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An effective career guide with resources to help you get that job and improve your quality of life.

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Job and Career Guide

  1. 1. JOB AND CAREER GUIDEEffective career tools and resources for your job search.Quality Life Resources - Resources to improve your quality of life
  2. 2. JOB AND CAREER GUIDE (sample pages) Page |2 Job and Career Guide Presented by www.QualityLifeResources.comThank you for reviewing sample pages from Job and Career Guide. A lot of people don’t knowwhere to start in the job process, how to write a good resume or what to do in an interview.With a higher paying job or additional income you can afford to not only pay your bills, but clearup your debt. Having the right resources and an effective system are very important whentrying to change your financial situation. If you need a new career, here’s your chance to makeit happen!The information provided in these pages is a sample of the full career guide. The full documentis available on for $19.99. Pick up the Job and Career Guideand you’ll find ways to improve your quality of life.
  3. 3. JOB AND CAREER GUIDE (sample pages) Page |3YOUR OBJECTIVEYour objective can be as specific or as vague as you want it to be. If you are tailoring yourresume to a specific company or for a specific position you should include that information.The objective tells the recruiter what you want. This is an opportunity to show the prospectiveemployer that you are genuinely interested in the position with their company. You can alsosubmit the same resume to several different companies for the same position or title. Includewhat you are looking for in a company and/or position and number of years experience(optional). Since the objective states what you are interested in, and is located at the top ofyour resume, it is the first thing employers review. This can make or break an employer’sinterest in you as a candidate. Should your objective note interest in something other thanwhat the position calls for, an employer may not continue to read the rest of your resume. Youwant your objective description to appeal to the nature of work you are seeking. For example,finance companies like the word analytical, retail companies like positive customer service typedescriptions.Specific Example: Account Manager with over five years (industry) experience seeks growthoriented position with ABC Company.Vague Example: Highly enthusiastic Customer Service Representative seeking long termposition with stable (type of industry optional) company.THE SUMMARYThe Summary of your resume is a summary of either your personal attributions that would bebeneficial in a business environment, or additional skills that you could not fit in the body of theresume. Depending on the industry, company and type of position, determine which would bebest to represent your character and qualities. For example, if you are applying for a job in aDaycare, your summary should include personal qualities like very attentive individual. Try tokeep your summary short. Also try to include key words in this section of the resume,especially if you are making it scannable. It is best to note the most importantaccomplishments or activities in order of importance, with the most important first. Use bulletsto create this section of the resume as it allows you to list each item.Example: For a supervisor position  Supervised 30 team membersExample: For a finance positionIncreased company revenue by $2 million by fourth quarter
  4. 4. JOB AND CAREER GUIDE (sample pages) Page |4 Jason A. Myers 123 Success Lane, New York, NY 10011 Phone: (212) 555-1234 E-mail: jasonm@freemail.com1Objective:Seasoned Fashion Merchandiser seeks challenging role with ABC Company as Assistant Buyer toutilize and strengthen industry acquired interpersonal skills.Summary:  Extensive fashion experience in merchandising, design and administration  Takes initiative to solve problems and to build and maintain vendor relationships  Professional, reliable team player, self motivated starter and effective problem solver  Organized and creative with proven ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneouslyProfessional Experience:Beyond Clothes (2004 – present) New York, NYFashion Merchandiser  Arrange and organize the receiving of all incoming fashion apparel  Track and analyze market trends, production costs, and previous sales  Track consumer trends and the latest styles to determine store inventory  Research social, economic, as well as fashion trends to identify salable styles  Familiar with reputations and capabilities of various manufacturers and their fabricsHouse of Style (2000 – 2004) New York, NYFashion Designer  Conceptualized and created new clothing and accessory designs  Specialized in sportswear, men, women, kids, maternity & bridal  Analyzed fashion trends and worked closely with production, sales and marketing departments to design, produce and promote a finished, ready-to-wear, salable product for apparel manufacturers, specialty and retail stores and individual clients  Read fashion magazines, newspapers, and other media that reflected current trends  Reviewed materials, attended fashion shows, and worked with designers on projectsManhattan Fashion Design (1996– 2000) Brooklyn, NYOffice Assistant  Scheduled meetings, set up conference rooms and made travel arrangements  Managed calendars in Outlook and directed phone calls according to need/urgency  Liaised with design staff and other publishing departments  Answered phones, prepared samples and processed invoices  Followed up with outstanding issues & prepared presentationEducation:City University of New York/ B.A. in Fashion Design (1996) Brooklyn, NYBronx Community College/ A.A. in Fashion Design (1992) Bronx, NYComputer Skills:MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Photoshop and Internet navigation
  5. 5. JOB AND CAREER GUIDE (sample pages) Page |5SAMPLE FAX OR MAIL COVER LETTERJason Myers123 Success LaneNew York, NY 10011(212) 555-1234May 3, 2010Contact at CompanyTitleCompany NameCompany AddressCity/State/ZipDear Contact Name:The purpose of this letter is to submit my resume for consideration for the Assistant Buyerposition. I learned of your opening from (website name, acquaintance or newspaper name).I am interested in this position because I believe my education, training, work experience andskills are a good fit. ABC Company is known for high standards and I would like to be a part ofyour success. I offer you over ten years Merchandising and Marketing experience. I trust mycombined qualifications meet your requirements and position me as a strong candidate for thisposition.Although my resume is detailed, it cannot fully profile the manner in which I have beensuccessful. To further discuss the possibility of joining ABC Company I will call you in thecoming week to arrange an interview. Again, thank you for your time and consideration, and Ilook forward to meeting with you soon.Sincerely,Jason MyersEnclosure Start making the money you need and deserve with the right career guide.