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Computer room

  1. 1. Queen’s Computer Lab
  2. 2. We have 30 computers in our lab.
  3. 3. All 340 students visit the computer lab each week.
  4. 4. Here are just a few of the things we’ve done this year.
  5. 5. Kindergarteners learn how to use the mouse and keyboard, and how to access and use learning programs.
  6. 6. They are learning to draw and create with the program, KidPix.
  7. 7. They type their names to access their own user screens in various programs.
  8. 8. Phonics and math programs help to reinforce what they learn in their classrooms.
  9. 9. A few of the Kindergarten Programs That We Use to Reinforce Classroom Learning A to Zap
  10. 10. 1st graders learn more about the keyboard - shift key - space bar - tab key - period key - question mark - exclamation point
  11. 11. They also learn the parts of the computer. “And this is the monitor…”
  12. 12. They practice finding letters on the keyboard.
  13. 13. And they learned to center their words, type with capital letters, and insert a picture in Word.
  14. 14. A few of the 1st Grade Programs That We Use to Reinforce Classroom Learning Kid Pix Reader Rabbit 1 Numbers Undercover
  15. 15. 2nd graders use the Accelerated Reader program to help with comprehension in their reading class.
  16. 16. They learn to log onto and off of their user screen.
  17. 17. They found out how many pets second graders owned. And graphed the results on their computers.
  18. 18. They practice typing their spelling words, and sometimes create special lists.
  19. 19. Word Munchers A few of the 2nd Grade Programs That We Use to Reinforce Classroom Learning
  20. 20. 3rd graders use the JumpStart typing program to improve their knowledge of the keyboard.
  21. 21. How long do animals live? The 3rd graders researched the question online…
  22. 22. and created a graph showing their findings.
  23. 23. They drew an Advent Wreath in Kid Pix, and added a prayer, and lit a candle each week.
  24. 24. They are creating a PowerPoint presentation about their school.
  25. 25. 3rd Graders use the Accelerated Reader Program to take tests on their take-home stories.
  26. 26. A few of the 3rd Grade Programs That We Use to Reinforce Classroom Learning The Graph ClubMidnight Rescue Splish Splash Math
  27. 27. The 4th graders are researching the states online.
  28. 28. And are creating a PowerPoint presentation with the information they found.
  29. 29. They recorded the probability of numbers rolled with dice. And graphed their results on the computer.
  30. 30. They learned to add pictures, text and background to greeting cards, and to edit their projects.
  31. 31. Mrs. Bowes dictates typing lessons to the 4th graders using the Herzog method.
  32. 32. I typed it with my eyes closed!
  33. 33. A few of the 4th Grade Programs That We Use to Reinforce Classroom Learning PrintMaster Express
  34. 34. The 5th graders improve their typing skills with the Type To Learn Program.
  35. 35. They practice by creating documents in Word.
  36. 36. They also learned to insert a table into a Word document and add text and graphics to create a calendar.
  37. 37. The 5th graders researched the history of the American Indians online.
  38. 38. And are creating a timeline with the information they gathered.
  39. 39. A few of the 5th Grade Programs That We Use to Reinforce Classroom Learning Super Science Show Gizmos & Gadgets Timeliner
  40. 40. Sixth graders investigate educational websites.
  41. 41. They use online typing programs to increase their skills.
  42. 42. They use Microsoft Word to type reports and add pictures..
  43. 43. And they practice adding tables to create calendars.
  44. 44. They also learned to use Excel for creating charts and graphs.
  45. 45. A few of the 6th Grade Programs That We Use to Reinforce Classroom Learning Type To Learn Operation Neptune Math Arena
  46. 46. We are all deeply appreciative to the PTO, Men’s Club, all the parents, and the private donors who have given of their time and money to help us get the equipment for our lab.