The Credit Doctor


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Easy steps and free resources to get a good credit score and improve your quality of life.

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The Credit Doctor

  1. 1. THE CREDIT DOCTOREasy steps and free resources to fix your credit. Resources to improve your quality of life
  2. 2. THE CREDIT DOCTOR (SAMPLE PAGES) Page |2 The Credit Doctor Presented by www.QualityLifeResources.comThank you for reviewing sample pages from The Credit Doctor. More than 50 millionAmericans now have bad credit. Due to the turbulent economy and a poor job market,credit scores are at an all time low. When you have everything laid out for you, it’s somuch easier to fix your credit and you’ll see results in a matter of weeks. Our easy tofollow, step-by-step credit repair guide will get you started right away. When youimprove a credit score it will change your life.The information provided in these pages is a sample of the full credit repair guide. Thefull document is available on for $19.99. Learn how toeasily get a good credit score all by yourself and improve your quality of life.
  3. 3. THE CREDIT DOCTOR (SAMPLE PAGES) Page |3How do you get a free credit report?The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) states that U.S. consumers are entitled to a freecredit report each year. The federal government’s goal in enforcing this act is to ensureconsumers are informed, able to fight identity theft, and get fair credit treatment.Credit reports contain the raw data that goes into your credit score.Previously, consumers had to pay or qualify based on certain activities in their creditreport to receive this information. Now a nationwide requirement, some states oncerequired that residents were periodically entitled to a free credit report.Through a team effort of the nation’s credit report bureaus you can now get your creditreport for free each year by visiting or by calling 1-877-322-8228 and requesting your free credit report. The only guaranteed way to get yourfree annual credit report is by using the organization above. Viewing the report online isinstant, but calling the toll free number can take up to fifteen days.Of course you can also contact the three major credit agencies directly and request afree credit report. Keep in mind however the “Annual Free Credit Reports” mandatedby the FCRA are only available through the above website and phone number. Thismeans you might have to pay for your report if you contact a credit bureau directly.You’ll need to have personal information such as your name, date of birth, your currentand past addresses, social security number, driver’s license and date of birth. As asecurity measure, you will be asked to disclose something that only you will know. Thisis usually information that will appear on your credit report like a bill payment amount.The regulations only entitle you to get a free credit report and not a free credit score orany other service. When you order your reports, it’s possible additional services will beoffered to you that are not free, so be careful when selecting or accepting options.Other ways to get a free credit report is if you are denied credit, employment orinsurance, if you were charged higher rates and fees based on a credit report or a victimof fraud. You must get a letter of denial from the lender stating the name and addressof the bureau that produced the credit report used to disqualify you. You then have upto thirty (30) days to request a free report from that bureau. That credit must themdivulge the sources of the information and who has received your report for theprevious six months (two years for reports furnished for employment purposes).
  4. 4. THE CREDIT DOCTOR (SAMPLE PAGES) Page |4What is ChexSystems?ChecxSystems is an organization comprised of financial institutions that monitor and keeptrack of consumers who have poor banking histories. When your bank accounts are closeddue to overdrafts, bounced checks, nonsufficient funds (NSF), monies unpaid to banks orother various payment issues, this information is reported to member institutions.Once your negative record has been listed in ChexSystems you will have problems openingnew bank accounts. Once this information has been reported it can remain on yourChexSystems report for up to five years. That means any institution that is a member ofChexSystems will likely deny your application for a new bank account.How to Dispute a ChexSystems ReportYou can dispute information in your ChexSystems report by submitting letters and proof toChexSystems to remove inaccurate information from your file. Once you have successfullycleaned up this report you will be able to open a bank account without any obstacles.Here are the necessary steps to correct any invalid information listed with ChexSystems.Step 1: Visit the ChexSystems website at and request a freereport. As with your credit report you are legally entitled to a free report annually, or ifyou’ve been denied a bank account because of information in ChexSystems.Chex Systems, Inc.Attn: Consumer Relations7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100Woodbury, MN 55125Phone: (800) 428-9623 Fax: (602) 659-2197Step 2: Once you receive your report, reference the information that you wish to challenge.Identify institution names, account numbers, dates and locations etc. Send your disputeletter as certified mail with return receipt requested. This provides proof of the date yourdispute was received, which can be used to have your information removed under the FairCredit Reporting Act if they do not act in a timely manner.Step 3: If ChexSystems replies within the 30-day timeframe, you should request verificationfrom the original bank and ChexSystems. Send another letter to ChexSystems and to thebank that filed the information with ChexSystems asking for details of the correction. Allcorrespondence should be sent certified mail with return receipt requested.Step 4: If you don’t receive a response within thirty days, send a follow up letter toChexSystems and to the original bank referencing your original request advising you willConsider the matter permanently closed if you don’t receive a response within thirty days.
  5. 5. THE CREDIT DOCTOR (SAMPLE PAGES) Page |5Sample Credit Repair LettersFirst and Last NameMailing AddressCity, State and ZIPSocial Security number: XXX-XX-XXXXDate of birth: XX/XX/XXXXRE: Report, Confirmation and/or File #12345Equifax, Experian or TransUnionMailing AddressCity, State, Zip01/01/2009Dear Credit Bureau Name:After being denied a loan because my credit scores were too low, I requested my creditreports. Upon careful review, I have noticed several errors in my report from yourbureau. The below items have errors that need to be corrected as soon as possible.I have never lived at or recognize any of the following address:The following public records have no association with me:I have no knowledge or records of the following accounts:If any of these accounts are verified, please furnish me with the name and address ofthe verifying party, the method of verification, and the reported first delinquency fromthe original creditor. Your cooperation is appreciated.Sincerely,First and Last Name(123) 555-0000 – Phone number with area code It’s time to replace bad credit with a good credit score.