Book Marketing Strategies


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100 ways to market a book and sell more copies of your book.

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Book Marketing Strategies

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  2. 2. BOOK MARKETING STRATEGIES (sample pages) Page |2 Book Marketing Strategies Presented by www.QualityLifeResources.comThank you for reviewing sample pages from Book Marketing Strategies. As any writerknows, having a book published is only the beginning of your journey. Book sales are amajor part of your success and it is the provocative of each author to do everything inhis or her power to ensure their book is well marketed and promoted. So writers, if youhave need to market a book here’s own marketing plan.The strategies listed here are a mere sample of a full book marketing plan. The fulldocument is available on for $25.00. Learn how tomarket a book and you’ll improve your quality of life.
  3. 3. BOOK MARKETING STRATEGIES (sample pages) Page |3 Offline Book Marketing StrategiesRadio InterviewsDon’t forget or underestimate the importance of radio interviews in this age oftechnology and the influence of music. A radio interview can increase your exposurebeyond your imagination. It’s important to select radio stations that have a listeningaudience that will be interested in your book’s topic. Simply call the station(s) you’vechosen and ask for the person who schedules book interviews.Book SigningsBook signings are a great way to build your platform, interact with the public and mostimportantly your readers. Benefits of book signings include: increasing the value of yourbook with your signature and increasing sales. This is not a difficult task. The rewardsfar outweigh any fears you might have about the process. I personally suggest you havesome sort of gift for the person who schedules your book signing. It can be somethingsmall like a pen or bookmark or something more creative like a mug.Corporate CollaborationConnect with a company that has a website and whose business is associated with yourbook subject or storyline. Approach them and ask if they will allow you to place aclickable image of your book on their site in exchange for being mentioned in the book.For example, if you’ve written a children’s book, contact a website that sells children’sproducts or caters to children and pitch your collaboration.Local or National Chain VenturePartner with a local or national company that will allow you display your book at theircash register. Next to the book place a reasonable sized bowl in which patrons willleave business cards. Have a drawing to be awarded to the patron whose business cardis selected at the end of one or two months. During the process you are receiving freeadvertising and you’ve gained a new reader who will discuss the book with friends,family and co-workers.NewspaperContact your local newspaper, set up an appointment with one of their feature writers.Explain that you want to submit an idea for an article about you and your book,identifying what led you to write the book. Writers tend to stick together especially ifthey recognize an opportunity to build their own credentials. This approach will attractlike-minded readers to purchase your book and possible be picked up by an even largerpaper.
  4. 4. BOOK MARKETING STRATEGIES (sample pages) Page |4 Online Book Marketing StrategiesAuthor WebsiteAs a writer you must have an online presence to be able to build your brand. Adding a“Recommend It” button to your website will allow viewers to easily suggest your bookto someone else via an emailed form. Someone who comes across your site, but is notinterested in your book may know someone who is. The recommend it button is a quickand easy way for them to forward your page or site to another person.MySpaceMySpace is a very popular social media with millions of members and potential readers.The one thing I’ve learned about MySpace is that the members are very curious andvery much interested in adding a lot of “friends”. Certainly some of those curiouspeople would also be curious about your book. Create a professional profile forMySpace so you can reach some of those members. Be sure to check your accountregularly. A major marketing must is prompt replies.AmazonAmazon is by far the major online source for books, so list your book in their catalog. Agreat way to connect with Amazon members is to set up a discount price for pre-ordersof your book. Amazon sends out emails to their members depending what the membersigned up to receive. For their members who read your genre, your book will be readyand waiting for them.OverstockOverstock is also a popular online shopping website with over seventy thousand booktitles. They have a section for new releases. This will give your book some isolatedpromotion shortly after it is published. You can also set up the same discount offer forpre-orders with Overstock as a part of your pre-launch campaign.CraigslistEven though you have to limit your advertisements and/or posts to specific regions, you can still reach a large readership. You can place a free ad under theFor Sale section under the Books category. With the location posting rules, in place youcan repost the same ad in a different location once the first advertisement expires.Consider weekly postings depending on location. Cities like New York, Los Angeles etc.fill up quickly and you will find your ad on the fourth or fifth page in a couple days. Writers, learn how to market a book and sell more copies.