates.
  49. 49. Loaner Unit The QNAP Loaner program can be purchased through distribution. The reseller can issue a PO to the distribution noting that it is loaner/demo. The reseller/end customer has 60 days to eval the unit. After EVAL the reseller can request to QNAP Sales for the RMA # to request for full credit return. To request a loaner, please provide the following information to your QNAP Sales: • Client’s information • Description of the test purpose • Model you are requesting • Will loaner lead to future QNAP purchase? (Yes/No)
  50. 50. NFR(Not For Resell) Program Increase your sales opportunities with the latest in home and business storage solutions! QNAP Resellers are offered a deeply-discounted from QNAP directly. Please contact QNAP directly ( and acquire a NFR Units • Model the list from partner portal • what kind application demo or test Note: If you need additional unit for testing, please contact your QNAP sales
  51. 51. NFR(Not For Resell) Program (cont’d) All current models of eligible for a 30% discount from MSRP • All units’ availability will depend on available stock • Each reseller may purchase only ONE unit per year * QNAP reserves the rights to update current models, discount rate and MSRP without notice. **If you need additional units, please contact your QNAP sales
  52. 52. NFR(Not For Resell) Program Increase your sales opportunities with the latest in home and business storage solutions! QNAP Resellers are offered a deeply-discounted from QNAP directly. Please contact directly to QNAP Sales to acquire a NFR Units All current models of eligible for a 30% discount from MSRP Each reseller may purchase only one unit. If need additional please let your QNAP sales manager.
  53. 53. Deal Registration Program QNAP is committed to the success of its channel resellers and values the investment needed to find new sales opportunities. The Deal Registration Program rewards and protects resellers who proactively promote QNAP products to their customers.
  54. 54. Deal Registration Program Registration Process  Channel resellers must register their deals via downloadable form and email the form back to  The assigned QNAP Account Manager will approve or deny the registration request in short period of time.  If the deal expires and is not renewed, the opportunity cannot be reregistered again for at least four months from the expiration date
  55. 55. Deal Registration Program Requirement  There is no minimum unit requirement.  The Deal Reg helps protect the opportunity that you are working on. Once the deal is register based on the end customer. The deal/project pricing will be offer out to the reseller who came register 1st.  Every opportunity you bring in will have a special front end rebate. The rebate amount will be based on model and quantities. To deal reg you may download the deal form from our reseller portal or ask one of the QNAP Sales for the form.
  56. 56. Reseller Locator
  57. 57. Thank you Copyright ©2016 QNAP Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Contact: Reseller Resource: QNAP
  58. 58. Q & A