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Introducing the World's First Thunderbolt Hybrid NAS


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Learn more about the Thunderbolt Hybrid NAS,TVS-871

The QNAP TVS-871T is the world’s first Thunderbolt™ DAS/NAS/iSCSI SAN triple solution. With the incredible power of Thunderbolt 2 to double the speed potential to 20 Gbps, simultaneous 4K video transfer and display is enabled with considerable cost effectiveness. It’s also a perfect match for Thunderbolt-equipped Mac users for 4K workflows, file storage and high-speed sharing.

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Introducing the World's First Thunderbolt Hybrid NAS

  1. 1. Introducing the World’s First Thunderbolt™ Hybrid NAS Presented by: Hernan Lopez
  2. 2. Current Products in the Market  Block-based DAS (Direct Attached Storage)
  3. 3. Challenges Today Using a DAS Direct attached storage used today :  USB External HDD / e.g. WD, Seagate drives, Toshiba  RAID drives / e.g. LaCie, G-technology, OWC  USB sticks / e.g. SanDisk, Kingston, PNY 1. Inability to share files  Have to physically move the drives in order to share 2. Inability to centralize files  Multiple drives lay around and not organized 3. Inability to remote access  Cannot access files on-the-go / or working remotely
  4. 4. Challenges of using a NAS Speed!!  Common network speed  10 GbE (Very expensive)  1 GbE ( Was slower than a DAS)
  5. 5. Speed is Key High-performance I/O throughput 20Gb/s Thunderbolt 2 *Current* 10Gb/s Thunderbolt 5GB/s USB 3 .8GB/s FireWire 800 .5GB/s USB 2
  6. 6. Our Solution – Thunderbolt™ NAS  DAS + NAS = Solution to all  Thunderbolt 2 speeds  Sharable across network via SMB/AFP/FTP protocols  Remote access  Expandable (expansion units) TVS-871T –Thunderbolt 2 NAS Expansion Units TX-500P/TX-800P Thunderbolt 2 JBOD 8-bay 5-bay8-bay
  7. 7. TVS-871T is a File-based DAS  Plug & Play without complex settings  Directly attach between NAS and PC/ Mac  Access shared folders via Thunderbolt 2 connectivity TVS-871T
  8. 8. Why the Thunderbolt™ NAS  Faster transfer speeds  Direct attached to your computer  Mac  Late 2013 and later -> Thunderbolt 2 capable  Mid 2011 ~ Late 2012 -> Thunderbolt 1  Windows (selected high-end models)  More cost-effective  10GbE environment requires >$1500 + to set up  Thunderbolt connection is essentially free
  9. 9. Available in 2 Models  TVS-871T 8-bay NAS:  TVS-871T-i5-16G: Core i5, 16GB RAM, Thunderbolt 2 port * 2  TVS-871T-i7-16G: Core i7, 16GB RAM, Thunderbolt 2 port * 2
  10. 10. More Specs CPU TVS-871-i5-16G: Quad-core Intel® Core™ i5-4590S 3.0GHz TVS-871-i7-16G: Quad-core Intel® Core™ i7-4790S 3.2GHz Hardware Encryption Engine Yes (AES-NI) Memory Total: 16GB Flash Memory 512MB DOM Thunderbolt2™ Ports 2 x Thunderbolt high-speed ports * Thunderbolt cord not included Hard drive 8 x 3.5"or 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s, SATA 3Gb/s hard drive or SSD LAN Port 2 x 10 Gigabit port (10GBase-T) 4 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet port USB 3 x USB 3.0 2 x USB 2.0 PCIe Slot 2 (1 x PCIe Gen3 x 9, 1* PCIe Gen2 x 4) Note: 2 PCIe slots are occupied by a Thunderbolt 2 card and a 10Gbe adapter
  11. 11. Quick Comparison
  12. 12. How it Works: IP over Thunderbolt  Thunderbolt 2 cable can run all network services including FTP, file share. But if it’s not enough…  2 x Thunderbolt™2 ports  2 x 10GbE ports  4 x 1GbE Ethernet port
  13. 13. Challenges of the Creatives  Photography  Multiple external hard drives laying around  Hard to fine particular photos / photo shoots  Post-production  Time consuming when sharing files  Large files / sometimes 10+GBs per file, requiring lots of storage  Film  Multiple outings for shoots/filming require on the go. Uses rugged external HDD  Advertising  Art directors have to work with Thunderbolt speeds, but still have challenges to share quickly with creative directors / clients
  14. 14. Example Workflow of a Photographer Photo shoot Read files From SD card Save a copy of raw file to external HDD Edit raw files And save edited files Share files… via? Cloud services, or hard drive USB stick Challenges: • May end up with many external HDD • Data Protection (disk failure) • Spread out copies everywhere • Ability to share files
  15. 15. Thunderbolt™ NAS Workflow Photo shoot Upload raw files from SD to Thunderbolt NAS Backup extra copies of raw images on Thunderbolt NAS. Edits raw images with Thunderbolt speeds with Thunderbolt NAS SHARE 1. via direct download links for clients, managers to review. 2. Within the network via Ethernet 3. Via 2nd thunderbolt port to another Mac/Thunderbolt-ready computer BACKUP TO CLOUD SERVICES CHALLENGES SOLVED • Centralize files in one place • Data protected by RAID (in case of hard drive failure) • Disaster prevention – lets you backup the files on the NAS to Cloud services, other NAS, external drives • Easily share files
  16. 16. Dual Thunderbolt Ports 1. 2 Workstations can directly connect and edit via Thunderbolt™ 2. Share and access the files within the NAS via the network 3. Scale as you go, daisy chain expansion units via Thunderbolt Dual Thunderbolt + 10GbE Share across network
  17. 17. TVS-871T Flexibly Expand with Thunderbolt JBOD  TVS-871T can be expanded with 2 expansion models:  TX-500P: 5-bay expansion unit  TX-800P: 8-bay expansion unit  TVS-871T can connect up to 6 expansion units  Store up to 448 TB raw capacity TX-800P TX-800P TX-800P TX-800P TX-500P TX-500P
  18. 18. Final Cut Pro X Premiere Pro Supported Video Editing Software
  19. 19. Live Demo  Live Demo setting up:  FCPX  NFS  Creating new library
  20. 20.  Application scenario: Sharing massive volumes of data via Ethernet in an enterprise network environment  Advantages:  High bandwidth 10GbE networking  Huge capacity Thunderbolt 2 JBOD expansion 10GbE switch TVS-871T TX-800P TX-800P TX-800P Highly Expandable
  21. 21. 1Gigabit Switch  Application scenario: Sharing files among Mac computers  Advantages:  The highest cost-performance ratio of all high-speed storage solutions for Mac users  Super-fast transmission, cross-platform file sharing  Enormous expansion capability with Thunderbolt 2 JBOD TVS-871T TX-800P Thunderbolt 2 JBOD expansion unit Designed for File-share
  22. 22. Collaboration-ready  Application scenario: Two Mac or PC video editing onto the same NAS  Advantage:  High-speed transmission between Two Mac or PC and NAS TVS-871T Thunderbolt 2 network
  23. 23. Summary of TVS-871T 2Networking technologies, each with dedicated bandwidth  Thunderbolt 2 network and Ethernet 3 Storage technologies  DAS, NAS, iSCSI IP-SAN 4ways to connect  Mac/ Windows/ Linux cross-platform sharing  The highest cost-performance ratio of all storage solutions for Mac users and video post-production  Built-in QTS, the powerful NAS O.S.
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