The Relationship Files


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Your blueprint to finding and keeping a great romance. Filled with relationship tips and more ways to improve your quality of life.

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The Relationship Files

  2. 2. THE RELATIONSHIP FILES (sample pages) Page |2 The Relationship Files Presented by www.QualityLifeResources.comThank you for reviewing sample pages from The Relationship Plans. Have youreached that place in your life where you want to be in love? Real love? Find outhow to get into a genuinely happy and healthy relationship or spice up yourexisting one. Our healthy relationship tips will help you find your happy place.The information provided in these pages is a sample of the full relationship guide.The full document is available on for $25.00.Written with facts, statistics, suggestions, relationship tips and personal storiesfrom five real people you’ll start your journey to a great romance and improveyour quality of life.
  3. 3. THE RELATIONSHIP FILES (sample pages) Page |3The Compatibility FactorCompatibility is an important factor in dating and marriage. If you are notcompatible with your special someone then you’re missing out. Far too manypeople find themselves stuck in unhappy relationships with people they have verylittle in common with. As a result, they spend less time together and enjoy eachother less. Instead they do things with friends and family members that could bedone with their mate. Or shared activities lack excitement.Compatibility comes in many different shapes and forms. There are peoplewhose idea of compatibility relies heavily on meaningful factors. They categorizeindividuals by how they make them feel; how sincere the person is and even howmuch support their partner offers.Again, this all depends on the foundation of your own desires. Are you moreinterested in internal or external factors? Does your date have to have certainmeasurements? Is their degree level the most important reason you’re withthem? External factors have their place – you should be attracted your mate afterall – but try to create some room for flexibility.Josh’s Story:“I dated this girl once and I was crazy about her. She had a nice body, she wasnice, she took good care of me. We spent time together, but it was mostly at herplace or mine. She hung out with me and my friends a few times, but I didn’treally know too much about her friends. She was really religious and I’m not, soshe had her personal time and I had mine.Deep down I guess I knew we wanted different things in life, but I couldn’t let hergo. Plus I couldn’t imagine her with somebody else. She wouldn’t leave mebecause women tend to hang in there more than men.We broke up and got back together several times – which was a red flag – it washard to stay broken up. It got to the point where we were both pretty miserable.She told me I was wasting her time and eventually we ended it for good. I didn’twant us to break up but I knew it wouldn’t last.”More…
  4. 4. THE RELATIONSHIP FILES (sample pages) Page |4Dating EtiquetteEtiquette is not a word that is used much these days, but what it represents stillmatters and is looked for in different ways by people. Etiquette refers to behaviorand mannerisms that reflect on a person. Etiquette is also about how anindividual’s behavior and action affect others.The mannerisms that are important include being courteous, respectful to others,and behaving in a way so that the public has a perception of you that is positive.Your date needs to be courteous because it affects what others will think. Andwhile you can’t always be concerned about what others think, nor should it rulehow you behave, you have to conform to certain norms in society and beingcourteous is one of them.Being courteous also makes it pleasant to be around an individual. If beingcourteous is an issue, then it means there will be disrespect. You must haverespect for yourself and for others who deserve such respect, including your date.If you don’t give or get respect from your date, then common sense would saythat you shouldn’t be dating. Having respect while dating means that you won’tengage in offensive behavior. When you have been dating for a while and youand your date have gotten to know each other better, you’ll both feel free to beopen. After you both know each other better, you also know the bounds of whatis acceptable to be said and done.Dating etiquette is to be practiced and monitored. How you behave and howyour date behaves says a lot about both of you as individuals and how you feelabout the other person.Kurt’s Story:“Before I married my wife, we spent a lot of time with each other’s family. Wehad meals together, attended church events together and got to know eachother’s friends. There was some geographic distance, so we both valued thetimes we got to share.One night I was having dinner at her parent’s house and I watched her interactionwith them, how she served my dinner and communicated with all of uscomfortably. It was that night I realized I wanted her to be my family. In simplemoments like that you just know that’s who you want to marry.” More…
  5. 5. THE RELATIONSHIP FILES (sample pages) Page |5Signs of Lust 1. You would rather kiss than talk 2. Youd never be friends with him/her if they were the same sex as you 3. You only use physical attributes to describe the person 4. No interest in the person other than for intimacy 5. You don’t really care if you go weeks without speaking 6. You consider the person “fun for now” 7. Most of your conversations mainly consists of exchanging pleasantries 8. You think their best quality is something physical 9. You get physical way too quickly after meeting each other 10. You can’t spend time together anywhere without touchingSigns of Love 1. You see your partner’s imperfections as what makes him/her unique 2. They bring out the best in you; they make you want to be a better person 3. You know the worst parts of each other and it doesnt change your feelings 4. You think about the way your actions will affect him/her 5. You dont need to test his/her feelings or loyalties 6. You dont notice other men/women as much 7. Other priorities take a backseat to your bond with him/her 8. You have stopped thinking about ex-relationships 9. You find their quirks charming 10. When you see your future you see them in it and plan your future together Get your romance blueprint filled with relationship tips