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Introducing the All New QNAP TS-x53 Pro & TS-x51 Turbo NAS Series


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This is the presentation slide for QNAP's webinar on Oct. 7, 2014.

See why QNAP NAS is the different & much better cloud. The NEW TS-x53 Pro & TS-x51 series is powered by Intel Baytrail platform, QTS 4.1 OS and with its killer apps. Store and share files securely, QvPC, Virtualization Station, HDMI output, XBMC built-in and hardware accelerated video transcoding, etc.

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Introducing the All New QNAP TS-x53 Pro & TS-x51 Turbo NAS Series

  2. 2. THE EVOLUTION OF PERSONAL CLOUD GEN 1 • Mobile App Access • Remote Access • File Sharing GEN 2 • Built in App Center • NAS is the Platform to run a lot more Apps GEN 3 • Virtualize your Laptop & PC on your own cloud • vPC (Hosting Multiple OS) • Local Display (Taking over the role of a PC)
  3. 3. NEW GENERATION PRIVATE CLOUD The All-new TS-x51 and TS-x53 Pro Turbo NAS series, True All-in-one System with Endless Possibility ! • CPU Upgrade! • Intel Dual-core and Quad-core Celeron (Baytrail platform!) • Hardware accelerated media transcode & virtualization acceleration • User Friendly Design! • Easy to install, easy to use • New Powerful & Unique Features! • Store and backup securely! • HDMI output • Virtualization Station/ On-device hypervisor • QvPC: Run Windows & Linux PC virtual machines • Surveillance Station for IP camera recording!
  4. 4. A NEW GENERATION PRIVATE CLOUD Powerful features now available on both TS-x51 and TS-x53 Pro series • Virtualization Station – On-device hypervisor, operates Windows & Linux OS VMs on one QNAP unit • HDMI output – • (1) With XBMC player built-in & 7.1 surround sound pass-through support • (2) QvPC: Use your NAS like a PC • Hardware Accelerated Transcoding – Real-time & offline Full HD hardware accelerated video transcoding • PLEX media server, DLNA, Apple Airplay media streaming and More
  5. 5. QNAP TS-x51 SERIES High performance NAS for SOHO & Home Users • Dual-core Intel® Celeron® 2.41 GHz processor, burst up to 2.58GHz • Dual Ethernet LAN ports • Memory: 1GB & 4GB SKUs, DDR3L RAM, expandable up to 8GB • Ultra high performance up to 220MBps read & write speeds HS-251 TS-251 TS-451 TS-651 TS-851
  6. 6. QNAP TS-x53 PRO SERIES Powerful, Reliable and Scalable NAS for SMBs • Cutting-edge 22nm Quad-core Intel® Celeron® 2.0GHz processor, burst up to 2.41GHz • 2-bay supports 2-LAN ports, 4-bay and above support 4-LAN ports • Memory: 2GB & 8GB SKUs, DDR3L RAM, expandable up to 8GB • iSCSI IP-SAN, NFS as datastore for VMware, Citrix and Hyper-V • Centralized data storage, sharing, backup and management • Unified storage, virtualization-ready with comprehensive business applications TS-253 Pro TS-453 Pro TS-653 Pro TS-853 Pro
  7. 7. COMPETITION COMPARISON QNAP Intel Baytrail NAS Series Competitor’s new models CPU TS-x53 Pro: Intel Celeron Quad-core DS415+: Intel Atom Quad Core TS-x51: Intel Celeron Dual-core DS415Play: Intel Evansport 2-Core (Low end Atom) Memory TS-x53 Pro: 2GB and 8GB SKUs , DDR3L (Max: 8GB) DS415+: 2GB DDR3 RAM TS-x51: 1GB and 4GB SKUs, DDR3L (Max: 8GB) DS415Play: 1GB DDR3 RAM Network TS-453 Pro: 4 ports GbE DS415+: 2 ports GbE TS-451: 2 ports GbE DS415Play: 1 port GbE Built-in Virtualization Yes. By “Virtualization Station” Operates Windows and Linux VMs on one QNAP unit No HDMI • HDMI 1.4a • QvPC (Use NAS like a PC) • XBMC, Up to 7.1 channel HD audio No Hardware Video Transcoding Yes. 5 concurrent channels DS415+: No support DS415Play: Limited.1channel MSRP TS-453 Pro: $649 DS415+: $599 TS-251: $349/ TS-451: $499 DS214Play: $369/ DS415Play: $599
  8. 8. QNAP NAS OPERATING SYSTEM: QTS 4.1 Powerful, Reliable, Feature Rich, and User-friendly Design
  9. 9. WHAT IS QTS 4.1 OS QTS 4.1 operating system comes equipped with – • All-new design with a very easy-to-use interface • Secure and reliable storage platform with built-in RAID protection • User-oriented applications aimed towards home-use, multimedia-centralization, business file-sharing, backup and etc. APPLICATIONS FOR HOME-USERS APPLICATIONS FOR BUSINESSES Photo Station Music Station File Station Download Station QAirplay Qsync Video Station Surveillance Station Virtualization myQNAPcloud Backup Station Shared Folders App Center Storage Manager
  10. 10. A TRUE PRIVATE CLOUD OF YOUR FILES AND PC Freely Access to your Files and vPC Desktops on your Private Cloud • Uniquely built-in Hypervisor (On-device KVM-based Hypervisor) • Access your files & vPC desktop through any mobile devices, e.g. PC, laptop, iPad, and Android phones with secured access-right controls • HTML5 supported – remotely access from different kinds of mobile devices. NAS Files Apple Mac Linux/UNIX iOS & Android mobile devices vPC Window s
  11. 11. ACTS AS A HOME MEDIA STORAGE CENTER  PLEX Media Server  Airplay  XBMC (built-in)  DLNA  HDMI local display  Well Integrated with Control 4 & Crestron
  12. 12. HD STATION– FOR HOME QNAP NAS uniquely supports HDMI output with local display For home theaters:  Simply connect the NAS to a TV and with the built-in XBMC player, all the stored movie and media can be watched and enjoyed directly.  Support 7.1 surrounding sound pass-through  The HD Station & XBMC feature is uniquely well integrated with Control 4 & Crestron home automation systems
  13. 13. HD STATION– FOR QvPC QNAP NAS uniquely supports HDMI output with local display For businesses/ small offices: QvPC- The NAS can be used as a PC and storage.  Browse the web with Chrome browser with the built-in VM support.  IP Surveillance: Live monitoring via HDMI connected TV or Monitor  An energy-saving way to keep an always on PC, resolving the printing & file browsing demand
  14. 14. TRANSCODING  Challenge - HD video files are getting popular and common  Store and backup the HD/ best quality content and still can easily share & stream with transcoded file  QNAP NAS is powerful enough to transcode on-the-fly(real-time) or offline. The offline transcoding feature can support up to 4K resolution video files.
  15. 15. ON-THE-FLY TRANSCODING  Powerful video on-the-fly transcoding and playing.  Supports popular video file formats including MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, and WMV  Very high hardware performance, supporting up to 5 viewers watching different videos at the same time* Competitor: 1 user at one time Surpasses every other consumer NAS on the market *Original video file format: 720P RMVB
  16. 16. QTS 4.1 OS – APP CENTER • The App Center contains more than 100 apps available to download and use • More than 100+ active app developers in the network • Exclusive apps only available on QNAP Turbo NAS • Easily convert the QNAP NAS into an IP-PBX, download stations, IoT Digital TV Station Notes Station servers and etc.
  17. 17. ENJOY YOUR FILES ON THE GO WITH QNAP MOBILE APPS QNAP Turbo NAS acts as your personal cloud that virtually enlarges capacity of mobile phones / tablets • Qfile - lets users manage NAS, file management, auto-upload photos, offline file reading, folder& file sharing, and stream multimedia contents • Qmanager- Monitor system statuses, remote shutdown/restart, manage download/backup tasks, and monitor connection status • Qmusic- Play music on-demand, browse music library, and play music offline • And More
  19. 19. APPLICATIONS – UNIFIED STORAGE Both NAS and IP-SAN can be running concurrently IP-SAN iSCSI Target NAS SMB/CIFS AFP FTP NFS
  20. 20. APPLICATIONS – BACKUP STORAGE • Backup Storage • Back up Windows PC and Apple Time Machine Windows PC Backup Apple Time Machine Backup CIFS WebDAV AFP
  21. 21. MORE APPLICATIONS – BACKUP DESTINATION 3rd Party backup software • VEEAM • Commvault • Acronis® True Image • CA® ARCserve backup • Retrospect® • Symantec® Backup Exec
  22. 22. APPLICATIONS – MULTIPLE DISASTER RECOVERY SOLUTIONS • RTRR – Replicate important files from one NAS to another NAS across network by schedule or in real-time • Rsync – Back up data to a remote standard Rsync server on a scheduled basis Backup to Cloud –  Amazon® S3  Amazon Glacier  Microsoft® Azure  ElephantDrive®  Dropbox®  Google® Drive
  23. 23. APPLICATIONS – DATASTORE Datastore for “Server Virtualization Environment” • QNAP NAS is the most affordable Virtualization Storage • Vmware Ready Certified • Citrix Ready Certified Hypervisor Hypervisor Hypervisor • Microsoft Hyper-V Compatible iSCSI NFS QNAP NAS
  24. 24. APPLICATIONS – IOT SERVER PLATFORM Working with a partner on development NAS as an IoT/ application server by running on 3rd party apps Partner’s App (Linux-based) Partner’s App Windows VM Partner’s App Linux VM App Center Virtualization Station
  25. 25. APPLICATIONS – IP CAM/ SURVEILLANCE STORAGE Surveillance Station • IP camera recording • DVR-like Experience: Local Display/ Live Monitoring thru HDMI VMS (Surveillance Station) QTS 4.1
  26. 26. LIVE DEMO
  27. 27. QUICK DEMO Plug in the HDMI and access to the QTS OS instantly, or even browse your Gmail
  28. 28. QUICK DEMO Access to HD Station & use the Windows OS (Still on the same QNAP NAS unit with no PC required)
  29. 29. RECAP QNAP TS-x51 and x53 Pro series Turbo NAS powered by QTS 4.1 OS with upgraded hardware and features  Featuring the Intel® Baytrail Platform  Saying goodbye to Atom, and hello to Celeron!  CPU  TS-x51: Dual Core Celeron  TS-x53 Pro: Quad Core Celeron  Both series range from 2-bay, 4-bay, 6-bay and 8-bay towers  2 memory SKU:  TS-x51: 1GB and 4GB versions  TS-x53 Pro: 2GB and 8GB versions  3 main differentiated features  Media Transcoding (On-the-fly & offline)  Virtualization Station  HDMI local display (QvPC, and XBMC)
  30. 30. RECAP  QNAP NAS Operating System: QTS 4.1 OS – Rich in apps and features  Store, back up and share files securely  Ideal backup destination, supports: Free PC backup for Windows users, Apple Time Machine, virtualization backup, RTRR, and third-party backup and real-time backup to cloud storage  Virtualization Station: Run multiple OS on one NAS  HDMI local display – HD station, built-in XBMC, 7.1 surrounding sound and QvPC technology  Media Transcoding – On-the-fly transcoding & offline transcoding  Datastore solution for server virtualization environment by iSCSI and NFS  Home media storage center (PLEX, DLNA, AirPlay)  Control 4 and Crestron home automation integration & certified  Mobile apps support  App Center and more. Unique Unique Unique Unique
  31. 31. RECAP Watch the videos: • Introducing QNAP TS-x51 Series: • QNAP HS-251 Silent NAS: • QNAP Virtualization Station:
  32. 32. APPENDIX
  33. 33. SMB NAS PRODUCTS –TOWER MODELS High End SMB TS-EC880 Pro TS-EC1080 Pro  Intel Xeon Quad Core 3.4GHz  2GB DDR3 (Max 32GB)  SATA 6G  4 LAN, 10 GbE (optional), HDMI TS-670 TS-870 TS-853 Pro  4 LAN, 2 HDMI (2-bay: 2LAN) TS-853 Pro-8G 2-bay 4-bay 6-bay 8-bay Mid End SMB TS-470  Intel Dual Core 2.6 GHz  2GB DDR3 RAM  SATA 6G, USB 3.0  4 LAN, 10 GbE (optional), HDMI  Intel Celeron Quad Core 2.0GHz  2GB & 8GB RAM version, DDR3L  SATA 6G, USB 3.0 5-bay 10-bay TS-121 1-bay  Marvell 2.0GHz  1GB DDR3  USB 3.0 TS-221 TS-421 UX-500P UX-800P QNAP USB Expansion Enclosure  SATA 6GB/s  Designed for TS-x51/x53 Series TS-653 Pro TS-653 Pro-8G TS-453 Pro TS-453 Pro-8G TS-253 Pro TS-253 Pro-8G Entry SMB Xeon,10G-ready Tower Series Celeron, 10G-ready Tower Series Bay Trail (Celeron) Tower Series Marvell ARM Tower Series
  34. 34. HOME NAS PRODUCTS – TOWER MODELS High End Home Home TS-120 TS-220 TS-420 2-bay 4-bay 6-bay 8-bay Home/ Work Group TS-112P TS-212P  Marvell 1.6GHz CPU  512MB RAM  Gigabit LAN, USB3.0 1-bay TS-670 Pro TS-670 Pro-16G TS-870 Pro TS-670 Pro-16G TS-470 Pro TS-470 Pro-16G  Intel i3-3220 Dual Core 3.3 GHz  2GB & 16GB DDR RAM  2 LAN, 10GbE Ready  Real-time Transcoding  HDMI HS-210  Intel Celeron Dual Core 2.41GHz  1GB & 4GB RAM version, DDR3L  USB 3.0  2 LAN, HDMI TS-251 TS-251-4G TS-451 TS-451-4G TS-651 TS-651-4G TS-851 TS-851-4G HS-251/ HS-251-2G i3 Tower, 10G-Ready Tower Series Bay Trial Celeron Tower Series Marvel ARM Tower Series
  35. 35. QUICK COMPARISON: CELERON V.S ATOM SERIES TS-x51 (2/4/6/8 bay) TS-x69L (2/4/5/6/8 bay) CPU Intel Celeron 2.41GHz dual core (Burst to 2.58GHz); 22nm Intel Atom 2.13GHz dual core; 32nm Memory 1GB DDR3L-1333 SO-DIMM (Max 8GB) 1GB DDR3-1066 SO-DIMM (Max 3GB) HDD 2.5” & 3.5” SATA 6Gb/s, SATA 3Gb/s HDDs and SSDs 2.5” & 3.5” SATA 3Gb/s Network 2 x GbE; 802.11n/ac USB Wi-Fi (Optional Purchase) 2 x GbE; 802.11n USB Wi-Fi adapter Encryption Write: 70MB/s+, Read: 70MB/s+ Write: 26.7MB/s, Read: 29MB/s Performance IR Receiver Yes (QNAP RM-IR002 & MCE Remote Control) Yes (QNAP RM-IR002 & MCE Remote Control) HDMI HDMI 1.4a with local display up to 1080P full HD HDMI 1.3 up to 1080P Graphics Better (Intel Gen 7 HD Graphics: up to 792 MHz) Good (Intel HD Graphics 3600: 640 MHz) Audio via Up to 7.1 channel HD audio Up to 5.1 channel HDMI Hardware Transcoding Yes No Built-in Virtualization Yes (up to 1 VM; RAM of NAS >= 2GB) No
  36. 36. THANK YOU P L E A S E C O N T A C T U S I F Y O U H A V E A N Y Q U E S T I O N S E M A I L : U S A S A L E S @ Q N A P . C O M